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6 Jan 2017 8:19
Current Lately, it feels like the 1x1 section is full of fandom, anime, and smut checks- My three least favorite things. Sigh.
31 Dec 2016 20:59
Man, it's a rough life trying to find RPs when you can't stand anime.


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Hey! This seems pretty intriguing! Needless to say, I'm interested. Hit me up if you'll have me.
Ryk was sitting down in a corner, messing with an old, banged up Zippo lighter. He smiled as the small flame flickered on and off, totally consumed by the event. However, as the little flame slowly died and flickered out, he frowned and tossed it away. The fuel never lasted long enough in this old lighters, he'd found. He looked up to see the kids settling down for bed, and frowned. He had never been a fan of kids, but whatever. He hummed a bit as he started to root around his bag for a new firestarter, but sighed and leaned back, realizing how tired he was. With a yawn, he pulled off his jacket to prop under his head like a pillow and laid down on the floor.

Try as he might though, he couldn't quite drift off. He tossed and turned a bit, before sitting back up with a huff. He'd always had trouble falling asleep without a fire nearby. Back at the Foundry, where everyone slept by the main fire pit, that had seldom been a problem. But nowadays he found himself stuck in a tired limbo before he had to pass out from exhaustion. He sniffed and looked around the room, testing himself to see if he could remember everyone's name. He couldn't, which he mentally kicked himself about. He generally tried to be familiar with the people he was traveling with, although he'd rather they not know he cared so much.

With a sigh, he laid back down, shutting his eyes and curling his body in an attempt to force himself to sleep. He didn't have much success.
Ah, sorry. Things have been kinda busy, so it slipped my mind. I'll get a post up ASAP.

Okay, I gave making a guy a shot. Not really good at appearance sections/faceclaim stuff, but I tried.

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