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2 Dec 2015 22:32
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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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In Arena Chat Thread 24 Apr 2017 18:33 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Literally the only way to improve the Arena is to add more people to its userbase, because people fall into a malaise when gameplay gets repetitive. Small groups work for organized roleplays but not everyone here has the same tastes.

So push comes to shove, the Arena is dead because of Guildfall. A ton of old players from before then never came back, and those that did have slowly drifted off. Leaving behind only a few players from back then, and the stragglers who stumble upon us. Those people that do stumble upon us wind up leaving too, because the community is so small. When they've grown bored of us, they'll duck out.

It's an infinite cycle perpetuated by boredom.
Availability: Available most days. Unavailable from 1pm to 11pm EST

Alright, I've got a mostly written character sheet. I've just got to put the finishing touches on it, and then I'll post it once I get off work.
Guten tag, also @Everett

Sukoh's height is a gag, he's regularly some odd height greater than his previous height. At that time he was 38 feet tall.

Also the weirdest place I fought was a planet of Spider Webs and Stone.

@Devil Still open or did I miss the window?
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