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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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Same reason that tournament with a piss baby host is still pinned. Because nobody's bothering to remove it.
I love my new job, but holy fuck I'm so tired all the time.
His body swung helpless in the air as he was caught bodily by the dragoness, saliva and acid dribbling from the corners of his mouth. Running down his body and to the ground. His legs dangled worthless in this situation, his eyeless sockets glared menacingly towards Evvie's eyes. In the air isn't exactly the premier place for someone like Abe to be, he has no control over his movements, and right now he's not exactly on the offensive. Considering the fact that Evvie now has his spear arm held aloft, all he has free is his left arm, and his legs of course.

After being caught and assessing the situation, or rather, coming to terms with the fact that he was now airborn. Abe screeched, unhinging his jaw as he did so. A thin speckling of saliva and acid threw itself from his lips and he jerked himself upwards by his own arm, throwing a haphazard punch towards the side of Evvie's face. Not as much force as would be possible with a standing blow, but as much as he could muster in this uncomfortable positioning.
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Hey you :v

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