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"If you kill a man, you scorn his wife. If you kill his wife, you scorn her child. If you kill her child, you scorn his village. If you kill his village, you scorn the kingdom. If you kill the kingdom you scorn an empire. If you kill an empire, then who is left?"

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This was not a good place to be, one of them would falter soon and Abe couldn't stand the thought of dying again. Flicking in and out of hell is not pleasant, and even to his shadowed mind he feared the idea of dying once more. If he moved left or right he'd catch the fire straight, and that would be no good. Once he'd catch fire, he wouldn't be able to stop it. So now what?

Abe's athleticism is remarkable, despite his gaunt and deathly form, as he's demonstrated many times in the past. Right now he was against a wall, and all he needed was a second to escape.

Lifting his hand from his waist and over his head he gripped into the stone wall. His ghul's fist cracking the stone and allowing his fingers province within the wall. With a quick jerk he yanked himself up and over the wall, closing his mouth as he rose towards the rooftop. The smoke from the burning acid and extinguished fire might shield his ascent from view, but whether or not he'd escaped vision didn't exactly matter. Right now he'd just escaped the narrow clutches of death, and that's all that he was focused on.
If the demoniac thing's eyes could widen in fear, they would have in that moment thrown themselves to their widest. Just as he threw himself away from the flame with a violent start. Throwing himself bodily against the nearest wall with a loud thump as the wind was pushed from his rotted lungs. A puff of poisonous gasses escaped and was immediately followed by a torrent of fluids from his throat.

Towards the oncoming threat of flame he turned his head as the fluid toxin began to spew from his gaping mouth, his jaw was forced open by the strength of the blast. Sickly green-brown spray blasted from his lipless mouth and into the flame with a bubbling hiss. As it was boiled by the flame it stopped the tide of the burning wave. As the two collided a noxious smell polluted the area.

All the while as the flame met poison, Abe had been frantically scrambling along the wall. Scraping his elbows and palms against the brick and concrete. Desperately trying to flee the flame even as he had stopped its advance. One of them would have to stop their attack first, and the other would pay the price, and Abe had started second.
Sorry I've worked every day this week, long shifts too.
Face first it slipped on the ground, the dirt and grasses pushed aside as its bulk and angular face plowed a wound into the earth's face. Its bound forelimbs shoved underneath its body and its own spikes cut into its flesh, even breaking off a few into the wounds. Blood oozed from its new wounds and old, those pouring to the ground immediately began to kill the grasses. Not like acid, more like a poison. Suffocating them and seeping in through the skin of them, drowning them in the beast's fluids.

It flailed frantically, trying to get upright but only its rear end could rise, its forelimbs were bound and it could not straighten them out. The stony net was too strong for it to overcome with just flexing its muscles, so the legs were pinned. Snapping and snarling its mouth opened and closed, mouthfuls of dirt and grass were picked up and spit out over and over as it lay there.

Its only defense was to violently swing its tail back and forth as it kicked its legs up and down, throwing dirt everywhere as it did so. A screen of dirt and lashing tails and claws were the only thing between him and the warrior.
Laughter seemed to emanate from him, though it was totally unconscious. Abe glared at her, subtle thoughts of distance and flavor danced fleetingly through his mind. Though he could think it was almost as tiring as physical exertion, though he wasn't exerting himself very much.

Evvie had let him in striking distance, and his body moved in the memory of the warrior he once was. With a quick jabbing movement he threw his right arm forward. Partizan extending forward, its flat leaf blade running parallel to the wall nearby. It shot towards his foe's chest, he stepped in quickly and placed his left hand on the handle. Adding more force behind the blow as he threw himself upon her.

The dragoness' lack of intelligence would ultimately be her downfall, if it were up to him he would love to end this in one single jab. The one movement and she dies, and that would be that. No struggle, no pain, only his next meal.

Abe's lipless face almost sneered as he made his move.
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