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you should put a treegger warning for that

*Audience Half-Heartedly Claps*
@ChrononautSam Raimi at it again with the trees
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Here's to hoping Sadri survives to earn that happy ending (and that he doesn't become a wimp who won't team up with his waifu to make a sword-spear superduo).

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True, true
I've decided on which character I'll use outside of FoC, but will probably do it tomorrow or the day after. In the meantime, I was bored so I made a FoC Bingo card for some shits and giggles. @Frizan helped.

"Graphic/gory death"

I think I have a monopoly on my characters making those. I did say to Dervish that I would make it a goal to have at least 90% of the deaths my characters cause to be the most brutal. Jorwen hacked a Spriggan to death like it owed him money and Solveig headbutted an Ashlander to death.
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You just gave me a woody.

Cold ugh

This always happens when you look at driftwood. This is why we can't take you to the beach anymore.

Edit: Here is part one of Soul's characters meeting people. Dervs and I figured we'd do SolveigxMarassa, seeing as we've been talking about how alike they are, and the fact that we didn't think they'd ever meet in the IC canon. Here goes...

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