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@Ionisuscollab. Google doc is open, unless you want to use PMs.

@Andreyich@Roosanthe piratepad collab started. You and Andreyich can hop in whenever you want.

@sovi3tsame for you.
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We need 5/7 CCs of Lulz, stat.

That won't do, are you crazy? He needs something more, someone get some goddamn keks in here!
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I beg to differ on the pain aspects for that. I've had several experiences where the pain-killing side marijuana have helped with menstrual pains, headaches, toothaches, muscle cramps, etc. Although, to be fair, I've never just tried to CBD.

And I will concur on your experience with pain-killers as well, because on a surprise visit to the ER, I was given painkillers to help with some back pain, and just taking one a day gave me that feeling of euphoria. I did enjoy taking them, namely because of how relaxed they made me feel. Not to mention I would fall asleep within minutes after taking one.

I had a history of recreational use of opiates before the ankle surgery. Got clean and then relapsed once I got a hold of those meds. I'm glad I don't know any of my old friends or I'd probably still be doing them. Can't do marijuana anymore, or any other psychedelic drug, because I've had some weeeeeeird/bad experiences with those. Opiates and alcohol seem to be the only ones I can have without having panic attacks or weird freakouts triggering really down-low depressive episodes. Got to the point where I was taking enough acetaminophen popping the pills where I had to do cold-water extractions or else. Didn't realize I was starting to get real fucked until I started to actually have cravings, as well as withdrawals.

@Leidenschaft Oh, I meant less as a painkiller and more of just generally managing symptoms on the day-to-day.

But yeah, for me, I couldn't wait to get off of the opioids when I was on them. They didn't really have any lingering after effects, so I guess the nurses doses me accordingly.

Good. Opiate withdrawals suck, dawg. As much as I "haha lol fun stuff" them, it's some dangerous stuff.

That said, lol haha fun stuff.
@IonisusCould get started on Jason's intro with Foster whenever you're ready.
@DervishHonestly, I'm highly skeptical about the pain-killing application of marijuana. I tried CBD capsules after my script for percs ran out and nothing really happened. Opiates/opioids are really subtle monsters when it comes to their effects. You feel light and are overcome with a sort of "glow" in your mood, where you're completely content with everything if you take a high enough dose. Easy to see why people in hard times would rather spend their 20 bucks on the stuff rather than food. I instantly remembered why I liked the stuff so much when they asked me if I wanted pain killers after I came into the hospital with a broken ankle.
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