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23 Feb 2017 8:46
Current If ME: Andromeda has a Turian talk about calibrations on my crew, I'm gunna punch the wall through and demand for my bae Garrus back - only he is allowed to calibrate on my ship!
18 Feb 2017 23:34
This pupper needs boops ;-;
17 Feb 2017 15:27
I honestly think that everyone in DS just wanted to pat Sif on the head and give him a biscuit.
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15 Feb 2017 13:42
Everyone ready for the half priced chocolate? I know I am.
14 Feb 2017 14:47
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


I'll do this one day, just not today.

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@BlackSam3091Oh yeah, it's just that every Drell in ME3; online included seemed to have a biotic barriers regardless of class, but yeah I'll put kinetic.
And he retained a copy to try and find out how to make a true cure.
696 OOC posts, and it's only 8 days old - you guys have gotta stop cluttering this up :p
We'll hit 10,000 by the end of the year
By the way, general message to anyone willing - if my guy is accepted; would anyone be willing to organise a bit of pre-chacarter development, if anyone here spent extended periods of time on Omega, they would probably know of Gilvert, so we do something where we know of each other and stuff, just let me know if that sound appealing to anyone ^_^
Me and the squad (@Chieri@Levias) are gunna crack on with our collab of the ages today ^_^
Expect awesomeness and "shirt-tucking-in" that deals a critical.
Me when I read the OOC of this Roleplay.
Edit: And the IC come to think of it.
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