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16 Apr 2017 4:18
Current Will likely not be able to post for quite some time in my current roleplays - If I do it'll be very slow and staggered, sorry guys this is only temporary.
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22 Mar 2017 3:25
My pool of friends is drastically lowering since any of them that buys Andromeda makes my shit list.
15 Mar 2017 22:10
Damnit... exam season is coming and I just got hooked on a new anime; the Gods are not kind....
13 Mar 2017 3:39
Will deal with all my Roleplay commitments tomorrow.
7 Mar 2017 23:43
Catbug is adorable... Therefore I am adorable.


Hello there, for some unknown reason you have decided to visit my profile - well, not sure why, but I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.
I am a 21 year old, male, student who lives In Great Britain and I'm studying Law.

I have been roleplaying for about 4 years now, although I did not start on this website - I began role-playing because my English was terrible, written English at the very least, a sad state of affairs when you fail your own native language; several times...
I'd like to think that my writing capability has improved massively since that time 4 years ago, I do believe it has, which is good. Roleplaying and specifically roleplaying on this website has aided my development in writing a great deal, I've made some good friends because of this site, and in turn because of Roleplaying in general - and who says the internet is a bad thing?

In terms of likes, I enjoy Classical music, Anime, reading, studying history, gaming across multiple platforms - and of course writing.

The rest of this will come when I'm not tired.

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@AndromedaiYay the long awaited medic! Welcome aboard, you'll have lots of injuries to patch up before the month is through :P
I will get better on my timing for this... promise... >.>"
Valentis was not certain he had made the correct decision by coming into this Godforsaken land, whilst his heart still beat fervently in excitement, an odd confliction of the mind and heart, he knew that this place could very well be the death of him, but equally he knew that this place was easily a place of adventure, excitement, foreign and alien.
The very things that had driven him for so many years.

The group cautiously made their way through the deadlands, the place was as deadly as it was inhospitable thankfully the way for them was expertly scouted by a tracker there little band had acquired.
Along the way the had met a guard member, the man was distraught and had somehow managed to survive against the denizines of this place; unfortunately the same could not be said of his comrades; most of them were dead and one was missing, most likely dead as well.

The guard left the the gate with haste after he met the group, and they continued onwards, the mood amongst them not exactly perked up by the fact that others had been in here and were basically all cut down.
Things only got worse from there, they lost their scout and lost their Imperial "leader" who had begrudgingly entered the gate on the first place.
Two losses to their group already... and their first major fight inside here began, it was a brawl, chaotic and bloody.
Before valen could even think of what to do a Dremora Churl stood in front of him, a sick bloody smile upon his face.
The brute was easily about 7 and half foot tall, covered in thick plate metal armour, it wielded a mace of which the end looked bugger than Valentis' head.

Valen had only just managed to infuse his staff with electricity, using spark upon it before the churl gave a guttural scream and pelted at him.
It spoke in some demonic speech that Valen could not understand but it felt as if he was mocking the old man armed with seemingly nothing but a stick.
True, this weapon of his would do nothing to heavily armoured opponent, the magic he infused into it however. Would. The churl swung first, placing a huge amount of force behind his swing, of which Valen dodged and it narrowly missed his head, in return Valen retaliated with his own attack, a thrust of his staff into the chest caused the Electricity to react with the metal, causing the churl to hiss and curse more at Valen, it had stunned and hurt him slightly, but wasn't enough.

The churl swung once more, this time the mace clipped Valens right arm, of which he felt something break - lightining flashed across his eyes and he stumbled as the pain spread like fire through his arm.
But, within that time Valen managed to recharge his staff, infusing it with a very powerful charge and thrusitng it into the armour once again, toughly over where the heart would be.
After a powerful jolt, the Churl gave spasms before falling to the ground dead; electricity seemed to be quite effective against these things.

He would heal his arm in time, but for the time being he knelt away from the battle a bit, hoping he didn't have to reengage with another enemy.

@BlackSam3091Assuming they have that software on their Omni-tool then yeah there'd be nothing stopping them.
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