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22 Apr 2017 19:56
Current It's raining hard over here
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17 Apr 2017 18:14
When a friend of yours cracks you up so much with a post and you have no idea how to respond to it XD
11 Apr 2017 13:24
How can I send the same link without it looking like spam?
11 Apr 2017 0:01
10 Apr 2017 21:41
I make great rps, come on now.


Hi, Welcome to my profile.

Type of genres I like to rp are mostly anything involving Supernatural beings with some fantasy. Maybe a bit of action every now and then, if you have something funny to post, go right ahead, make me laugh (it's not hard).

I still love crossovers, I just don't do them as mush as I used to. (I will join one if it's free roam for the most part and I am allowed OCs)

I do animal rps sometimes (mostly wolves or lions)

Things I like to do outside of RPG: Play games, watch YouTube or Take a nap. My type of games are MMORPGs(like Everquest or Wizard101), Sims(2, 3 and 4), pretty much stuff like that as long as said game allows for character creation. (I'm a creative person)

My favorite genre of music is mostly rock and anything I can dance and sing along to.

I love all animals but my most favorites are dogs and elephants.

That's it for now :)

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It's fine.

We're just taking good care of Price atm >:D

All set.
Still waiting on posts in my other two rps as well.

I mean I just posted both here and in the mansion one.
Deon grumbled as he got dragged to the principal but stood himself up once the guy left. He looked at the Blayze who was staring him down pretty much. "What? I can't have a little fun?" He crossed his arms and huffed in annoyance.

Blayze gave him a stern look. "Not here! Now, why are disrupting our school?"

"Look, I don't even care about you or this dang school. Only a certain person that goes here." Deon wasn't going to make this easy on him or anyone else. And he was pretty sure if that guard still had some of that blood him then everything should start going exactly as he planned.

Price was getting ready to paint something when he smelt the exact thing that would get his demon to come out. Without moving, he looked around for the source which led his eyes to the thin window on the door. It looked like man covered in paint, but the smell suggested otherwise. Is that man covered in... BLOOD! And to make things worse, he was pretty the blood smelt like human. Please don't come in here.

It takes me a long time to come up with stuff.

Is the blood still on Kelfir?

I'm working on a post right now, but just wanna be sure before I submit when finished.
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