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Hi Lovelies!

I'm Lola and I have been on this site for quite a while actually. However, I haven't always been as active as I would like! Having just started a new job, I have a lot of free time [insert excited face here]. What does this mean? Well, it means that I would like to start a few new roleplays with you fabulous bunch.

Personality wise, I'm a laid back sort of person with a sense of humour. Expectation wise, I expect my partner to have the ability to communicate their idea's, develop their character and advance the plot. As far as level is concerned, I like to stick to advanced. I enjoy descriptive detail and put in the effort that I receive. Simples. The occasional typo or spelling mistake is not going to throw me into a panic attack - just saying.

I would absolutely adore it if you were looking to find a long term partner, so needless to say I am not looking for something that'll fizzle out in a few days! I also like to chat, I really feel that it helps everything purr along nicely. I have the ability to post regularly, but I do work so there will be quiet times. My minimum would be one a day and it would be great if you could match that.

Mature themes are fine with me and I will say that this will most likely be an 18+ pairing. I will not do anything abusive or anything that involves animals in a sexual way.

So, onto the possible pairings!

I'd love to do something set within WWII, preferably England. I'm thinking a Soldier/Airman stationed in a small town and a local girl that works on the base. Ideally, I would prefer to be the female. I will play male sub characters.

Medieval pairings are always a hit with me!

Lady in waiting x King
Prince x Maid
Duke x Lesser Noble
Queen x Lesser Noble
Princess x Knight

Mafia pairings are also something that I love to do! Action, drama and bootleg. What's not to love? We could go twenties or modern day. It's all up for discussion!

Modern pairing possibilities:

Professor x College Student
Boss x Employee
Various workplace scenario's

Well, that's everything that I can think of right now! If you see something you like, throw me a PM and we can figure something out.


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