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Civilization Name: Rethellian Systems Alliance
Species Name: Rethellian
Member of the Galactic Conclave?: YES
Name of Galactic Conclave Representative: Ambassador Arterius
Basic Description of Civilization:
A species known for it's disciplined and militaristic culture, the Rethellians were among the first races to join the Galactic Conclave and have since filled the niche within the alliance as it's prominent military power in providing starships and soldiers for military and peacekeeping operations. A position which sees itself threatened by the recent joining of the Kell Imperium whom boasts an impressive military marching the Systems Alliance.

The Rethellians are an honorable and proud peoples led by a militaristic republic known as the Senate. Full citizenship may only be acquired by military service for the Rethellian military stands at the center of society representing more a public works organisation than simple armed force. Within this disciplined society however lies engrained a particular sense of freedom. A Rethellian is allowed a great deal of personal freedoms and may pursue them freely for as long as they do not impede upon one's ability to serve and do one's duty, in which case a superior shall step in. It is within this society of discipline and personal freedom that the Rethellians exist.

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If we don't get any new players soon, I might be closing some of these borders if you are willing.

Spaces that need to be filled now: spot between @LordZell, @Lone Wanderer, and @Willy Vereb. Up to you three who wants it.

@Liotrent the rest of your peninsula needs to be claimed, do you want it? Maybe a colony for someone else?

Space between @solamelike @Elgappa and @Lone Wanderer.

@Ekreture Want that strip of land leading up to Solamelike? Maybe you two split and border at that river?

I'm fine with expansion in any direction as long the border's pretty. :)
King Alaric I

O Lord our God arise

"Afore we adjourn, there is but one more matter I intend to meet this day." King Alaric spoke as he sat up from his throne. The heavy cloak he bore across his shoulders of a royal blue, it's trim lined with fur and a clasp of gold across the heart, whispered lightly across the floor as Alaric stepped down from his throne and the slight plinth it sat upon. At it's foot he neared his champion, Jarl, whose longsword's edge met stone as he stood there clad in chain-mail and half-plate. With a nod the warrior turned the blade's hilt towards the King who clasped it and turned aside, blade now in hand.

"Baron Conrad Sforza, we bid you approach. Approach and kneel, and arise a Duke of this realm... With this blade I would dub thee Duke of the Duchy of Lussex. Under your charge may these lands never falter, nor face hardships nor tribulation, may they prosper and stand tall."

It would be some weeks following the First Council's end that James Conrad's letter would arrive at the capital. It bore news of starving peoples in the Summit and of a growing fear of the Order of the Wasps amongst it's populace. Furthermore no levies, iron or gold, had been seen from the Summit during the season and it was suspected that nor would they come. As night fell upon the capital the same day the Duke's letter had arrived, a raven, as white as snow, was released into the night sky with a letter of ink adorned by the royal seal. It's destination however would not be the Summit, but to the wild lands of Lussex.

King Alaric I

Long May He Reign

"Thank you, Pastor." Alaric Gyre spoke as a knight of Silk and Iron returned the Vinossian Pastor his tome. "You have my word that I shall do all within my power to ensure the Faith stands as stalwart as in the days of old. For Vinos lies as deeply within my heart as any within this Kingdom and whilst this crown rests upon my head I will do all I can." Alaric declared before his gaze turned to the Duke Demotarius. "I understand your grievances my Duke. It is however a necessity that the Church, that venerable institution to which we all look to guidance for, is maintained by the Realm which it guides. Do know however that your wise council is known."

The King would only watch on in silence as Duke Conrad left the throne room. A scowl hid itself well upon Alaric's face as he watched the man leave, the Council had not yet finished and this petulant Duke had taken it upon himself to walk away. Unsaid words fell away upon his lips as the emissaries from the Elven and Dwarven realms were admitted into the throne room. Another time, Conrad.

First came the Dwarves. "Master Dwarves. It is an honour, and you do me too much with such a fine gift. The Realm and it's peoples thank you and it is upon that same merry note that I can do nothing but accept this agreement for trade. Dwarven goods shall find many a home amongst our people just as surely as ours shall within Marak, of that I hold no doubt." The King spoke in a measured tone. His tone bore a hint of warmth, enough that one might find friendship in if they tried, but not enough so that those he spoke to forgot he was a King.

Following the bearded folk came the ethereal folk of the woodlands. Elves. The approach of hooded figures had several knights of the Silk and Iron taking steps forward whilst the King offered his reply to the Elven Prince. "You shall find Osteria to be a stalwart nation of stalwart peoples, Prince Galonos." The King replied somewhat testily. "I too would like to see an improvement in relations between our two peoples, and a trade agreement is something which I can easily accept."
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