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We stood upon those silver stairs and danced forever to our hearts delight

I asked you a question and one that I would regret,

Your answer only gave my heart great fright

As your wide blue eyes became wet,

It was then I realized that you did not love me

Like I had loved you ever so sweetly,

I tried not to cry as I got up from my knee

And I only watched as you left me completely.

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In The Faraway Land 23 Mar 2017 1:04 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I think this is now one of the longest RP's I've been in on here. So good job everybody, here's to another 4 months!
In The Faraway Land 20 Mar 2017 15:45 Forum: Casual Roleplay
A couple things about that post. Tiberius hasn't actually offed himself, not yet anyways. He got into that particular mental state because of everything that happened that night plus, the forest is exerting that dark presence is it not? I mean If I was in there and feeling pretty bad about myself, and the forest itself was making things worse, then anything could happen. So I'd say that the point he is at is quite justified.
In The Faraway Land 20 Mar 2017 15:41 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tiberius' solemn gaze looked at Vert's stomach to see the golden threads had pierced her maw shut. When Kaite finally spoke something comprehensible, he realized that it was indeed Eru's fault. Or was it a fault at all? He wasn't sure, all he knew is that Vert was now somewhat normal again, if not in mind, at least body. Yet it seemed, Vert had no choice in the matter and would have preferred keeping her maw, to which Tiberius did not know how he felt. Choice is what defined all people bathed in freedom but was Vert free with, or without her maw?

His line of thought broke when Kaite addressed him. He looked at her and saw the fiery glare upon her face. What she said and the tone she used, only made Tiberius angry. He wasn't going to court that disrespectful girl, that had never been his intentions whatsoever, but he obviously made Kaite upset, which in turn was making him upset. Was it wrong of him to actually be nice to other people instead of turning them to cold shoulder? He had said his peace to Fin, and had defended those that were wronged yet here he was, being judged. Just wonderful. Her look made him question himself, what did she want from him? Then she looked away and Tiberius took it as insult, that he wasn't even worth being talked to or able to give a reply.

He looked straight at Kaite and fired back at her with a look of anger, "She's not my damsel you bi-" but once again Tiberius was cut short by ANOTHER person entering into their camp uninvited. And when he was addressed, his rage was at a boiling point. His sword was not a toothpick!

When Fin piped up that Edward was there for her, Tiberius realized that her connection with the warlock was proved truthful but that quickly went to the back of his mind as the newcomer said he wouldn't leave without her. Then why not just take her and by done with it? It wasn't like he truly cared, not anymore. Fin had proved to be charismatic for all the wrong reasons, and he was sure she had tried to use him to further her own goals within their group. So let her be taken, one less thing to worry about.

But by this point in that long night, Tiberius was incredibly tired, angry and no longer cared to be in that clearing. It seemed his temper was getting to the best of him and he was no longer really able to control the situation. With the newcomer bashing his integrity, Kaite demeaning his every action, and Fin trying to use him- Tiberius was done.

With nothing to say but insults and curses, Tiberius sheathed his sword and walked into the forest. He no longer cared that it was dark out, or of what dwelled within. It didn't seem to matter anyways, because everyone and everything was finding them regardless. HE knew staying in that clearing was a bad idea, but no one listened to him. HE knew that their 'leader' was nothing more then an old man that cared for himself and didn't know how to lead. And HE definitely knew that Kaite had rubbed him the wrong way for the last time.

He punched a tree randomly with his left hand, hearing his metal gauntlet strike the wood with a dull clang. It sent a shock wave of pain up his arm but he didn't care, Tiberius needed to get away. Those people didn't know how to listen to reason, or even act rationally. His fitful journey led him deeper into the forest, into the darkness of the night. Slowly he began to regain some composure.

A sudden thought struck him, wasn't he supposed to protect them? Had he not been tasked with such a noble purpose? And now...

He stopped dead in his tracks, chills ran up his spine as the air around him grew silent. He looked around and saw nothing familiar, no light to guide his way back. How long had he even been walking? He was very much alone.


Hadn't he always been alone ever since she was murdered? Tiberius fell to his knees, looking down at his hands. The pain from his he felt from his left hand meant that something was broken. Tears began to cloud his vision. It felt like a lifetime since he had just sat down and he was so tired. Not just physically, but mentally and definitely emotionally. Fin's little dance with his temptations reawakened feelings he had tried to bury but how much he yearned for his dead lover's touch.

His tears began to fall as his voice broke, "Oh Collette, why did you have to leave me? Why wasn't I strong enough to save you...Or anyone? All I needed was a bit more, and I've trained ever since to get to that point. But fate is cruel and uncaring and so I am left alone and powerless to protect anyone."

His anger was replaced with a deep sadness that struck at him from his very core. He had thought it left behind in his home, but it had followed him. It hadn't even been two full days of being on this quest and he was already in this sad state of mind. The innocents dying, the fight with the warlock and then everything that happened next was just to much for Tiberius to handle in a day. Some knight he was.

Then a dark thought touched his mind. He removed Eru's ring from his hand and placed it on a rock beside him. He was not worthy of his titles, or his rank but most importantly, of being a Knight. His party would be better off without him and there was only one way to get rid of his pain.

He unsheathed a dagger upon his belt with his right hand and looked at it for a moment. It was just a dagger, nothing out of the ordinary yet it held the power to end lives. Something so small and insignificant, just like himself. Powerless to do anything unless guided by a strong hand, and he was anything but that.

He sighed, "If I was only able to have..." He shook his head, it was pointless to want and it seemed nothing ever happened when you tried to better yourself.

F-Forgive me.." he said before taking the knife up to his throat.

In The Faraway Land 20 Mar 2017 11:30 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Okay I'm back! Post will be coming later, sorry for the delay.
In The Faraway Land 12 Mar 2017 16:09 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Haha that's awesome. I haven't been able to play For Honor since I can only get in about 2 out of 10 games without disconnecting. Byt U've always pictured Kaite as a warden, same as Tiberius.

To everyone else, I'm on spring break this week, so I might not be active with work and seeing old friends again.
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