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We stood upon those silver stairs and danced forever to our hearts delight

I asked you a question and one that I would regret,

Your answer only gave my heart great fright

As your wide blue eyes became wet,

It was then I realized that you did not love me

Like I had loved you ever so sweetly,

I tried not to cry as I got up from my knee

And I only watched as you left me completely.

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Elendi eyed the newcomers with a great amount of suspicion, each one could be a hidden assassin sent to kill his Emperor but, Elendi knew better then that. Still, he would keep a close watch on the pirate. If the Scorn hadn't became such a grave threat, then the Templar's would have came for her eventually. It was only a matter of time. Yet, Janus had decided to extend a personal invitation to her which baffled him. Why exactly would you need a pirate lord for a mission overland. Perhaps the Emperor had an ulterior motive after all, such as it was with negotiations and politics.

Elendi wasn't familiar with a lot of the others that had arrived. He took the last man to be the Paladin of Sol, but other then that, he knew him only be reputation. The orcish general was from a forgotten time, and almost out of place. Why exactly would he get an invitation? Then there was the high elf within the room. He looked a bit off as well, but then again, weren't all High Elves a bit odd? Finally there was the girl, couldn't be older then her twenties and Elendi again wondered why she was was here. Perhaps the Emperor would explain... perhaps not.

Janus rose, so did Elendi and the man addressed the newcomers with a smile.

"I welcome you all and thank-you for coming. Please sit, we have much to discuss."

Janus then sat back down, and on Que servants began to arrive bearing snacks befit royalty, and delightful red wine. Elendi sat down, and took a cup for himself, sipping it timidly. Once everyone was settled in, Janus spoke again cup in hand.

"Before I get to your questions, I shall say a few words." He took a drink, "As you all know, the Scorned have broken through the Westgate, breaking the Sol Protectorate and leaving a sizable gap in our defenses. The Luna Protectorate has been sent forth to hold their advance for as long as they can but I fear it will not be enough. With the Viridi Protectorate helping the Semper Fae, and all other legions holding their own territories, we only have a month before they arrive at Dramon." He took another sip, letting the information sink in.

"If Dramon falls, everything else will as well. Not right away mind you, but the end of civilization will arrive shortly after. Now, I gathered you all here for a task, one that I do not ask lightly. In some way, shape or form, you have distinguished yourselves from the common rabble of the Empire. I need adventurers, heroes and even villains," He glanced at Veronica, "If we hope to triumph."

"The world is ending, but we can stop it before it's too late. I ask thee, no. I beg you, journey to the Ebony Mountain, kill the heart of this damnable Scorned, and bring peace to Eon." He took another sip of his wine, then held it out for a refill.

"It will not be an easy task, probably even suicidal, but if there is even the slimmest of chances of success then why not try it? If we fail, then no one will remember us anyway."

"You may walk out now and I will bare no ill will towards you. Or, you may accept this proposal and learn what comes next."

"So, any questions?" Janus finished.

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