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Okay if there aren't too many people I would like to commit to making a hunter for this roleplay.
Wont be able to 100% commit until day after tomorrow but interested. So ready to get my Halloween on!
In After the End 22 Aug 2015 7:50 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Out for day but I'll have something up for tomorrow. Hopefully the others return as well!
In After the End 15 Aug 2015 8:06 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Some found blessings peaceful, an act of meditation. It was rare for Aishla to feel such reverence, and she recognized only the tedium they made. But today was worse, more than a simple impatience. Something twisted in her stomach as her sister's voice chanted softly. Sweat began to dampen the hair touching her neck, despite the cold breeze. She closed her eyes, and breathed, trying to find the meditative state others went to when in communion with the gods, and failed. The nausea persisted; a blatant refusal from the gods to grant her safety. Aishla was standing again before Shytora could bid goodbye.

"Good hunt" Aishla only nodded in response, lips pressed to a hard line, turned, and walked away quickly. The grip on her stomach didn't loosen until she came into sight of Koric, and even then refused to let go completely. Still, she found herself breathing again as she approached where he was sitting, in a quiet conversation with Jeel. Her husband looked to her at the sound of footsteps and stood in greeting, Jeel remained seated, it was Aishla who bowed her head and raised a hand to her forehead, half greeting and half apology for interrupting. Jeel only nodded in response, barely glancing at her before nodding at Koric.

"You will be going then" The middle aged man said, stood, and walked away without further acknowledgment or explanation. Before she could speak, Koric was handing Aishla her spear and guiding her away; both their packs in his other hand.

"It's past time we left" This earned him a frown, but Aishla trusted her husband enough not to make a scene in the center of their makeshift village. People were already looking at Koric. With no other ceremony, they left. A few moments out from the tribe she tried to ask.

"Has something happened?" Her mind went first to her father. Which wouldn't make much sense. He would be with a large group, slow moving. They wouldn't reach their destinations for at least another two days. Koric ignored her question, instead walking ahead of her, still carrying two packs.

"Koric" she called, slight annoyance quickly igniting to proper anger. They hadn't even begun their journey and there were to many ill omens for Aishla to be anything but on edge. Still he remained silent, and lead. That too was an insult. Koric was no scout, a warrior as all men. It was to her to lead, he wasn't even meant to come.

She stopped after nearly an hour she stopped. It took Koric a few moments to notice; his own footsteps so comparatively loud. But he did turn eventually with a look of consternation to rival his wife's. Aishla didn't flinch, instead waiting for him to return to where she stood.

"We need to keep moving," Aishla tilted her head, letting a few beats pass before speaking.
"What did the Jeel say to you?" Koric's face twisted further,  it wasn't only her he seemed angry with. Aishla relaxed her posture and took her bag from him.
"If it is something about today I need to know." she softened her voice and sat down.
"We don't know where outsiders may be hiding, speak quick and quiet." Koric did not sit down, but sighed and finally began to speak.
"It is the All - Leader.  Jeel believes he is crossing his bounds"
"What bounds?"
"Jeel says he is too involved in the outsiders to the east."
Aishla frowned, those they would be attacking withing the fortnight, business of the war - leader.
"How so?"
"He forbade Jeel to follow your father, among others. Told them it was to strengthen the tribe."
"In what way?"
Koric shrugged,
"No specifics, though he mentioned something about good fortune in battle. Few feel at ease in the place- so much left by the ones before, and the cold-"
"That is the task of shaman and the tribe mother"
"There are other rumors-"
Koric stopped as a sudden sound came from behind Aishla, who was standing spear in hand barely a moment later. She signaled him to remain quiet. Her stomach twisted again, something wasn't right; but whether it was the conversation or the noise she could not tell. The panic was quickly drowned out with anger as Koric again took lead. His steps loud and ignorant to the twigs and rocks they hit.
She reached out to him, but stopped, breathing in sharply as he tripped. A loud noise followed, Aishla looked to her husband, who was inspecting something twisted around his ankle. She held out her spear, eyes darting the surroundings as her husband freed his ankle and began to stand again.
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