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5 Mar 2017 12:30
Current Going to Florida for a week next month! First time traveling by airplane! (0.0")
27 Feb 2017 15:18
Really don't feel like going to my job and dealing with a co-worker whose crazy about me...And watches me and talks to me whenever we're not busy...-_-...


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Hello again!

So, I'm looking for someone to play as a MALE VAMPIRE to go with my FEMALE NEKO character.

My character, the Neko, is someone who had been created from a Petri Dish. In a Science Lab. From which the Neko escapes. And is now living on the streets. But one night, your character, the vampire, discovers mine, and can instantly smell they aren't Human, but a Human-Cat-Creature, the Neko...

Things would develop from there.

PM me if interested.
So, an idea popped into my head for a HORROR RP.

The story will be about GLUTTONY. Hemce, you will be playing a "glutonous" character.

RP will take place via PMs.
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