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7 Apr 2015 20:04
Current I'm back, ladies and gentleman.
5 Apr 2015 20:33
Have to get my avatar and signature back. Such a struggle.


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<Snipped quote by Lucian>

Futanari, you say?

Well, no. I meant regular penis.

Nah, to have sex in their cars without worry.

As a bisexual man in a same-sex relationship, I guarantee that it's not any easier for us to have car sex than it is for a straight couple.
Why, you wanna see more bikini babes or something?

No, more penis.

actually, using science and all that jazz, everyone would be dead on Mars and Venus due to pressure and or atmospheric or temperature differences

Oxygen is also pretty important
girls go to venus to get more penus

Can I also go to Venus?
Most pictures of me have other people in.

Oh my, you're pretty.
@Wade Wilson You're so smol
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