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I joined this site for a YGO RP.

Yeah, I know.

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Nathaniel had sat there with his head on his hands and his eyes closed, listening to the others hoping for some new information. From the sound of it, all of them had encountered some sort of supernatural nonsense that left them with more questions than answers. As if he did not have enough of a headache dealing with Steel, there was no way Nathaniel was touching that gauntlet even if he had a bio-hazard suit and 10-foot pole.

"Okay, so listen." Nathaniel sighed. "Steel, the guy Josh and Amelia dueled last night, has agreed to shed some light over the situation. Considering we basically know nothing, I think that would be helpful, but he's not going to do it for free. If we get the cards Golden Flying Fish and Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord from this guy called Meio, he said he would help us out. Apparently, the guy collects lots of Fish and WATER themed cards, and I'm hoping if we bring enough to him, that he might be willing to trade them. So does anyone have any of those cards they would be willing to donate? I'll go first."

After his little speech, Nathaniel ruffled through his pockets and threw down four cards on the table. Three of them showed a blue fish with a sword-like pompadour, with the top of the card reading "Performapal Sword Fish." The last one was colored black, depicting a massive machine towering over the water. The name read "Aegaion the Sea Castrum."
Yeah, I don't mind.
I would suggest giving the new rules some testing time, to see the general consensus and if it's good or not. And if it's not total garbage (unlikely), then we can implement it in second year or something.
Okay, how do these new rules effect pendulum monsters in your extra Deck?

Pendulum Monsters in the Extra Deck don't count as "Extra Deck Monsters." So yeah, they would go into the Main Monster Zone.

But man, this is some weird stuff.
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