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Nathaniel looked incredulously at the pin Maisy just pulled out. He did not know a lot about the art of deviancy, but he was pretty sure that was not how working lockpicks were supposed to look. Besides, the hard part is getting into the residence halls themselves. If they actually made it to Meio's door, they could just knock. For a second, Nathaniel wondered about the thought processes of the girl in front of him before snapping back to reality and stumbling out a response.

"Okay, um... t-that's an idea, I guess. I mean, if you can actually get into the Light Dorms, that would be great. I'll try to check both Duel Arenas in the time we have left. That leaves Camryn to check the pool." Nathaniel turned to head to the elevator before realizing that he was probably going to have to mention this to his two compatriots. "And again, don't do anything crazy."
Well, Nathaniel is apparently heading to the arena, so that's where you'll find him.
Nathaniel went over the options in his head. The first place he would check would be the guy's room, except that was completely off the table since they were barred entry as two Winds and an Earth. With a sigh, Nathaniel mentally kicked himself for his lack of foresight. There might be some other places they could look, and they could always ask some other Light Dormers if they saw the guy around. Still, finding one guy in a school was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. Their time is limited. They better start working fast.

"I think we should split up. It's still the afternoon, but it's going to be curfew soon. We need to find this guy as soon as possible. If one of us finds him, we should call each other so that we can meet up where he is. Actually, I don't think I have you on my dial, Maisy." Nathaniel took out his D-Ceiver as he prepared to exchange contact information. "Are you two okay with that?"
Nathaniel will be doing that first one.
"FLYING FISH?" Leaning forward, Nathaniel's eyes shot wide as Megan put down her cards, but after looking at the cards she put down, Nathaniel realized she was talking about the regular one and not the golden one. "Oh." Nathaniel muttered as he sat back down in his seat. "It's something, at least."

Nathaniel took the pile of cards from the table and began to sort them through.

"Okay, so we have...
Three copies of Performapal Sword Fish and one Aegaion the Sea Castrum from me
A copy of Deepspace Berserker from Camryn (for some reason)
Two Shocktupus, two Skull Krakens, and one copy each of Needle Sunfish, Poseidon Wave, Surface, and Fish Rain from Haas.
Two Defenders of the Ice Barrier, one Warlock of the Ice Barrier, and a Genex Ally Solid from Maisy.
And a Mobius the Frost Monarch, two Atlantean Attack Squads, and a Flying Fish from Megan.
That makes a total of... 21 cards."

As he finished counting, Nathaniel neatly stacked the cards on top of each other. It was a 10:1 ratio, but unfortunately most of what they had was vendor trash. Still, they had more rares than expected. Mobius the Frost Monarch was a Rare, and Surface was Super Rare. Maisy had also threw in 4 Super Rares, for a total of 6 rare cards; almost a 1:3 ratio.

"Okay, I'll admit these cards aren't the greatest, but they aren't... garbage." Nathaniel replied anxiously to the criticisms of the table, himself not positive about his plan. "I mean, we have to try, right?"
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