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In The Faraway Land 25 Mar 2017 3:06 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Darkwatck01 Oh? Considering the Animate Object spell is a rather low cost spell in the first place, combined with my character's inherently broader mana pool than most, the spell is rather easy for him. It honestly uses next to nothing in his regards. The only real factor for him is that he chooses not to bring more than two things into animation at any one time. He believes it takes away from the true spotlight: Himself.

Also, might I ask a question: To what regards do you expect to know the inner-workings of my character? Did I somehow unknowingly send you an elaborate breakdown of him without remembering?
In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 7:31 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Thinslayer A post by your's truly to intrigue and to prepare.
In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 7:29 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Whatta mean there are that many!?"

Saron was utterly speechless, it has come to pass that good fortune was on his side for once. He was ecstatic in body and spirit as he watched, the glimmering indication of favor was present for him. He truly was proud to have followed his trail onward into time, despite the many times he was tempted to turn back.

Now was his time! Things had changed and the glory of his realization was marvelous! For now he could proceed whole-heartedly! This would be the turning point for Saron in the beginning of history, but only fate and time would know of the great reality that awaited him at his current destination.

The tall elf was currently perched up on the stump of a fallen tree and was sitting on his heels while looking off to the south of his current location. The density of the forest made it rough for him to see too terribly far ahead, but he could make out simple enough trails for game and the like and he was certain a road would be present eventually through it all. His right hand rested on the hilt of a sheathed blade, his Rapier to be exact, and his left hand was extended out with a compass in it. This compass was unique and rather than sport he traditional compass face it was an exquisite piece of crystal finely polished into a flat surface and above the surface was a magical projection of the surrounding land in a one-mile radius. It was this singular object that had brought Saron so much joy to this moment for the compass had a series of bright white dots located at just the edge of the compass' projection dead ahead. A mere mile south and Saron would be even more over-joyed than he was in this moment. He felt that there couldn't be a moment to lose and he was ready to make his way to the blips with break-neck speed. However to his own demise he had nothing that could suffice "break-neck" speed, he did although have the next best thing.

Saron stretched his long and toned body to the sky, his arms stretching upward as if to grab the clouds. All the while his body subtle sounds and settled back into place, and yet this wasn't all that happened with hi body. His muscles tightened more than a stretch would permit, his skin crawled with a sensation of vigor and power, his pores relaxed and felt cleansed, and his hands seemed to gleam with a marvelous blue hue as his finger-tips begin to radiate, his hand slowly became enveloped in a deep blue aura and then.. the Elf sprung his heels and leveraged his body off the tree trunk with just his toes and his body curled tight and then landed with the opposite position of it's origin. Now the Elf was standing on his hands and his glowing palms pulsed a wave of magic through the dead wooden trunk. Several pulses followed the first with a quickening pace after each one before the last one made it's mark across the top of the spiky and snapped platform. There was a gently glittering pattern of ivy-like markings across the snapped surface of the trunk, showing it's now present nature. But nothing would reveal his act more than what was to follow, for the actions he had done, created wondrous reactions.

The tree trunk sounded as if it was being torn from the ground by an Ogre, the brutal snapping of wood and crushing of roots erupted from the tree piece and Saron only smiled as he carefully balanced his weight on his hands, all the while the roots of the trunk were uprooting themselves! The tree trunk was slow and loud, it was an old tree and it had many roots, and as each new root was tore from the ground it bound itself into one of four bundles until the entire trunk was finally sitting up-heaved and revealed to the world around it. It's four "legs" made of bound roots begin to set course in a southerly direction as Saron slowly lowered his body to place his feet behind his hands and then curl himself to sit on his heels once again. He was now.. on his way to intercept the Party.

"There are so many! Oh my, I can't wait. They shall be mine, and I shall endeavor to detail the determination of a delirious dabbler of the dangerous.. also known as Me!"

In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 5:25 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Hawlin Challenge? Posh. You will have to step up you game if you plan to even qualify against me. Muahahahaha.
In The Faraway Land 24 Mar 2017 4:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Thinslayer I call poppy-cock lies!
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