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@Zelosse Yeah I really didn't care too much as I put out this cs, half of the fact was that it was you as one of the Co-gms and the second was I never really devoted much time to the Cs.

I'll make a second one and actually try and this time make a humanoid.

Ok, first off. If you aren't referring to Zel, don't mention Zel. Secondly, you can take your leave now.
Ok. I am somewhat happy you tried to make another CS. But before I review the CS. I am going to say this: Knowing a person is the Co-Gm, doesn't give an excuse to be lazy with the CS. You and Zel could be married and I will still say no lazily made CS's.

Now, I will review the second and give my opinion of it soon.
I will continue my nature of being blunt and honest.

I rather dislike it, and it seems like a perfectly fine CS for other types of Rp, but not this one my friend. The CS is rather "Edgy" and is poorly explained. It holds a very stereotypical background for the edgy out-cast family member, just with the addition of being a Dragonic being.

I honestly feel this RPC is better suited for an Anime, rather than this RP.
"Azalore.. the land of peace and harmony. A place where cities and towns thrive upon such traits. However times have changed and in this instance the world is being set anew with a path of uncertainty and chaos. Cities are being felled, Kingdoms are being toppled, and those we once looked too are now turning on us all at once."

Azalore is a land of wonderment, beauty, and grace. It has marvels and wonders that would make the gods themselves look in awe of their own creation a second time-over. But even in beauty there comes danger, and this is often a natural danger, as beasts still inhabit the lands and beings of otherworldly forces are spawned seemingly from all manner of ways. This combined with the nature of sentient races eventually gave birth to fighting and war, and over time strife had a common-place in Azalorian life, but it was this trait of Old Azalore that bore us our greatest achievements..

Chosen of the Aegis.

Those warriors and women, Knight and Mage alike, any who proved themselves skilled and worthy of notice, those who gained achievement under the whisper of their name.. They were chosen by the Gods for their achievements and granted an Aegis of Honor. These Chosen became the Guardians of Azalore and all it's people. The Guardians protected every town and kingdom, they took stopped their wars and they ended the fights. They were often given thrones and made Lords of the Lands, others did their duty until Azalore knew only peace and they went to slumber. Chosen grew dormant in meditation or great sleep upon their thrones and in the solitary crevices of the world where they may rest peacefully themselves.

However they have awoken, and now they seek to wreak havoc. The Chosen have been corrupted through their Aegis, a force unknown to Azalore has touched the very Hearts of Azalore and turned them against us.. no one is safe from the power of a twisted Chosen.

Howdy! As it goes this will be a rather gritty, grim-dark, fantasy Rp in which the players participate as adventurers and warriors who are nowhere near the level of a Chosen, but must ascend to the duty of helping protect the Lands against the new threat. This Rp will have perma-death as a possibility, and it will not be nice to the players. It will also feature some Dark Souls-esque mechanics.

-No Godmodding
-No Power-playing
-No Bad stereotypes
-No Angsty Stereotypes
-Be respectful
-Please keep in mind, a balanced party is always the most powerful party.
Should Allen want to be Gm. I could get behind it.
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