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@BrokenPromise That's some good stuff right there, my man. It appears this competition will get quite heated...

Speaking of which! @Melo, will Noel come to the casino too? It would make for a...very interesting quartet there (considering Daimyon and Mary both want to go there while Davis is already in the area). And some...very interesting interactions. ;)

I'm sorry, but did you ever think you'd stand a chance against...

...Daimyon the Despicable Damsel Snatcher?

Edit: Bonus Mari-your-man Marianne, because @MyCatGinger asked nicely.
jumps into the picture

@Dynamo Frokane Hi! Space for another returning character?

Daimyon's introduction was worthy of a picture, it seemed, as that was the first thing the woman did before even saying anything. He did not mind though—he was quite photogenic when not suffering from intense despair. A moment of surprise later his smile was back on his face, even widening into a short laugh when he realised the reason for the picture: he approached none other than Noel Hawthorne, the Infinite Reporter! He wondered if he was going to see his face in an article someday, once they had all got out of this place...

“I would love to have a chat with you, Ms. Hawthorne, that is all you could do for me. I have already met the other new Infinites—charming people they are, through and through! I am sure you are no exception,” he answered her query, then looked up to see that Davis had already finished his confrontation with Calvin and was now telling something to the entire group. Something he should have also probably paid attention too. “Though perchance it would be better to wait until we are done here...”

Daimyon turned to listen to Perfection's presentation. The man handed Marianne, the Infinite Florist...or rather, Herbalist—the poet tested his memory—the late Shona's e-handbook to be used to open her room. Were there no other empty rooms available for her in the patients' quarters? He has never actually checked who was where before... Either way, once Davis was finished with that, he launched to fulfil the role normally reserved for people like Cyrus or Mondatta. He outlined what he thought should be the daily duties for the crew. Daimyon noted down the so far unexplored locations in the facility and put a circle and a large question mark around the word ‘CASINO’. It sounded fun, even if it was not the most urgent matter.

He planned to make his move right after Davis was done speaking, but when the crucial time came, he was lost in some unimportant thoughts. By the time he would have stood up and walked over to him, the man has already engaged in a second discussion with Calvin.
He let out a sigh. If things kept up going like this, in the end he might be stuck with the magazine. Not like he would have terribly minded that, but still! A gift was to be given, not to be indulged in by the giver!

He turned back to Noel. They might get to have that chat after all...
“It seems like we have our work cut out for us for today,” he said. “Though if I had to be honest, this casino idea intrigues me the most... I wonder where will you be heading, Ms. Hawthorne? If you don't mind someone accompanying you, I'd be glad to tag along!”

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