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12 Jan 2017 22:01
Current Ok, when I said I had a new computer, what I didn't know was the software was broken, so I sent it back... And they sent me one with broken hardware... And Then Christmas happened. Oh well, i'm back!
12 Nov 2016 15:07
SUCCESS!!! I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER!!! Posting may be a little delayed whilst I get it going fully.
28 Oct 2016 22:37
Computer is in the shop for repairs. Now i have to post using my Wii U.
27 Jul 2016 0:08
HOLY SALAMANDER CUTTLEFISH! My internet is being a complete ass and has not been letting me post. Just keeps throwing up a "Cannot locate DSN address" page.
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20 Apr 2016 20:41
Internet is being shitty at the moment.


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@Burning Kitty Well, that's all fine and good, and since you editted your previous post, we're all good... Well, he kinda looks silly, since he just put the guard on planetary alert, put himself on several wanted posters as, in the space of a minute, managed to commit 7 crimes, 2 of which were capital offenses, all for the sake of making a threat which he has to know will go ignored. He does have the Intricity and pin-point accuracy of a well played game of chess. But, this won't be the first time i've seen people like that succeed in the insanely impossible (I managed to do so, in a D&D session last week after picking a fight with a character I thought I stood no chance against, but 4 nat-20's later, was doing the fandango in his entrails.) I'm just saying that, when you made a pretty big change and don't tell anyone, don't get mad at them for not knowing. :) Just making sure, you did run this by @Princess of God first, right?
Always interested in Roleplays like this? People keep trying to get "Alternative Reality" with their own original Primarchs and Legions.
@TheUnknowable No, Mandalore is appointed by challenging the current Mandate to an honourable duel for the position and defeating him. So Naast would have become Mandalore, we're nobody to challenge his right to the position.

You can also become Mandated by finding the legendary lost helmet of the first Mandalore.
@Burning Kitty Alright, I misunderstood. Princess said that we are very close to the end of the Clone Wars, I thought we were like a month or 2 before Episode 3.

Now this makes even less sense. If the Death-Watch have been dealt with, then Satine isn't in power. She was stripped of her power after Death Watch took over and was killed before she managed to get back in power. In Canon, after Maul killed Visla, he appointed Almec to power. If Naast killed Visla and Naast hates Satine with a passion, why would he put her back in power? Surely, he'd either set himself up as the Prime Minister, or set up one that he can puppet with ease. Satine is not such a person.

The problem is that none of this was in your character sheet. Just "Naast acquired the Darksaber from the Death-Watch."

Let's sort this out and stop the arguing. Put up a basic history of your character. Because a lot of the time, you are saying "You are wrong, because of this piece of my character's history which you have no way of knowing."

And never question my knowledge of Star Wars. I'll have you know that my sadness knows no bounds when it comes to Star Wars.
@Burning Kitty I was talking about in the eyes of the Republic. They don't care about the nitty-gritty of it. Point is, the legally recognised government was overthrown and now that the Death-Watch's hierarchy has fallen apart, you are just another, equally undesirable group that has said "We are the new leaders!" The Republic won't recognise anyone's leadership, other than the legal heirs to the Mandalorian nobility. So, unless you could prove that you were a member of the Kryze family, you will never be recognized, by the Republic, as anything other than "Just another extremist with delusions of grandeur. To be captured or eliminated before they can rally enough support to become an actual threat."

I'm sorry if this seems that i'm putting your character down. I'm not. It's a perfectly valid character to make and once again, i'm all for this. All I am trying to say is that, at this point, your character is just an ant before the size 12 boot that is The Republic. If you want to fight the boot, i'm not gonna stop you, i'm just saying that it doesn't bode well for your characters survivability. Then again, i'm used to playing Edge of the Empire, where any and every action will get you on somebodies hit-list :)

Also, I just noticed that your character has the Darksaber. How did he get it away from Maul?
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