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Rebeca smirked a little triumphantly when Estella mostly agreed with her. And she did so well enough to favor her father as well. She was a smart girl, even if she probably wasn’t excited about being brought into a ‘family’ argument. But the family part was only coincidence, if she was not family, she’d treat him just the same.

Will huffed and rolled his eyes a little bit. “Fine, I’ll look into Rebeca,” he sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. “But you take all responsibility for its upkeep. Yes?”

“That’s all I wanted you to do,” she said with a self satisfied smile. “Do you not trust Frederick to handle maintenance?” When he rolled his eyes again she laughed. “Good. Then maybe we should hire someone else?”

“I dunno Becs,” he said as he stood up, looking towards the door. “Probably should go check on how the part replacement is going…” He looked back to Estella and gave her a little smile. “Thank you, by the way, for your insight.”
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Nox Mission

Helena proceed cautiously down the darkened corridor. She gripped a blade tightly in one hand while she listened to the sounds of footsteps ahead of her in the dark. There was the running of their suspicious friend, and the heavy sound of Annabeth’s just behind his with Collette somewhere in between. Her and Athalus brought up the rear of the group, but even then, she knew they had to pick up their pace or their friends might end up in piles of lumpy goo or something like that. And she was not at all interested in the idea of that happening to Annabeth. Her being dead made it very difficult to talk with her after all.

When she came into the more open space, it was just as the body of their fellow student was tossed aside like a dolly, blood following its arc across the room. “Well, shit,” she mumbled, as she took a step back, hopefully not to bump into Althalus behind her. “This...this is going to be awful.”

Taking a deep breath she resolved herself to going in and helping. “though maybe with an actual plan this time,” she said aloud without the rest of her thoughts attached.
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