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“That's okay,” she smiled. “Dad’s got some experience, he's just not super confident about it. So if you can do anything at all, it’s better than nothing, right? Besides, you don’t need references, Dad sent me to get you specifically. He already trusts your judgement.” She shrugged a little bit, starting off towards the docks again because she had decided that Estella had decided to come along for at least a ride. “He’s normally a good judge of character, he was just in a rush with this last guy so he might have maybe made a mistake. Though, don’t repeat that to him,” she added, turning to look at her a little pleadingly. She did not want to upset her father any right now.

“At least you can help get us up in the air today, and we can see about the rest of it later, yeah?” she suggested, giving her a hopeful grin. "I mean, I'll be there too..." she trailed off, her smile a little bit more playful than might have been expected.


Will thought for a moment before nodding his head. “Yeah, there’s plenty of time for you to grab some grub,” he said with a grin. “I’m hoping everything will be put back in place by ten and we’ll be up in the air about noon or so. Rebeca’ll be back by then and probably have some sandwiches for us. If not, I’ll get something together.”

Bea smiled and nodded her head. “Well I suppose we’ll head out of your hair then, we should be back before noon certainly.” Will inlined his head at her in understanding and she turned a little to look at Roger. “Let’s go put that up in our room’s before we head out. No sense in carrying it everywhere with us.” As much as it would be safer for them to do so, it made it more obvious that they were trying to protect something. It was logical if they had left some things behind before really boarding, but not to carry it around all day then if they could ‘safely’ leave it on the airship.

Hell’s Minions, Part 3

Day 2~Just After Midnight
Cedarvale Apartment Complex -Entertainment District, Ominar

Simone chuckled both at Nikki’s feistiness and Masha’s brazen display of magic. It seemed he was looking forward to placing both bitches back in their places as he let a wolfish and knowing grin cross his lips when he replied, “Looks like kitty got her claws out.”

He had little doubt she could likely maim him with those pretty nails, but he wasn’t worried. Mainly because he was also a mage and a good one. His hand pulled up into a clawed as liquid, greenish in tint, began to form in his palm from his Vis. It sizzled the air giving the impression it might burn off living flesh on contact.

“Are you sure you want to risk scarring that pretty little face of yours?” Simone, hoping she wouldn’t back down.

By this time, behind him, a cat crept closer and into view in the middle of the hallway should Masha glance behind his shoulder. It flicked its tail patiently then lowered its front, its rear wiggling awkwardly in a prepared pounce as its claws extended on its paws.

“It isn’t a risk if you’re not even going to touch me,” she said with confidence. She was sure that he wouldn’t make. She was smaller than him by quite a deal, and she was very quick as well. He’d have to be very fast to hurt her before she hurt him. And she had caught sight of the strange cat behind him as well. She doubted it was Nikki’s, and she didn’t care either way, that cat was here to help. And she trusted in cats more than humans sometimes. They were nature’s perfect predators after all.

She watched the cat for just a second, deciding where she thought it likely to go and pounced herself at Simone in the opposite way so as not to collide with the cat. She went low, aiming for his torso and manhood with her claws.

Simone had been watching, but he honestly didn’t expect the bitch to be stupid enough to try. His figure moved quickly to the right as her claws scraped across his left thigh and spared his nuts on the path down. His acid ball immediately twitched then jerked at her direction, aiming at her face when she went low and forward.

Meanwhile, in a spontaneous reaction, the cat zipped with surprising speed at Ron. Its paw swiped deep and wide at his leg back exposed in the distraction when he jerked to avoid becoming involved with the claw attack. Blood spurted from the wound as the achilles tendon was torn in a shocking reaction causing Ronald to twist his head, trying to see what hit him while his leg collapsed underneath him. He hissed in frustration before he spotted the feline corpse dart under the nearby kitchen table for cover. The thing turned then let out a warning yowl which fell into a loud hiss and darted at Zachary’s legs next.

Masha only had a moment to react to what he was doing, though in that moment she twisted to at least spare her face for whatever was coming at her. A wicked smile spread across her face at the feeling of fabric and flesh tearing under her hands. She was fast enough that most of his acid bypassed her, but it did still do more than graze over her right shoulder as she slammed her slight form into him, digging her claws in deeper with what little weight she had. She knew she needed to disentangle from him soon though, or the stinging pain on her shoulder would be the least of her worries.

The smell of burning flesh brought a smirk to Simone’s lips then quickly died when the pain flooded his senses, the lips turned into a frustrated snarl. His back slammed into the floor tile floor while his left hand reached for the claws drawing dangerously close to his femoral artery. Simone’s fingers wrapped about Masha’s petite wrist then jerked up as he right hand balled into a fist then whacked down on her unprotected shoulders.

She hissed in pain as his fist hit the already burned skin, pulling back as quickly as she could, trying to yank her other arm free of his grasp. “You ass,” she growled, sitting up and slamming her free hand down into his chest, as close as she could get to his windpipe.

Simone gripped her wrist tightly and wrenched it to the side, trying to take the rest of her with it. His hips twisted when he felt her trying to climb up him and reach her hand hit his chest. His other hand reached to stop her other hand and gripped it tightly while he made an attempt to flip her over onto her back.
Rebeca’s grin went up some at her reaction. “Yes and no,” she said with a little shrug of her shoulders, stepping back and gesturing for Estella to at least walk with her out of the doorway. “He has actually requested an assistant. I’m 100% sure he didn’t mean you, but you seem to know what you’re doing more than him so Dad sent me to ask if you’d be willing to work for us, under that buffoon. For now at least.

“But if you don’t want to work, we’ll still give you a lift somewhere if you like,” she went on. “We’re headed up to Scotland today, hopefully, if not soon. It’s much less crowded up there than here in London, even in the cities.” She shrugged some. She didn’t exactly understand what it was like for people like her father and Estella, but she did understand that it happened, and that was more than enough for her to accommodating about it. She didn’t love big cities either, but she was much more comfortable in them than her old man was.


“Well at least we know now to be vigilant,” she said with a little shrug of her shoulders. It would be difficult, going somewhere new now. They wouldn’t know anyone, they would have to suspect everyone. Which would make it difficult to find actual allies. But it was the safest thing for them to do.

She followed him up into the ship, looking around her and trying to figure out her own way around in here. It shouldn’t be too difficult, she hoped. She nodded her greeting to the captain as they came onto the bridge.

Will looked up for his maps, double checking their route to give Roger an annoyed smile. “Ah well yes and no. I’m not fully sure we’re going to be departing when I said we would. Engine trouble. And mechanic trouble." He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "I'm sorry for the delay."
Rebeca made her way across the docks and down to the shop where she hoped Estella was still at.She knew the girl had the wanderlust like her father. And the dislike of big cities for too long, also like her father. As she walked she thought about how much she was like her father and that was rather amusing to her.

She came up as the other girl was saying her goodbyes and leaving the shop.”Heading off for greener pastures?” she asked as she approached. “Maybe we can give you a lift there, yeah?”


“Well perhaps not the devil exactly,” she agreed with a little laugh. “But certainly a high ranking demon lord of some kind.” But she thought that of most men, less so of younger ones, but he was too close to her age for Ms. Mortimer to feel otherwise.

“It is what you think it is. Didn't want to risk it being taken while we weren't on board.” Nor had she wanted to risk Will and his daughter, but she didn't want to have to say that outloud to him either. She didn't want him to worry any about this, even though she knew that he was already worrying about this and especially about her.

His next question proved that her thoughts were right. “Only probably because I have become very paranoid,” she sighed. “But in reality, I haven't noticed anything out of the norm. Though that doesn't mean that they aren't there and I'm just used to seeing them.”
☆ Helena ☆
Nox Mission

Helena blinked as things took a rapid shift around her. “I know that,” she said with a tone that implied that she actually didn't. Or more accurately that she did, but she'd forgotten and spoken without thought. She hated being made to look stupid, especially by little dipwits like him. “It would help if you didn't say it like a know it all,” she grumbled to herself, rolling her eyes a little bit.

As the thing disappeared, she looked around, trying to see if it was going to pop back up again, even as the drama unfolded. Guess no one listens to anyone, She thought with a huff. She waffled for a moment about going to comfort the girl, but decided that wasn't the roll she needed to full now. And there was Collette who seemed much more for that than her that moment. “That's great,” she said to the other man. “But I wouldn't count that thing as gone, so as shitty as it may seem, we need to get moving. Before we're next.”

She turned to look at Athalus first, hoping he'd be the practical one here as well and agree. Then she looked to Annabeth, looking a little pleading that she agree with her as well, hoping that she wouldn't be too emotional about this and try to keep those who were alive, alive still.
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