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Current Nothing like making a pointless status update after 4 months!
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It's good to get back in the swing of things after a couple weeks away. And hopefully, this time, I plan to stay!
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Finally things have begun to slow down enough that I can check here, but sadly everything I was in died in my absence ;-; I'm so sorry!
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I apologize to the RPs I'm in, but I'm taking a leave of absence so I can focus on pressing irl matters that are currently swarming me.
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I've never been swamped by so much work before >_> Sorry if I haven't posted in my respected RPs!


I'm just your average, everyday roleplayer who mainly resides in Terraria's community forums. I thought I'd give this place a chance, so here I am...
Generally speaking, I'm a good person. I'll strive for improvement, listen to criticism with an open ear, and won't try to start an argument.

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Shawn Oliver Sinclaire
Interacting with: Bailey(@MissCapnCrunch), Texting Caleb(@Apoalo)

After the prayer and once everyone began to eat, Shawn turned his phone to silent, which was generally the norm for him. It made him smirk when just seconds later his sister's phone went off, to which she recieved the same small lecture of no phones during breakfast. It made Shawn giggle under his breath at his sister, though this was hardly the first time she didn't pay the rules mind. As he took another bite of food, he glanced up to make eye contact with her, to which she stuck her tongue out at him before starting her 'secret' texting. He just rolled his eyes at her, shaking his head slightly in disapproval at her.

It was almost an awesome moment for Shawn when he saw dad staring at Bailey, and the anticipation of a bust was almost too good to be true, which it ultimately proved to be just that... Too good to be true. It was almost a role reversal, where this time dad was the one busted because his phone rang. It even seemed mom had taken notice and giggled, but it made Shawn slightly sad that the bust didn't go through. He'd get his revenge from the slap earlier, or at least see her get in trouble. It wasn't a matter of if she would, it was just a matter of when, and he'd be there when it would happen to watch the bust unfold.

When breakfast finally ended and he washed his own plate after Bailey, she looked at him once the parents were in the other room to ask him what he was doing with his friends.

"I ain't sure yet, sis. I still gotta check what Caleb texted and see if he had something in mind, ya know?"

The texts!! His phone had vibrated on several occasions during breakfast, and as soon as he answered Bailey he pulled his phone out to reveal the two longer texts from his friend. He winced slightly, unsure of what to say or do. He hadn't planned on anyone coming over... But it was Caleb, and he's come over a lot... Usually whenever Shawn said he'd just stay home too. Odd that works. Regardless, he began to text his friend.

Oh, uh, okay? I wasn't really planning on having someone over... But... I'll need to ask my parents. I don't think they'd mind since you come over a lot, but it'd be best if I do just because I don't want to get in trouble.

I'm sorry this was a bit late btw, I can't txt at breakfast and just finished. Movie is alright so long as it isn't some horror movie... Not with what happened. Our family isn't going, we didn't really know them that well and my sis is scared to go lol. I'll txt back when I know if you can come in or not.

With that, he made his way to the den, waiting patiently for his parents to finish their conversation so that he could ask them if Caleb could come over.
I'll try to get a post up today or tomorrow.
Personally, it's the facial animations that get me. But there are plenty of other problems that accompany ME:A. I've encountered plenty of glitches, bugs, etc in the game, and the story could definitely be better. To me, the exploration and combat are awesome, everything else is really meh.

But it's a decent game all around. Could definitely use some improvements in areas, but if you're a ME fan you should like the game.
Shawn Oliver Sinclaire
Interacting with: Bailey(@MissCapnCrunch), Texting Caleb(@Apoalo)


What was once a pleasant dreamscape was replaced by the sudden shock and pain of his sister's slap, his eyes widening before wincing from both the pain and sunlight. He could just barely make out her devious smile before she gave her explanation as to why she decided to start his morning off with a slap. He his brain scrambled for something to say after she finished, trying to come up with some sort of backlash to give, but ultimately she ran out of the room in such a haste that all he could shout was "S-Sis!" Feeling slightly scathed, he fell back into his bed for a moment, giving off a disgruntled sigh as his body hit the mattress. He'd be lying to himself if he said this was the first time she woke him up in such a way, and in hindsight, it was bound to happen again eventually, but can't a guy get some sleep around here? Glancing over at his clock, he was disheartened to see it was only 10AM. Once more his sleep had been captured by his family...

But, he supposed if momma wanted him up and goin', he'd have to comply. As he was getting ready, his phone gave a ding as a text message appeared. It was his friend Caleb, asking if he had anything planned today. After rolling up his sleeves up to his elbows, he grabbed his phone and sent him an honest message. "Nothing at all. I'll probably just stay home, practice my singing or maybe read a book." He replied, nodding as the text message was sent before going downstairs.

"Mornin' Ma, Pa... Bailey." He greeted them rather eagerly, well, excluding his pause as he stared at his sister. He was among the last to sit down as his mom was placing plates at the table, and she patted his head gently. "Aw, looks like our lil sugar buns finally come down." She said, to which he laughed to himself.
"Aw, come on Ma, you're embarrassing me." He replied to his mother's comment, to which his father chuckled before asking the same question that he asked Bailey. "Any plans today, Shawn?"
"None that I can think of, Pa. 'Less ya need help with somethin'."
"Ah, Naw, you're fine, son."

It was then that the plates were finished being placed and their conversation was cut short due to the hunger that settled in. Shawn was especially happy, though a bit sad now that he hadn't woken up a bit sooner to help his mom out. He zoned off during the prayer, eager to eat and somewhat null to it as he's grown accustomed to hearing it so often before meals.

After the handshake and Nancy continuing her own introduction, all Nathan felt compelled to do was smile and nod at what she said, though his enthusiasm was much more toned down than hers. He didn't have anything other to say to Nancy or ask seeing as his question was answered, and was glad that the druids motioned for them to come towards them so that the Sacramentum could be performed. It meant that the conversation could be cut short, in a way, and he was fine with that.

Having placed his hand on the pedestal after his soon to be bond partner, he watched curiously as the druids did their chants and dripped water on the duo's hands. It must have been the seal he was waiting for... Though he couldn't properly describe the feelings that came with it. If he had to describe it, it was like the feeling of a warm embrace vibrating on the back of his hand, and he was glad that it didn't last long. Nancy was the first to move her hand away after the chanting, while Nathan slowly moved his own hand off as he stared at it. The seal had faded to a brown coloration, and he took note of how the color would turn red on Nancy when she practiced her magic. Maybe that red color would only appear when using magic or abilities? It was a question he was sure he'd find the answer to once he had time.

But it wasn't just about him anymore, and he looked up at Nancy as she said it was best to get to their rooms, to which he nodded once more. Not wanting to waste time, he hastily went off to grab his luggage, getting to the volunteers slightly faster than his partner. This was it, the start of a new, exciting school year with someone he barely knew. But on the bright side, at least he knew OF them, and all things considered, Nancy could be worse... Far worse... Which was all the more reason to be glad that he felt she wasn't.

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