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1 Feb 2017 9:51
Current For those waiting on replies - i've been ill since sunday and lacking energy, will reply asap. Sorry for the delays! I will reply as soon as I've recovered enough to come up with good replies
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30 Jan 2017 15:30
I hate being ill...
27 Jan 2017 6:51
@Miss Gallagher - awesome! Although the dog meetup is the true test :P
26 Jan 2017 22:11
@Miss Gallagher - maybe they're not ideal then...good luck though! Hope it goes well and you'll be able to wear those shirts for them soon XD
26 Jan 2017 21:54
@Miss Gallagher - if they don't love your shirts they're not worth a first date!


Very new, open for most roleplay (prefer Fantasy or Anime/Manga). Message me if you're interested in a game!

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I'm very sorry for lack of posts! Everytime I've sat down to write up a big proper post for Annabelles performance I've been pulled away from something, or I was's been not very nice!

I'll get a post done this week, I promise.
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Violet breathed a sigh of relief as the battle finished, even if Richard had left in a sulk. She noticed her Eevee shudder as she levelled again, and moved to pick her beloved pet with the shredded bow up.

"Good work guys" she smiled at her new friends "shall we head back to the village or go further in? I heard a Pikachu, but I think our pokemon need a rest, and Eevee here wants a new bow." Eevee mewled in agreement.

Many hugs! Get well soon

Seems Czurem hadn't gotten far out before something had...globbed on her. "Uwah?! Hey don't jump on me!" she moved away, looking annoyed "look, if you want to fit in more...well, that's great. Everyone is welcome here, but you don't go onto people. Or demons, or birds, and especially not Dragons like me. We tend to flame-roast when provoked" she warned the snail thing. "So you're a...small was it? Smale? What's your name and how many are there of you?"

Chloe was having the hardest time clearly. Her fists clenched, and she looked back at the woman. "She's...she's a can you just..." she closed her eyes tightly, and a tear ran down her cheek "you're killing her because you don't want to try helping her anymore..." She couldn't accept that the woman's mind was entirely broken, she just couldn't. She shook her head. Everything from the crash to her death...the fight...the was clearly catching up to her and she was upset.

Eventually she had no choice. Everyone else had given up on her. She turned back to the woman, and looked for some kind of identification. Something she could bring back to the woman's family, to tell them that she was gone. Surely they'd have gone looking for her, have been trying to find her?
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