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11 Jan 2017 16:24
Current That is so adorable!
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10 Jan 2017 13:33
@Lady Selune - I love winter also
1 Jan 2017 22:17
How about 'my boyfriend just left me and I needed something to fill the hole he left'?
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1 Jan 2017 12:19
Oh my~
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1 Jan 2017 2:02
2017 I am in you! (and have been for two hours already....oh my~)


Very new, open for most roleplay (prefer Fantasy or Anime/Manga). Message me if you're interested in a game!

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You're in my dream alleyway!
That beard is awesome and pink! I love it
Well that's a very happy looking smile! You must be a kind person
In We Was Reincarnated! 16 Jan 2017 19:11 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Edited that in

Couldn't get double quotes working weirdly so gave up XD
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