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British guy, twenty one years old and counting, history student/enthusiast, fond of medieval fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural fiction, but I pretty much dabble in all the nerdy things. Pretty good at Arena combat as well. Little cynical, little blunt, but mostly just interested in creating some cool stories and having fun. Catch you around, if I haven't already.

Credit to Shard, my adoring fan.

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This is still looking for more people btw, but the OOC is up.

Lore dump for what I'm planning to play.

I'll fight.

--Name/Alias: Brennus
--Age: 24
--Sex: Male
--Height: 5ft 8"
--Weight: 80kg
--Personality: Confident, boastful, cruel.
--WEAPON: Six foot spear, wooden shaft, steel head, doubles as a javelin if necessary. Also and a Celtic Longsword.
--Shield: Brennus carries a roughly oval shield about 100cm tall and 75cm wide, made of oak and covered with leather, with an iron rim. The front is decorated with green spirals roughly resembling plants on a brown background.
--ARMOR: None
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