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In Romani Imperialis 17 Oct 2014 2:06 Forum: Arena Roleplay
"w-weapons... d-damn it t-this is not good we're going to have to fight and we're so going to die..." Lucian picked up two daggers scared but it was what he was used to.
"... I hope we get out of here soon,..."
In Romani Imperialis 17 Oct 2014 1:53 Forum: Arena Roleplay
"d-do you have to be so cheery." Lucian says worried and quiet.
"You're trapped in a cell going to be forced to fight and die for entertainment... you get that right?" Lucian shiverred out of fear and also his clothing not really giving him any protection from the elements. "... y-you should be really worried.
In Romani Imperialis 17 Oct 2014 1:50 Forum: Arena Roleplay
"Stop freaking kicking him!" Lucian says angry worried for the man that was unconscious.
"... y-you're hurting him at least we know he's a human... jesus please stop attacking him."
In Romani Imperialis 17 Oct 2014 1:45 Forum: Arena Roleplay
"W-whoah wait is that a person w-wait stop!" Lucian says pushing Miles away quickly.
"... He-he could be another prisoner like us let's help him out." He says worried quietly trying to untie the bag
In Romani Imperialis 17 Oct 2014 1:42 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Lucian watched staying away from the sack and Miles watching with eagerness and fear.
"w-what the hell is it? is-is it alive?"
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