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Posed nude for an art class once.
They didn’t ask me to do it, I think it was a ceramics class- they were making bowls or something.

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June 2nd, 1992

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Silly. Flirtatious. Loud. Creative. Friendly. Stubborn. Feisty.

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- Being Ratchet As Fuck
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- Bullying Nerds
- Being A Gypsy
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- Taking Long Romantic Walks To My Fridge

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:) Up to you. You guys can morph the NPCS as much as you'd like.
Also don't worry about double/triple posts. Haha I do it all the time.
Amazing first posts everyone!!
Ivy Drogato

Ivy listened carefully to Nadia speak. Woman to woman, Ivy admired Nadia, she was smart and always ten steps ahead of the game. She wished she had known the woman earlier as she would have made a great team partner. Then again, that is just exactly what they were now. She continued bobbing her head up and down as she listened to her speak, before asking her a direct question.

Her doe eyes widened "Habits?" Ivy pondered, thoughts pouring into her skull. "Ulric was eccentric but a simple man. He has breakfast at this diner with a cup of black coffee every Sunday after church." she tapped her slender finger on a spot on the map. "He visits our son's grave afterwards and places new flowers down." Ivy continued, not mentioning to where the graveyard or the site was. She wanted to keep that a sacred thing. No one was to be allowed there. She even regretted mentioning it in the first place. "As far as daily things, he usually just makes rounds at the businesses checking in. I stayed home most of the time, so I'm not quite sure." She pointed out another mark on the point, "The home we made." she tapped on this one a few times with her finger nail before pulling her hands into her lap.
I will have a reply up a little later c:

July 1st, Saturday. 2017. 10AM

As the local 10 o'clock morning news came on, most television sets were tuned into the older brunette male who had become their local celebrity for being a news anchor for more than ten years. "This is Kevin Garish and you're watching the Dixie Daily." his southern hospitality tone not very predominant for anyone that had lived down here for years, but strong and thick to anyone else from the rest of the country. The intro for the news station played, showing the few good views from town and some of the local favorite spots. The camera panned back to Kevin as he smiled. "Today is July 1st, we have a hot weekend ahead of us. Perfect for any Independence Day activities that are happening. Most people would be attending the big fireworks show by the police station that Tuesday. The older generations would complain that all the money earned from writing tickets all year were blown up in our face within fifteen minutes instead of used to repair roads. However, any research into it would reveal that all fireworks were donated from the more blessed residents of Dixie Inn. "This year we will be holding a public memorial for our local resident Olivia Ramirez who we lost to an accident down at Lafayette earlier this week." Many people shook their heads and grumbled under their breaths by his choice of words. They felt this wasn't just an "accident" but more foul play was at work.

Kevin Garish cleared his throat, "We have a clip from Chief Craig Hamming with more information here, if you would play the clip.." The very familiar mustached face of Chief Hamming came across the screen, the background of the bayou beautiful but dangerous. His mouth moved before the audio kicked in. "Wa- gem of the community. We won't let all of this be put aside. The Ramirez family will rest easy knowing that whatever happened to their daughter will be found out. We know tha-" the video clip started to skip and end transmission as they switched back to Kevin at the main station. "It looks like we lost the signal, speaking of losses- the Saints lost one of their star -"

Some homes would change the channel as they went into sports talk and local filler stories. This murder was the biggest thing in Dixie Inn since the hurricane several years ago. Nicky's restaurant had been closed all week as the family prepared funeral services and regathered their lives a bit. Families sent their prayers and small donations to help out as they could, but nothing really could fill the hole that was in their heart from losing their daughter. Despite the darkness that fell over the town, it was a typical hot and muggy morning in Louisiana. Everyone was out of school for summer break and most had the day off and was spending it doing something family related for the upcoming holiday.


A smack came across the head of the younger Sinclaire sibling as Bailey put her hand strongly down on the forehead of her brother. A shit eating grin came across her face as she made contact. "Mama said get up. She even picked me to do the honors." the feisty young girl said before she quickly made her way out of his room so she didn't get the backlash of her brother once he came to. "He's awaaaaaaake!" she called to their kitchen as she made her way there herself. Bailey was adorned in typical summer attire; short shorts and a tank top. Her brown loose curls wild down her back but her bangs pushed back with a red headband. "Thank you sweetheart." Mrs. Sinclaire said from the stove top. The family always tried to have breakfast together on Saturdays before they all separated to go about their weekend errands and plans.

Bailey was extra excited for this weekend as it was one of the first she would not be grounded. Granted, they hadn't found out what she had done to wake up her brother and she hadn't thought about it before she had done it. With one of her legs pulled up to her chest, she looked down at her phone in her lap, she hadn't received any texts or calls yet from her friends to see what they were doing that day or what the plans were. Things were kind of iffy since Olivia had been killed. Parents didn't want their kids being out by the bayou or being out too late. Things that hadn't been even blinked twice at before. She flipped through her phone, sliding her thumb around the screen playfully before her father's strong hands fell on her shoulders. "No plans yet today?" he said as he moved around her and sat at the table. "Nope, nothing yet." she smiled putting her phone on the table top. The smell of bacon, eggs, and grits filled the Sinclaire home and made Bailey's stomach grumble. She hoped that someone had some plans for the day, or it would be a waste.

Mrs. Sinclaire placed the plates on the table and gave a small prayer before they started dishing themselves food.
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