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@WrongEndoftheRainbow Sorry, totally missed it before. I don't see anything I have major issues with. However, I am curious as to what you plan on doing with the art robots.
@dragonmancer Thanks, I appreciate it.
@Willy Vereb I'm going to hold off on officially dedicating that as the TSA chatroom, seeing as it seems like it's still being semi-regularly used by the other RPers. Not really interested in hijacking anyone's hangout.

I'll get to work updating the map with your claim.


@dragonmancer Your sheet looks fine to me, though the heat resistance in your biology seems a little overboard. I understand that they're lava monsters from Planet Lava Monster, but being able to survive star-like temperatures seems out there. Our sun is almost four times hotter than magma. I don't mind the heat resistance specifically, and I appreciate that you tried to counterbalance it with poor tolerance for cooler temperatures, but your dragons' biology is nigh invulnerable against hot stuff. If you toned that heat resistance down a little bit, you'd get a pass from me. I don't have any other immediate problems with it. Basically, I'd say an acceptable level of resistance is handling moderate intervals of intense heat without major issues, but sustained levels of intense heat being difficult to overcome and eventually leading to death. I like the lava monster gimmick, but let's leave some room for damage so you can't just chill inside someone's nuclear engine exhaust indefinitely or shrug off sustained plasma fire while your enemy's hull turns into a puddle.



I'd like to get a roll call started. We've got a bunch of accepted players and very little activity going on in the IC. I understand that everyone has lives to attend to, but for the sake of figuring out whether the RP is a lost cause or just going through a slow period, I'm gonna ask that all accepted players either shoot me a PM or reply to this post if they intend to continue participating. I'll keep this roll call going until Friday (Jan 20th), and anyone who has been accepted but not replied to the roll call will be taken off the active roster and put in a stasis roster. I won't be removing map claims or kicking anyone out yet, but I'd like to get an accurate picture on how many players we have.

If you've been accepted but decided to drop the RP, I'd appreciate a message/reply from you as well, so I know who can be totally removed. Or you can just wait until the roll call times out, that's fine too.

For those of you who want to post but haven't been able to get someone to RP with, I'll give you until Friday to find someone, and after that I'm going to play matchmaker for you or send space monsters/mystery derelicts your way.

For those of you interacting with @Dragonruby and waiting for him to post, I'm sorry to say that he's been MIA for a little bit and I'm not entirely sure when he'll be available again. He hasn't left out of disinterest, just out of necessity. Any plots left open with Dragonruby are going to have to be put in stasis. So, if you're waiting for him, you're going to have to find other people to post with for now.

@FlightofIcarus Sorry, thought I placed you on the map already, but apparebtly not. I'll get right on that as soon as I'm back in front of a computer.

EDIT: Map updated.
H'okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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