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“Oooohhh…but sugar good! Lots of energy! Oooohhh, fruit gift from the wild, so it always good, you know!” Shu spoke slowly as he thought through it, not really knowing what words he needed to properly say. Of course he was going to be supportive about food he found in nature, especially when fruit was found high up in the safe area therefore it must be the best food you could ever have. He was certainly happy enough to prove that fruit was the best in his opinion using examples from the jungle, but he knew they probably didn’t care much if at all about his life out there and whether he was okay during all of it. His past shouldn’t really be of a concern if nobody had a care for it that much. Staring at the ring as Takeshi went on to face another person he watched with curiosity, not really feeling too hyped as they began to fight. Stuff like this he was more used to watching quietly until it was his turn, he didn’t really like to cheer and get all hyped if he could help it, especially when he had fruit to occupy his time. It was interesting watching others compete without having to make a noise and jump around during the match only to face disappointment when the side you were cheering for doesn’t win.

Jura was pumped and ready to go, the crowd cheering definitely helping matters. It didn’t matter if this kid was a Saiyan or whatever, it was her time to shine on the ring and she wasn’t going out without a fight. Immediately going in with a flying kick she laughed when Takeshi complained about the pain, backing off for a moment before back flipping away from Takeshi’s eventual attack. “First you complain about pain and then you don’t! Strange guy, you are!” She was already heading back around him, using the time he was spending at the end of his kick she bounced in once again, aiming to push Takeshi to the floor from this side with a hop against his back. “So weird calling me a chick! Do all you kids have no manners? Or should I be callin’ you a boy since that’s the same!”
Well this was turning into a whole bundle of fun now that these guys had popped up, standing around was getting a little boring anyway. If there was action going on Kensen was pretty happy to be a part of it, but since they were supposed to be giving these guys a test he had become somewhat reluctant to feel energised. With the Vazra showing up it meant he could finally be part of the action and fight his own fight, Gage of course joining in too. These things were pretty common and with them being as aggressive as they were it was easy to confuse them when something out of the ordinary happened even if it made them slightly more dangerous. Setting a pair on fire not only confused a number of them but distracted them too, allowing him to very quickly gain the advantage without having them be on his tail. He had got the drop on them and immediately proceeded to slice the head right off one of the distracted beasts.

Meanwhile the fight against the Rökorm was just not going well at all as the pair were practically dancing around it without any real progress. Nymira was getting all caught up against the Vazra while Ethan was running around like an idiot. It was very close to ending up with Ethan being left to deal with the big guy himself which wouldn’t do at all. Nymira had to fight that thing too whether she wanted to or not. It shouldn’t be that hard, but somehow she was managing to make it difficult for herself by practically panicking around the Vazra. Maybe someday the pair would get that same feeling of routine that Kensen had, but he didn’t count on it happening anytime soon. If it came down to it he would have to kill it himself, but maybe eventually they will learn that they have to work together to get the job done.

Spinning around in the air he took another dive down at the Vazra, dodging one making a leap for him only to tear his kunai through its body. The moment he hit the ground he caught himself with his hands and feet, his knee on the ground as he waited for the Vazra to get close before flying up in a spinning tornado, sending them on their backs and stunning them. “Hey! You two should try combining your magic, maybe??” he called out to them as he stopped in the air, the wind magic dissipating around him, “You’re wind and fire, right? So why not fire tornado!” As if to show off what he was capable of he suddenly threw his hand downwards, the wind immediately spinning into a tornado before he threw down his other hand, the ground lighting up in flames before they were dragged into the tornado, creating a fire whirl that he dragged through the Vazra as they once again grew confused and disorientated by the strange display of natural elements combined. He knew Gage was only going to get annoyed at him for being a show-off, but annoying the old man was fun sometimes.
Shu just never could figure it out, how people knew what flavours went well and how people decided this was the best way to figure out the food’s taste. He was definitely a little jealous, but he knew if he was never going to get a skill like that anyway when he wasn’t very good at making food dishes in the first place. There was only so much he could be good at and most things that occurred in real society was definitely something he was very good at. He could barely dress properly nevermind make food dishes, so that task was left to his own discovery and appreciation for people who could, even if it was something as incredibly simple as this fruit. “It really good…very really good…” Getting a mild fright when the he realised he could hear the announcer clearly from here he looked around before to Sasha, nodding quickly before they headed on back. Once they were back in he stared at the stage for a moment before he hiccupped when he was nudged, looking up to Sasha curiously, soon bouncing on his feet. “Ooh! Yes! I would like very much! I be very good today too so even better!”

With the stage set and everything cleaned up it was time to get the next match going, this time Takeshi going up against someone by the name of Jura. With Takeshi heading into the ring his opponent did too, a Uuonoe citizen too by the looks of it. They were somewhat skinny and a bit tall but fairly enthusiastic as instead of facing Takeshi with determination they turned around and waved at the crowd. The feeling that this tournament was all for fun no matter the injury was pretty deep in Jura, even as Takeshi started stretching and talking as if he had already won. “What? Convincing? I just wanna have fun, yo!” they called out, or rather she did as it turned out Jura was female, “Maybe not pretend you’re the bad guy here with that attitude!” The moment the announcer made the call to start Jura was straight in, moving fast and straight in with a spinning kick.


Viral glanced over at Yumi, sighing as she decided to tell him off. She was the one who suggested going out and now she was all chastising him. It wasn’t her decision to make, especially when she was going to shout at him. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the future but if he died then that was it, there was no need to care anymore. Grumbling a little he tried to find a way to make himself feel more comfortable, but he could hardly move so all he managed was a slight shift in position before he had to give up. “They just want me to be something I’m not…” he mumbled, knowing that all three of them were actively protesting against his ability to kill easily, “Aito and Vegeta…they just want me to filter out what the RRA wanted me to be. Korian though…he knows of the atrocities I’ve committed and has every right to hate me for it. The only reason he backs out…is because he knows he’s outnumbered. He’s terrified of what I’m capable of…”

Viral could’ve done without Yumi getting all upset with him, it didn’t help to talk to her about these things if all she did was get all upset. He had nobody else to raise his concerns with that didn’t treat him like something that had to be fixed, but all she was capable of doing was getting all upset about it. It often made him a little annoyed at himself, all he was doing was telling the truth and yet she was having none of it, acting like a bit of a child again. He was certainly irritated by that constant telling off, it gave him no reassurance that maybe something could be done about it instead of constantly denying it. Sighing when she tried to settle it down with a thank you he closed his eyes, the pain hardly easing just because he was attempting to relax. “I don’t need thanks, I was just doing what I was supposed to do…and not go off forgetting that everyone else existed…” he spoke lowly, “You should just focus on not looking terribly injured while I try and figure out a way to make the Empire pay for this…”
Link knew he had to get it together, everyone was depending on him, or maybe they weren’t after locking away part of who he was. He was just someone who was wandering along with them at this point who was proving to be pretty useless and not athletic enough to save someone important. Maybe now that he was on even ground and not wanting to kill himself on his ascent, Caelan sharing the same thoughts too. Sighing when he suggested he go forward he waved his hand gently to say it was okay, his eyes going to Regol who was on the verge of making fun of them on the spot. Good thing the guy couldn’t talk, it certainly helped him avoid unnecessary aggression because of his poor choice of words. “This Princess better be worth all this…”

Watching as a map was manifested he stared at it for a moment, watching as Regol’s finger pointed them in the direction they were going to take. She was still so far away, but what was worse was they had to go through the place rather than up or through secret passages. This meant they were going to have to dodge a certain someone or else she’d see through their disguises. “I’ve uhh…seen how soldiers usually walk…so uhh, lead the way. I don’t particularly want to die in this place so let’s not get caught too”. He knew the danger that getting caught brought and he didn’t have a means to attack back. He should probably stay in the back if that was the case, these two could use magic after all.
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