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Shu didn’t want to have to quit, nor did he think it was fair for him to be the one to quit when he had tried hard to be on top of things all day. He had tried to keep his worries out of his life for the entire day, but this was just making him feel straight up terrible when everyone else was counting on him. “It just little pain! It not-…it not problem…” If he was still capable of standing then he was still able to fight, one little injury wasn’t going to stop him even if he wasn’t going to win. He didn’t know how this was supposed to encourage him to be a stronger individual either, seeing how everyone around him continued to fight on even with the difficulties they suffered from along the way. It made him feel weak, even if it was for his own health that he should avoid taking too much damage. He knew a lot of people looked down on him for being vulnerable, but he didn’t want to be seen as vulnerable at all. Maybe he had been trying to keep himself all bottled up all day, but that was only to show he was capable of dealing with his problems himself and carrying on like all the rest of them. He did want to be strong, he just didn’t know how.

Looking to Takeshi slowly when he spoke again he let out a hiccup, staring at him for a moment as he told that he shouldn’t need to worry anymore. “We…really fight? Really? Really??” he spoke, bouncing on his seat a little, “Ooooohhh! No care if win or not! Just fighting good! Fight good and do good! Not do bad, that bad! Just no hit the head and I no hit your head!” He thought that was a fair compromise since it was only his head that was a little bit funny, otherwise he felt pretty okay. He didn’t feel sick or felt like he was going to collapse so that was probably good, he was fine with what he had just now. He would get treatment right after and the food he wanted too, he was still feeling quite hungry but that had to wait as the finals weren’t too far away. Giving his head a quick rub he nodded a little, smiling, “Would just be a bad if people are here and then there no final, yes? I know Shu would be sad!”
@shylarahHe doesn't know what a hug is or what people affection is in general is the thing lol Nahhh it's fine you're not making it tough, just it's hard to not make a one note reply back when your character is trapped I guess lol
Poor Cecil barely gets a paragraph cause you grabbed him dang
Cecil knew there wasn’t much for him to ask for, there never was something other than maintenance. It shouldn’t had been something to ask for anyway, it should’ve been standard to give him a recharge when all he did was travel around. Not knowing exactly why he had been made in such a way his train of thought had been quickly interrupted by Amuné bouncing on him for some reason. He didn’t understand what this was supposed to be for, all it might end up doing is make him stiff because he hadn’t cooled yet. Not particularly understanding what she was supposed to be doing or what he was supposed to feel from it he moved his arm to try and push her away. “I don’t get hurt…I’m a Machina. I just get damaged”, he spoke lowly, giving his head a shake, “I’m nothing like a person, I just look and sound like one. I don’t get why you don’t understand that…and I don’t understand what you’re doing or why you’re touching me when you were told not to”.


Kensen was getting a little annoyed at the accusation that he was the one who lost, even though Gage meant it figuratively. He felt like he was representing a collective and he didn’t like that, especially when he was supposed to be an individual. “How do I lose to someone who was barely a person at that time? Nevermind me, I’m younger than you keep making me out to be”, he spoke quickly, seeing no relevance in saying he was the one who lost to her, “Sometimes I wonder if you just enjoy getting me involved in something that was beyond my control just to try and make fun of me for it”. It was certainly irritating and he didn’t try to do anything that would otherwise get him involved, he was just being a bit of a jerk for the sake of it. He was well aware Gage didn’t like him but attacking his past was going a little too far, he wouldn’t even do something like that.

“People change…or most people. I don’t know about you but most people do change”, he shook his head, waving his hand, “You just hate the thought of me having some stability, is all”. Taliya wasn’t some heartless monster, people just preferred to see her like that because of how she spoke and how her mannerisms were. They’d soon see what she was really like if they tried to get to know her better, but then again they barely wanted to get to know him and he was generally seen as a bit of a quiet thug like they saw her except as the loud type. Who cared really, anyway. If they were going to see him as that then he would just have to carry on with it. “If they drop dead they aren’t my problem anymore. You watch, I’ll give them something fun to do so they don’t have to die in a depression”.

Having Nymira moaning was pretty amusing to him, even if she wasn’t having any kind of fun. She wouldn’t had gotten so hurt if she had just trained in magic properly, but of course she had spent most of her time strutting around like a little diva with no worries in the world. It was just proof that her clan were doomed the moment she would take over, there was no reason for them to follow someone like her. He may had abandoned his clan, but she was going to fail them all at this rate. Letting out a groan in response he continued to carry on, ignoring the people passing him as well. Even though he was known to exist he still got a lot of people looking at him and just because he was behind a pair of goggles he didn’t fail to notice. Among those having a look at him was Lionel, his arms folding as he stopped, waiting for Lionel to approach them.

Just the usual crap, it seemed. Just typical that he’d bring a friend along, probably to show them off. He wasn’t taking any of it, he was just going to mind his own business. Probably some extra healer or something, so who really cared. He didn’t exactly have the best experience when it came to getting healed, but it wasn’t as if he was going to project hate onto the person, just the magic itself. “I don’t care what you tell her. Bunch of their stupid rats kept getting in the way so we got rid of them instead. They wouldn’t had stood a chance against even one of those things…” he grunted, shaking his head, “Not like you actually know what combat is like to understand, anyway…”

Who really cared, that was the question. He certainly didn’t care at all about that kind of stuff and just wanted to get back so he could rest. Despite his ability to use his magic without much of a second thought he still got pretty tired from flying around a whole lot along with using so many different types of magic. They didn’t get exhausted from using magic much anymore, but doing so much all at one time meant he deserved a nap. Adjusting his goggles a little he looked to Ethan when he was approached, staring at him for a moment when he tried to think on who Cecil was. “…Your…Machina?” he questioned him, humming slightly before looking off in the direction of the building, “…Sure. If we must go see it then whatever. So long as neither of you collapse in the workshop, that is…”
Shu frowned, disliking where this was going. “Umm…no?” he spoke, raising his shoulders, “Bump all the time! Just did much of the things today…” It wasn’t as if he was bleeding profusely from the head or showing signs that he couldn’t move anymore, he was feeling just fine apart from the sore head and the wobbling going on. He didn’t see why he should drop out of it if he was just feeling a little off and no more. He was really worried that he had screwed up now, maybe he wasn’t good enough to be out in battle if all it took was one kick to send him into the danger zone. It wasn’t fair, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do or say to support his point that he was a perfectly capable fighter. It made him depressed that was for sure, all these problems looming over him and them all trying to fix them but getting nowhere. He figured he would be fine with this, even if it was completely overplayed and faked people would still enjoy watching it and who knew how long they had been waiting to see this.

“No want a little match any time! No need that!” he spoke quickly before frowning, slowly shaking his head, “Just because you think it stupid…but it not stupid! Only been to this and last tournament! You no know what it like…” He didn’t want to disappoint so many people because he couldn’t go through with his final match, it wasn’t as if they didn’t have a replacement either. He was the one who got through and if he couldn’t go up to the stage to fight then everybody was going to be disappointed in him. They would probably all talk about how he ruined the tournament because there wasn’t going to be a final. It made him feel awful, he just wanted to entertain people with this. “You no know what it like to only be part of people word for small time, then no part of it. It is not always something Shu was able to do that is not fighting for living…”
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