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Check out my general interest check! This will be a fun RP
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Feeling good about my latest interest check, hope you guys feel the same way! :D


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Lol yeah, story of my life, but I kind of love it. I feel I'd think of my life as rather dull if I didn't have stuff to try and work on or fix all the time. Also, I feel it just means god has some stuff for me to keep working on out of love on his part.

Anyways, my sisters visiting presently. It's something good this time, but nonetheless, it's keeping me from posting as I'd like to.

Though, I will tell you, things are gonna be less of "A new character every five seconds!!" and more of "The journey is beginning!". Anora will still have questions I'm sure, but there'll be more time for answers. Besides, whats life without a little curiosity ;D
I had a brief moment of feeling better from the food poisoning before a cold and sore throat got a hold of me. On top of working I've just been falling asleep before replying and such. Sorry about all that, I have work off tomorrow so I should have the energy to reply sometime in the afternoon I think.
"You do realize how young you sound, acting as if greed wasn't a name before it evolved into a term. Irony is irrelevant, you could say I was the first to be cheated by him.. or 'it', as you would have it...." For the first time, there was something sad in Pahn's tone. Not so much melancholy, as a hint of regret. He's disappointed that he didn't see it sooner. He's disappointed he lost an entire era developed with such dear compassion. He's upset he lost his first family, the beings that accepted him despite his mistake of attempting to break Earth. All of this is because he couldn't see Greed's intentions for what they were before it was too late. His 'pizza dance' had slowly ended at this, being fully gone by the end of this first reply.

This celestial being speaks as if the woman now by their table hardly exists. Or perhaps, she was partly the reason he'd stopped dancing. Regardless, Pahn would answer Anora before addressing his guest. Upon being asked if this is someone he knew, Pahn would have made a passive gesture with his right hand, something of waving her away. By this, he likely appeared to say 'don't mind her'.

Pahn would scoff in humor at Anora's comment of 'not hearing about a god named Pahn.' "I created all gods and titans recorded by the Greeks. Why would their maker bear the same title?-". His eyes were now free of disappointment, rather, they now appeared to be softly observing Anora in her current state. These gentle questions may search the girl, attempting to allow her to question what it is she does know. "-And why act like you know the entirety of your world, child? This is hardly your duty. After all, your fellow humans were the ones to burn down their Library of Alexandria, you couldn't have known my name by this."

Pahn's composure had shifted away from being casual, back towards exhibiting the regal natures his appearance would denote. He'd sound and appear more understanding, a deeper wisdom coating his responses. At this, his half-finished pizza would now remain untouched. Soothing air may now be felt encircling Anora. This is a soft presence comparable to one relative you'd trust with everything being right near you, speaking encouraging words whenever being filled with doubt.

From the back of the restaurant, the kitchen door could be heard opening in slight. Dino peaks into his establishment from there, witnessing Pahn and another set of customers occupying his now relatively vacant dining space. At this, he would slip back into his kitchen without minding the sight. Pahn has brought guests with him on two past occasions. Both times he'd discussed odd subjects and fantastical beasts. This ushered Dino to ask what it is they were speaking of. Pahn would have answered that he's working on a book about mythology, to which Dino would have felt he should be encouraging. But, on this particular occasion, it was the hefty sum of cash he'd found on the open window to his kitchen that had assisted in minimal disturbance. He assumed it was a crew of high-end publishers, as he knew little of writing books.

"You shouldn't worry so much, you'll know if this is real if you wake up tomorrow and I'm still here.-" At this response to Anora's anxieties, Pahn would have turned his gaze towards the green eyed woman waiting patiently to be addressed. "-So why is it that you'd bring a full-blooded gorgon escort to greet me?"

"We have simple intentions.-" She'd sigh whilst speaking, as if answering were hardly something her callous heart had deemed necessary. "-We're here to examine you."

Pahn would sigh, allowing a moment to pass before responding in kind. "You mean, you wish to test my current limits? I suspect that destructive incantation you've been brewing in the restroom couldn't mean otherwise?-" The red woman chuckles at this, her laugh something of purely false creation. That vile response of hers was nearly followed by further words before Pahn interrupts halfway the opening of her mouth. "- Aside from that consideration, I should mention, you've been followed by someone rather unkind to gorgons."

With that, the red woman glances casually back towards her subordinates. Each responded in kind with their own form of casual shrug before our guest turned to Anora and Pahn. Her words were now full of further confidence and oozing ego. "Why should the mighty Pahnjaka use words to-.." She stopped speaking just as rain could be heard pattering against nearby windows. '...shhhhSHHHHHH!' This rain grew to be immense within seconds, it's raging torrents of liquid spurred into being despite the once clear sky outside.

*Thud!* The red woman stands suddenly, her chair flying backwards and falling to the Earth below. She rears around, her venomous features now filled with a vile disdain more poisonous then whatever it is she may have had up her sleeve here. "How could you not have sensed him!?!" She howls at the four behind her, their faces now plagued with fear for their well-being from two threatening ends. Our red woman hastily starts for the door, her obvious intentions to escape betraying that previous charisma of dominance she'd held so well to this point.

*Ding!* The seventh guest enters just before escape is made, a massive figure much too large for the doorway before him. Another magical being had entered, this much was immediately evident.

Water rises as steam from the blue skin of this newcomer, his body apparently heated to a point of converting h2o into it's gaseous state. His massive eight foot form dwarfs everyone in the room, either supernaturally large fist clenched in preparation of conflict. Brown, leathery shoes fester with mist in like form with black, baggy pants. His open chest looks more of a jagged cliff face by chiseled muscles than anything naturally human. A vest flaps lazily against rippling gusts of warm air, arms larger than tree trunks sitting easily inside either sleeve. Wide neck muscles lead into a head topped by flowing white hair. Those aged features tighten and grimace with practiced anger, well-trimmed facial hair only complimenting an overall enraged expression. The back of his head taps lightly against the roof above as he fills the room with a comfortable smell likened to the inside of an oak tree.

"O-o-o-odi-..." The red woman stumbles backwards, her high heels giving way beneath clumsy steps.
"Yes, I'm Odin. And you were the fifth slave-keeper, Nien-Tellis." The massive blue man interrupts incessant stuttering, revealing his name as Odin. His deep, booming voice causes the room to vibrate in it's low-tones of obvious rage. A heavy presence slowly begins to fill local space as the red woman gasps when her name is given the aforementioned title. He takes a heavy step forward, causing the establishment to shake further.
"I-I-I can tell you where Loki is, I can t-t-.." Nien-Tellis is once more cut off in her word filled attempts to escape whilst dragging her body backwards with scrambling arms and legs. By this time, the four behind her had stood, their body's openly trembling.
"I'm not interested in your words, bitch! I'll see that jaw click when it's on a pike!" Dino's eatery quakes with several further words alongside forward steps. Odin's eyes had previously been hidden within the shadows of his anger-folded features, yet now they reveal themselves underneath heavy eyebrows by blistering dark-blue luminescence.

The ensuing events are quick, but, could still be relatively observed. The four behind our red woman trembled and gasped at Odin's last words. Inevitably, they came together in a blood-curdling battle-cry, the lot of them utilizing their separate aspects to strike collectively.

First came the man in the business suit, who's outfit disintegrated entirely in a wave of green and red light which swirled around him liken to a cylinder of raging waters. His skin changed in this moment, it's human characteristics bubbling into a reptilian exterior. His shout ushered these things into being whilst each and every muscle expanded violently, perhaps to increase physical strength.

Two nearby women withdrew wooden rods from their pockets, said items expanding to become long rods. A luminescent green string extends between either tip of said rod to connect them as a bow might be. Both wielders drew back said wires, a glowing arrow of greenish energies fabricating from nothingness between their fingers during their targeting with freshly shaped weapons.

The last of these four is a man wearing black shades, a white t-shirt, and dark-blue jeans. Pale hands withdraw small silvery rods from either pocket, both extending and morphing as a liquid metal before assuming the final forms of shimmering silver sabers. He swings these blades in the open air at break-neck speeds, green waves of energy flowing from their edges as a barrage of sharpened winds.

All of these stances and forms are assumed in less than one and a half seconds. During this time, Odin breathed in deep and drew his left fist back. The woman in red clumsily rolled on her side toward the table Anora and Pahn are presently occupying in attempting to avoid whatever may be coming.

"Odin!-" Pahn would suddenly shout with authority, his booming voice overcoming Oden's quakes and bringing a halt to whatever disruptive magics may be taking place here. He'd remained silent and uncaring up to this very moment. "-I like the food here." He would then say in a level tone whilst looking towards the tall blue man with a casual expression that softly denoted the words of 'come on man, take it easy'
"Oh...sorry." Odin would then be overcome with a posture unlike his original rage. At this time, he appeared more as a child being told not to break a rule just before having been caught in the act. He lowers his fist with struggled hesitance and an innocent expression of dismay.

Pahn ushers Odin towards his table like an adult dealing with some goodhearted kid who hardly knew better. Odin respectfully withdraws his magical aura, walking by quaking steps towards his ordered location. The red woman was offered one singular grimace by the blue man as a sign to move while her panicked eyes dance with confusion and anger between everyone present, notably, they rested for a moment longer than the rest on Anora specifically. She then quickly stood, and sprinted like a bat out of hell towards the door.

The rain had abruptly ceased, as had all the aggression in the room. The four who'd prepared to fight for their lives stared with open jaws for several seconds between Pahn and Odin before following their assumed leader to the now open exit. Before long, everyone in the dining area had hastily departed aside from Odin, Pahn, and presumably, Anora. Perhaps someone could be heard yelling words of revenge, though it was difficult to hear through the glass at the front of restaurant. One could guess that unsightly bunch had attracted quite a few stares during their dead sprint down an afternoon street.

"Try this." Pahn laxly offers Odin a slice of his pizza while the massive being takes a cross-legged position at the end of their table.
"My thanks and apologies, sage." Odin would bite into the slice that appeared as a hilariously small rectangle between his gigantic fingers just after speaking. He acted as if nothing had just occurred, or perhaps, as if it was all an everyday event. Regardless, he appeared to also enjoy the pizza.
"It's no problem.-" Pahn would respond, grabbing another slice for himself. He sighs with bliss whilst chewing another bite before speaking again. "-Ohsh, shright, thish ish shomeone I Shknow." The regal being would clumsily say to Anora between full cheeks whilst pointing casually in Odin's direction.
"The pleasure is mine. To meet such a beautiful young woman!-" Odin would enthusiastically proclaim, standing briefly to bow with such speed that faintly heated air could likely be felt rushing towards Anora afterwords. He would then sit with an audible *THUD!*. He steals another slice of pizza from across the table, knocking over the bread-sticks without an apology by his hand that covers nearly the entire dining space. He then continues to speak towards Anora with obviously blushing cheeks. "Your taste is impeccable, Sage! She IS a welcome sight!" His thundering words and nigh-anxious composure couldn't make his horrible attempt to flirt anymore obvious than it already was.
I got a bad case of food poisoning and still had to work. I apologize for not responding. I ended up staying awake listening to music to calm the day.
Also, I hate to do this again but work has kicked my ass today so I must retire tonight before writing my post. It's all been coming out wrong on paper so I don't want to write something horrible lol. I'll get something out tomorrow.
I do hate to leave things hanging when they're about to get so good

We made it another year in life lol.
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