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Thats totally understandeable. You were out of town? Hope youre having fun wherever you are! Im glad it all worked out, I didnt mean to put this so far to the wayside for so long.
Sorry for that ridiculous wait, some work/family stuff took the wheel and I ended up being busy longer than expected.
Anora wouldn't have noticed initially, such being due to slow acclimation, but, a rush of energy would flow into her body. This would feel as if water had flowed through her skin into the core of her entire body, followed by the unstoppable yet slowly fading sensation of a limb waking up. Said nigh-uncomfortable feeling would spread from head to toes until she eventually overcome with an intense impression of being refreshed. It's as if blood had finally begun flowing to some vital organ she had been entirely unaware of.

Alongside all described feelings would come an outward surge of magical energy. The waves of power swirling over her hands by threatening motion would more closely resemble small torrential twisters. Sparks and tendrils spin just centimeters from her body as they lightly collide with the walls and the floor. These waves of power would expand five times over in just several short seconds, twirling into curtains and couches alike with uncontrolled shocks and bursts of smoke. Anora's power had apparently greatly increased, some outward force fueling her inner energies. Though, before things could escalate too far, Pahn's eye's would intensify their glow alongside an odd effect. Anora's powers would be instantly snuffed out with Pahn's intensified stare, dissipating entirely in less than a second. He wouldn't exude any special aura aside from this neutralizing force he'd propelled in the girls direction. Their would only be very slight collateral damages in Anora's wake, her expanding powers having been more of a quickly rising wind than a rippling explosion.

Pahn now sighs by the girls question, his eyes closing for a brief moment as he looks forward by intense contemplation. "I've already told you, I've been hiding my powers away. These are the aftereffects. Those that are unprepared are submerged in a world of magics they don't understand. The result is a blinded human hardly capable of controlling a newfound strength. I'm sorry for this, but, I've done nothing other than exist in my natural state." His tone carries a faint hint of mourning alongside it's typical surplus of ego and confidence.

Outside the sky grows ever darker, a deep navy blue sinking what was day into night. Stars and many other celestial body's can be seen in a far greater clarity than they ever could before. Several seconds further and the sky becomes no different than one found in the antarctic despite time of day. Sirens can still be heard ringing alongside the occasional scream or shout. People must think of this as the end of the world. Regrettably, they wouldn't be far off from the truth.

"We should be off soon, if you feel you're ready that is." Pahn would say after another seconds pause, his deliberate lack of movement and pacing of speech being that of royal origin.


One powerful wizard makes Earth landfall. He is apprenticed to a distant government of expansive power and resource. They'd detected magical swells of energy near one of their more distant sections of territory, thus sending a trusted agent to assess the situation. They've only but heard the legends of Pahn and Greed, the closest thing of that age being an ancient weapon recovered from an old deserted merchant world. This weapon, and the history recovered alongside it, was plenty enough to make them cautious. Our agent's not the only to be ordered to mother Terra, though he's certainly the first to arrive.

"This rock smells." Our mysterious mans first words of disgust upon entering Anora's current city. He'd arrived via Astral-Warp, a brief flash of purple light being the only thing left in his wake when finally stepping foot on dry ground. None but Pahn detected his arrival, the silver celestial having discarded any thoughts of threat by this seemingly lesser wizard. Of course, this wouldn't always remain true as this being's eyes peered towards a star-riddled afternoon sky. He and his coming band of compatriots would certainly have a part to play in coming events.

Youre fine! That last post was great! Im sorry of the wait on mine too, I'm working on my post lol.
It's intentional, knowing her name without her speaking it is achieved nearly as second nature by him. Let's just say he see's and hears a lot more than the average human, especially from those without any magic defenses up.

I do imagine there's currently an ambiguous connection between them though. It's only just now forming but I believe he's beginning to naturally feel certain sensations to be communicated to him aside from him naturally sensing them. Their connection will possibly be more concrete in the future, I'll have him propose it to her and I'll run the idea by you on here when I've thought more on it.
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