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That sounds fine, I'll trust you to be forward when it comes to where things are too much. It's just that Prephlin quite literally feeds off the pain and suffering of sentient individuals under certain principles, often being physical. I'll just play it kind of slow and will avoid certain places/things should it be necessary.

I'll explain with the Earth thing. The species of Earth aren't bound to this planet by contract. When procreating with one such being, the offspring will only be 'half-bound' in certain respects. This is how Pahn allowed their birth as he wasn't someone to limit the freedom of lovers and possible children who would hardly have the same strength as their parents. They were less and less bound to Earth with each successive generation.

You probably said 'nearly', I'm guessing I just missed it and jumped a little too quickly on the word 'invulnerable'. This was my fault, but clarity never hurts as I'm sure we both understand lol.

And thanks! Haven't had a chance to respond to PM's, I will soon.
I'll talk more on it, but, I appreciate the suggestions and critiques like crazy! I very much so need lessons such as those. Thank you very much for taking time to write them out and thanks especially for being so specific. I'll definitely take it to heart in comfortably integrating it into my writings. :D

Also, I hardly mind whatever tense you write in. Just do whatever you're comfortable with, you're an excellent writer regardless.
Though Pahn registered Anora's words he displayed no immediate concern for them. Odin, in contrast to this blatant apathy, gazed attentively towards the girl while she spoke. Once she finished, his massive shoulders heaved towards the silvery 'deity' in anticipation, exuding an obvious air of hope upon mention of an antidote.

"Yes, poison..." Pahn responds by flat tones after several seconds of staring blankly forward. His expression appears as that of someone consumed by practiced thought. "You're right.. Incidentally, I've been troubled with leisure for several moons..." Pahn sighs, sitting back while his left hand runs slowly across the underside of his jaw and upper regions of the neck. "You see, the trouble isn't death. The trouble is frailty. The poison isn't lethal, it simply lowers my strength to roughly that of an average man. After that, I'll easily recover to my fullest power."

Odin releases a sigh of relief that would feel more like a warm ocean breeze to Anora than any natural breath. It's powerful gusts push her hair this way and that for one brief moment amid air caked by scents of salt and incense. Though, before anyone could respond further, Pahn would continue speaking.

"Being weak has only been an issue for the past billion years or so..." Pahn sits up, adjusting his posture to exude typical nobility whilst his left arm relaxes across the top of his booth cushion. "Think of Earth as a furnace with gold more valuable than the galaxy being purified at it's center. Now, think of me as the heat of this furnace. No being alive can get into the furnace due to it's high temperature. Should I suddenly cease to burn, anyone can get to the gold. I may be able to regain my former blaze, though it won't matter if the gold I've been smelting is gone. Does this make sense? I'm not really in danger, I'm immortal. What I possess is the cause for worry." The natural belief of those last words is likely to further reveal Pahn's conviction that nothing can kill him. At the same time, his care free attitude towards concepts of immeasurable size is given more perspective: He speaks of the Milky as if it were a commodity to be traded and of a billion years as if it were some short phase in life.

"Of course," Pahn continues after one brief pause. "should my regalia fall into the hands of the creature I suspect to be pursuing it, then much more than any space I've mapped may be at stake for immediate harvest." He states this by tones showing passive conviction, as if it were some natural law of reality and everyone present should acknowledge it should they not have already done so.
Almost done with my response, though, I have something to ask going forward.
How dark are you comfortable with an RP getting? Like, with gore and overall themes of things being horrible. It's not like most of whats ahead is crazy and bad, but, encountering Prephlin is a bigger story point and how deep we go with his domain is totally dependent on that question. He's absolutely evil, and his methods of existing are about as bad as they come. We'll encounter Medusa first methinks, but he'll come right after and I wanted to think ahead for that.

Also, with the original guardians, here's kind of what I've been thinking. There's a neutral magic that floats towards powerful beings, this was especially true near the beginning of the universe when Earth was formed and Pahn was bound to it. Magic either enhances a consciousness or creates its own within an already existing physical thing. With that in mind, Pahn bartered with the separate elements of Earth while they were still relatively shapeless and promised to create bodies for them where they could gather their vast powers and dwell in a humanoid form similar to his under contract for their services when required. So you'd have beings that could become a magical wind or a shapeless mass of enchanted Earth and such making them nigh invulnerable. This was due to them having literally no specific point of being vulnerable, no organs and all that. They obviously became combinations of the elements with their children and less bound to the earth after procreating with other species. (Anora could maybe be like sunlight/some-form-of-shadow)

Also, just as a general rule, no being in my universe is truly invulnerable. There's always something that can cut or harm any existing consciousness. But, when it comes to the guardians we're talking about, you'd have to be strong enough to practically split entire continents with ease to harm them in the least while in their shapeless form.
Awesome! I'm glad you'll still be around.
I understand with your friend, it happens to all of us :)

And to answer your question.

"Odin.-" Pahn leans upon the palm of his right hand, those glazed eyes focusing on the being near him. "-I've really gone and done it, old friend.."
"What could it be? Are you truly having such troubles?!" Odin's voice would raise slightly, it's pitch showing an anxiety foreign to his charismatic confidence. In all the century's of knowing Pahn, this Norse god had not witnessed him to show regret over any decision. At this last sentence, Anora would have begun peaking back into the establishment. It wouldn't be hard for her to tell that an intimate conversation between close friends had begun.

I'm back! Life took the wheel but now I'm driving again! I'll be able to respond as before. I hope you haven't lost interest, I was able to dedicate some good thought to the RP while I was absent.
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