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22 Dec 2016 5:39
Current helljumper, helljumper, where have you been?
21 Dec 2016 16:28
the fact that my debit card is locked is the only thing keeping me from impulse-buying an xbox one right now
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20 Dec 2016 2:17
passed out at work today after working 40 hours in six consecutuive days, taking the rest of the day off. tomorrow morning, first thing, i will do all the replies i owe and get to everyone. sorry.
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18 Dec 2016 2:09
@Nevix I played the first Dishonored and loved it. I might replay it. Thanks for reminding me that that game existed.
18 Dec 2016 1:46
recommend me good video games that aren't 40+ dollars and arent undertale


they told me to give her a star & i chose to give her a galaxy.
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Here as of late (it might be me getting back into Destiny/Halo/RVB, but) I've wanted to do something that combines the military and science fiction. Inspired by the events of the Halo series, the Destiny series, the Mass Effect series, and the Red Versus Blue series, I want to thank everyone for coming in and looking around at what I have to write. I hope that I can get some folks in here that can create as intricate and developed of a verse as I'm looking for, and get into some great plots. ♥ (Be sure to check out my OC list and my general rules.)

Pictured: MC posing at Punpun like Will Smith

Just as a follow up (and to promote my friend), this is Punpun and I've convinced him to come to the forums! He's a wonderful writer and I hope everyone enjoys his characters and writing as much as I do!!
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@FantasyChic It won't be more than a couple of days more due to my super busy schedule this week. I've been taking some extra shifts on top of a 30-40 hour work week for some extra money, and you know how that is. Luckily enough, I do have two days off this week and will be writing like crazy to at least structure up an OOC by then! Thank you for your patience.
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