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20 Jan 2017 1:55
Current ".... We could have saved her."
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19 Jan 2017 17:02
19 Jan 2017 16:53
[@Otaku95] No, but are there waifus?
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18 Jan 2017 17:36
I want to be known for making unique and creative Roleplays.
18 Jan 2017 6:40
You know, I keep wanting to make a Discord server where I gather a bunch of people, and critique various Roleplays on the RPG. But, I know it'll go horribly, horribly, wrong.


"Deprive a man of everything he loves and you'll have a monster on your hands."

Welcome to the profile of the best person on the RPG, Mr. Allen J (The Maniac/The Infinite, and other titles).

I am a longtime roleplayer of six years. I got my humble start on the Sporum (A relic of an era best forgotten... if you want to know my part in that story, my username was Lonestar45) because I wanted to show another clique I used to be in that I could git gud at writing. Eventually, I got so immersed in Roleplaying that I eventually phased out the shitty thing they were doing and made Roleplaying a main hobby. I've been roleplaying for ages now, getting the ins and out of it writing, going from site to site, learning new things about the English language, and gitting gud at writing until I have reached the level.

You could say I was a long time member of the RPG, because I've been around since Old Guild, making small RPs while I was waiting for RPs on my other sites to move along. Before disappearing, and reappearing again when my Roleplays slowed down. However, eventually, I ended up coming to the RPG full-time after the fall of my old site and I'm here to stay. At least until the RPG fucking explodes again.

Now, I'm here to spread my salty brand of humor across the RPG, and the internet. I tend to be a massive asshole to my circle of friends (somehow I can make friends) and call it funny. Along with posting the most retarded things you'll ever on the internet. So, don't take it personally if I level a few "insults" at you. It's just my way of reliving stress. Unless, you are being annoying, and my attitude changes drastically. I am very easy to annoy, and I certainly have a low patience for a random kid on the internet getting on my nerves, or wasting my time with stupid shit. I am here to have fun, not deal with your trite bullshit. Though, my retardation adds levity to my serious moments.

About me: I am a twenty year old American male. I spent all my life in the east coast. I was born in Philadelphia, but I spent the last five or so years of my life in Columbia, South Carolina (Though, I plan on moving back up north). Though, I was never excessively social. I recently enrolled in college, but I spent a semester off to save up money and look for a job (Which hasn't been successful rip). I am studying to become a Network System Manager (basically, a computer guy that sets up all the shit in a office building and makes sure it works - the IT guy everyone knows and love). Why am I sharing all of this information with random assholes on the internet? Because I want to. It won't kill you to share a little bit of yourself. But, if you're planning on tracking me down, you better be planning on leaving with a bruised bootyhole. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I am also a giant music lover. I grew up listening to different kinds of music, and I have a huge ass collection of music consisting of Rap, Rock, Techno, Trip-Hop, etc. Though, I prefer non-mainstream. My absolute favorite bands/musicians are Kid Cudi, Kanye West, The Silversun Pickups, Miike Snow, St. Vincent, Breton, Delphic, Gorillaz, Apathy, Massive Attack, Woodkid, MF Doom, Neon Indian, Rob Dougan, ZHU, Audioslave, and Jakubi (Even though they released like four songs, I still love them). If it sounds good, I'll listen to it. And my favorite videogame soundtracks are Metal Gear Rising, Anarchy Reigns/Mad World, Timesplitters, Castlevania (One of the best soundtracks ever), and Transistor. I'm always looking for new music, so if you got a recommendation, I'll listen to it. I tend to get inspired through music - in fact, a lot of my characters are based off specific songs.

Since I was a little boy, I always played videogames. I started with Spyro The Dragon, the very first Armored Core, Street Fighter III (Third Strike is the one I remember), Marvel vs Capcom, Twisted Metal, and MediEvil. I moved up to a variety of other games. Most of the time, I'll be playing a computer game or something to pass the time when I'm not writing. I like games that are interesting, but I'm pretty niche with my videogaming. I'd take a platformer over a shooter any day. I have only been really playing Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, and Street Fighter V lately though. My favorite games are The Armored Core series, the Castlevania series, the Metal Gear series, Anarchy Reigns (the most fun I ever had playing an online game), Transistor, Life is Strange, Rayman Legends, Oddworld: Abe's Exodus, The Kingdom Hearts series, the original Spyro The Dragon Trilogy, and Lakeview Cabin Collection.

And yes, I am a big anime fan. My favorite animes at the moment are Monogatari, Oshiete! Galko-chan, and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. I don't spend all my time watching anime, tho - I'm horrible at finishing shows. But, those three have inspired my writing a great deal. I also read Manga more consistently (because it takes less time). I just love Berserk, and One Piece, while shonen garbage, will always have a place in my heart. And Digimon, Trigun, and the first Full Metal Alchemist are the first animes I've watched as a kid. Spirited Away, Little Witch Academia, and Redline are also top-tier anime movies that everyone.

Now, concerning Roleplaying, a mere quarter of why I'm in the best writer of all the RPG. I can say that I'm really good at characters - being my strong-suit. I am known for my strongly written, multilayered, and relatable characters (Which are better than your big tiddie edgelord waifus, scrublords), while offering racial and sexual diversity. Though, I have a habit of writing nothing but girls I'm trying to break. I am good at writing interesting characters, but I always feel like my writing itself is flat, and boring unless I'm really inspired.

I am very niche with the Roleplays I join, regrettably. I'm a sucker for superpower Roleplays (Mainly the ones in original universe). If you have a superpower/superhero set in a cool original universe. Though, I sometimes join scifi, modern fantasy, or etc. I'm not the biggest fantasy guy, so I'll most likely only join a fantasy RP if my homeboys are in, or if it's really interesting. I tend to GM my own RPs for this reason. Whenever I GM, I like to treat myself as just another player - a player that's leading the story, but I want to have as much fun as everyone else. I should also give everyone some forewarning; I really like writing as multiple characters. Something about writing as different characters, being in different places, and having different views and philosophies is one of the things that makes Roleplaying fun for me.

I'm open for any RP invitation (Group or 1x1 - I prefer group RPs). I won't accept them all, however. I rely on collaborative posts to make magic.

Also, I should warn you I'm a pretty critical person/writer. If there is something odd about a character sheet or post, I'll be the first one to point it out. Don't take it personally, but I'm very anal retentive.

@Spoopy Scary - Will always be second best to me.
@JunkMail/@UrbanEvolution - I have many reasons to kill myself, and he is twelve of them.
@He Who Walks Behind - Once sexually assaulted a starfish. (Shit haunts my dreams to this day, yo)
@Maxx - Has the reading comprehension of an eight-year old.
@DragonBud - Created homosexuality in a desperate bid to destroy humanity.

@Zombiedude101 - Harambe stunt double.
@tsukune - Is the kind of scumbag to go to a ten items or less line with a shopping cart full of items.
@Defacto - how's that gonorrhea?
@Estylwen - Got high off twelve pounds of peyote and stabbed me.
@FernStone - The literal embodiment of everything I hate.
@Nosuchthing - Gives free blowjobs behind the Palace of Westminster

@Savo - Special needs child.
@Ogobrogo - Once shot a Harambe stunt double.
@Zoldyck - Has a name so stupid it's one letter away from being a dick joke. (Seriously, what's up with that?)
@Altered Tundra - Blowjob Expert.
@CelotheDerpbutt - Why is she on this list? She doesn't even roleplay here.
@sakurasan - Has a weird fascination with tits, even though she'll never touch any unless she molests a homeless woman (I bet she's into that). (is also very disappointing, avoid at all costs).
@Gowi - Dick-flavor tester.
@Pyromania99 - Get this lesbian fetishizing shit the fuck out of here jesus fucking christ
@BurningDaisies - Self-Blowjob Expert.
@Nightmare Bunny - Puts drywall in my cocaine (that motherfucker)
@Buddha - Guardian of the three foot tall pile of cocaine.
@Lord Wraith - How's it feel to be at the bottom of MY friend's list?

| GM |
@Junkmail@SepticGentleman@Mr Allen J (Yes, I have a hand in this abomination)

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Space, Urban, Superhuman, Scifi, Character Driven, Interaction heavy

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| Jasmine Nnamani |
| Phoebe Sarin |


Discord - Mr Allen J#0367

Skype - Mr AllenJ

Battlenet - MrAllenJ#1890

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My 1x1 thread... I don't really do 1x1's tho.

Where you can see excellence in action.

Just a place where I post my older characters so they aren't all bunched up with the new ones.

One of my main contributions to the RPG other than my amazing writing ability.

Where you can subjugate other people to your shitty taste in music!

The greatest hangout thread of all time.

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In Aria Bay 19 Jan 2017 3:20 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Diamond655 yeah, I'm ready.

I've been trying to work out any relations that my characters might have with others.

The only thing I can think of is Noelle roping Mylene and Kirby into her photography jig.
Also, I made a little error with Jasmine's name.

Turns out her last name is Nigerian, not Ethiopian.

God damn it.

My eyesight must be worse than a God damn mole.
@JunkMail gay.
In Aria Bay 17 Jan 2017 4:47 Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Aria Bay 17 Jan 2017 4:45 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Diamond655 oh, my bad. lol
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