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Lemme' Tell you something, folks! If you didn't already know, mortgages take a lot of paperwork... and a lot of money!!!

In other news, I am a little teapot, short at stout...
fun fact: I just bought a house!
"Dropping the shield," Zim called over the coms to warn anybody who was using the shield. With a quick toggle of the controls, the shield disengaged and the energy field dropped away. Black Star moved the shield back to its storage position on the assault pack. "Begining attack on the repair unit at G4," Zim reported before utilizing the ATS and Booster Pack. This maneuver had taken practice to get used to, and the timing needed for it was greatly controlled by the ATS system, which allowed Zim to focus on the controlling the Rediculous speed of a full speed dash using the large boosters on Black Star's back. Simulators could only do so much, as Zim felt the plug suit squeeze tighter against his body in preparation for a high gravity impact. For a moment, Zim could feel what Daniel went through in Jaeger everytime he was about to ram an opponent into a wall. With the target locked on Zim turned on the boosters and made his way with breakneck speed to H6, once there the ATS armed the wave surger in mode 2 for a prolonged beam and unleashed a beam in a spread from G4 through H3, putting priority on the mystery unit in G4, while still in motion. Zim would complete the beam and continue on the planned maneuver and use the second portion of his dash to circle back around to G7. Once there the wave surger would disengage and begin the cool down sequences, waiting for it to be usable again.

Plain Text: Move E7 to H6, attack with wave surger on G4, fan through H3, continue moving to G7.
@redbaron1234@Jasonhero@Mr Rage@Dragoknighte@Apollosarcher@DarkRecon@Evil Snowman@Ammokkx

Alright, the battle has begun! The new map will be arriving soon, so frontliners will have to wait on their posting until it is done.
The map is done thanks to Ammokkx:

quoting it forward for easier reference.
@Jasonhero You are behind black star, ariamis is just being lazy and didn't want to specify ;) Right boss?
edit: just kidding, you are closer to Paladin, so let us assume you are behind his shield. In that case, I'm going to go on the attack.

Also... I lied about 15 hours... working on it now.
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