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26 Jan 2017 5:44
Current Just trying to do my best~ Don't give up, people!
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1 Dec 2016 22:14
Getting back into the swing of things, slowly, but surely! Thanks a lot to POOHEAD189 for getting me back into it =)
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23 Nov 2016 4:35
Let the Games begin!
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@KyrisseThen I'm interested =)
Okay, moving us forward today/tonight. Sorry for the delay guys. Work ramped up really hard this week due to the Superbowl.
Here is my CS. Sorry for the long delay. Work ramped up hard this week. Should be more calm after the Superbowl =)

UNF is moving by tonight. @Hell Coos post when you can and if you cannot, we'll move you forward automatically.

Ordo, wrap up any last minute character details you want to add. If you're ready to get going, let me know here or in the Discord. Otherwise, you have until tomorrow before I move you forward.

@Marquise@MysteriousFrog are now retired.
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