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17 Mar 2017 15:08
Current Man.... life really isn't cutting me a break, huh? *rolls off a cliff*
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27 Feb 2017 2:18
Sorry peoples, life's rather stressful right now, so replies will be limited
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21 Jan 2017 21:21
Mental exhaustion is a right bitch
8 Jan 2017 1:15
Things that make you question your job: working back drivethrough, which has the side task of doing dishes, while it's -10 outside.
3 Jan 2017 19:44
Life has me by the balls man. BY THE BALLS!
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Looking for Sabriel, Wincest, and a BowserxPrincess Peach-esk rp
Hi! How do you feel about a half demon going on the adventure?
Preferably Sabriel
Any One up for any Sabriel or DaveKat rps? Probably just short ones, but they can have a longer plot if needed
Closed for now
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