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I'm gonna need people to stop posting characters for a brief amount of time. I'm pretty inexperience and I have not much time to consult with the judge for this event. If you are interested feel free to post. But some thing need to be sorted out first, I'll have to re-review characters sorry about that.

In short, this is not a sign up until otherwise noted.
More detailed explations are up. I will be updating the list of participant entries here ina few moments...

So far entries (Those who rprovideded characters.)

1. Doc Doctor
2. Glass (Making me do extra work haha)
3. Xavier Bloodbayne

Am I correct in this listing
I will elaborate later this morning. The six-sided die may be a more appropriate remedy than editing the character. As for other characters I will look them over soon.

Of course! I will be using, Devil.

As for characters, I will review them in a few moments and edit this post when I am done.

EDIT: Doc your entry is fine. Glass, I especially worried about your character's pre-cognative Magical sight. This is is especially abusive. Since I would rule these abilities if used abusively would give you an extreme advantage. This advantage is especially devastating to different types of attack meta. Since you would be able to act to counter your opponent based on magical danger sense. I would prefer you re-construct this character. If you need any ideas or assistance please feel free to PM me.
I'd be glad to have ya both!
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