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4 Feb 2017 21:56
Current That last episode of RWBY - ohhh boyyyyyy!
21 Jan 2017 0:24
Awk sure it'll be grand, Spud!
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19 Jan 2017 22:28
Having right and wrong answers is ableist, guys! Jeeeeeeeez!
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8 Jan 2017 2:02
Someone fetch my pitchfork! Those RoosterTeeth shits aren't Killin my Qrow!
1 Jan 2017 0:10
Happy New Year from Ireland!
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I usually roll Arryn with these types of things so I wouldn't mind playing an Arryn daughter but that would depend on if the person playing the Arryns would be up for that!

This looks interesting, I might take a stab at making a character to see where it goes.
In The Unwanted. 13 Feb 2017 15:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Was planning on making a female from Buckhead but I guess we have a little too many of them! :3
In The Unwanted. 13 Feb 2017 12:08 Forum: Casual Interest Checks
Girl/boyfriend. I've not been incarcerated yet.
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