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Giant mutant chicken-sandwich.

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Well. I decided to make the Manticore - such in a way, as they are. Namely more open to the ideal of the hunt and glory of it. Instead of simple-minded mercenary work. They had been said to be more spiritual - which in my case, translates that they shouldn't put such a big deal on money in-general.

So in a way, Manticores are more self-sufficient, more sociable and open to talking out any issues, and more understanding of the peasant or the spirit of the contract (not the print itself).

In a way, it could be a nice thing - having him the opposite. He'd know how to manipulate his contractors, yet the higher emphasize on money and using his powers to get it, might not be well received for the Elders or any Manticorian. So yeah, I like him that way - adds to the flavor of the story.


My char was the first member of the School of the Manticore (Or namely first char made under that school). I think I also set the presedence for them.

Hmm, nice bio you got for your character. Hmm. Good char.

Simply have him arrive in the village, which was 'said' to contain a Springan monster. We all did, having our characters arrive one way or the other in the village.

Make Miri cry and she is going to make you cry mercy in return.

Yuna hadn't joined the fight yet - namely cause there already was about three or four Witchers engaging the beasts. Anymore and it might turn into a complete brawl at that - what was more interesting, was that namely they had so many Witchers in one place. Yuna had felt it with her medallion - there were too many Witchers in one position and location to be a coincidence.

She kept at the village edge - listening deep to what was going on there. If trouble got worse, than she might be upto charging in to help them - but if it got worse, in addition, to something that would appear to be done by a Witcher or Witchers - then Yuna wasn't much in the mood of getting caught between some angry villagers and professional Monster-hunters.

'Hmmm, interesting. As always the average men are as monstorous as the beasts they fear,' she thought - hearing the beast speak it's demand.
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