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1 Apr 2017 16:04
Current Yamcha defeated Frieza, spoiler alert~
11 Feb 2017 2:52
Addicted to Oreos ~~
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22 Sep 2016 14:00
Finally, workloads all cleared, time to go back into RPing, ohh I got so rusty in this >.< ...
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Busy this month >_> ,


Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

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Age : 19
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Status: Heartless, I love seeing tragedy, it makes me happy for some reason ~

Animes I watch: Slayers, Mirumo, Doraemon, Konosuba, GINTAMAAA, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My childhood),

Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh (Bakura is HAWT), One Piece, Soul Eater, too much to count ~~

Games: Harvest Moon Back to Nature (Still single in that game...)

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Any slots for pirates still open? Otherwise, I would make a Marine CS ~~


Royse suddenly realised that she is on a place where she isn't supposed to be upon seeing a drunkyard drawing some makeshift map that took some moments for her to figure out. But, one year more and she is legal here. She wasn't expecting much still, so some curvy map would be good enough. She'd seen worse maps throughout her line of work, especially those from an enemy. She noticed another girl with a not so friendly gaze towards her, but she wasn't surprised by it since that look was rather common amongst the people she sees regularly.

"Oh, thanks. Err... Uncle?"

Royse took the map, awkwardly trying to be a bit more polite in her words towards Lazarus who looked pretty old to her. She walked out of the guild, now starting on her journey towards the city of Crocus, via the directions as followed from the map. First is info gathering, from client then enemy... She began scribbling down the list of tasks viable for her on the side of the map. "And since slavers are bad guys, I can do anything to them ~" She muttered nonchalantly.


"You're early~"

Klaus entered the captain's office holding a plate of strawberry cake, only to see Gillian right in front of her. She didn't know much about that fellow Knight, but one thing for sure is that they are on the same boat. She placed the cake on the table, taking a slice from it.

"Help yourself with the cake, it wouldn't be good to face Captain with an empty stomach, especially after a long day like this~"

She pointed at the remaining slices, taking a seat at the side as she started on her regular meal. Except, her stomach was never empty to begin with.

"Seems like the Captain is late, isn't she?"
took a long time, but posted, enrolled into a technical school & stuffs, last week wasn't my week >_>
Ares' HP bar has turned black after the final clash of the clearers, as he toppled down the ground motionlessly. The corpses of what was once alive a couple of seconds ago started reducing away into green polygons. The hooded army was stunned for a mere moment from the fall of their Warchief, but they continued the battle instead of faltering and retreating. Athel wasn't surprised from this, as she eyed towards her archenemy Argil with a smirk. Despite Ares losing his head, Argil is clearly not giving any grounds for them. They will have to make full use of that victory they had, or the tides will turn back into the PKers favor.

"I'm off fending that blueheaded bastard, just roll around reduce their numbers, thanks~"

Athel ditched scurried away from Varen, getting back on to reengage Argil. Those aren't a problem for Varen. As Akemi was trying to close in and assist Athel, Athel quickly pointed her on the other direction: the one towards her brother. "Don't." Athel said sternly, which Akemi immediately followed without question, turning towards Isamu. Not because she trusted Athel, but she felt more dangerous the closer she approached that Lieutenant. True enough, a squad of hooded guys was about to charge in from the side, ready to intercept Akemi and slow her down enough for Argil to take her life had she not turned back.

"Somehow I wished this would be our first encounter, you weren't as crafty as before~"

Argil said in a friendly tone in midst of the exchange of attacks between him and Athel. She had changed alot, she, if not most people, would've let her guard down from a victory like this had it been a month before.

"So do you, neither of us would be as stupid, after losing all their comrades."

Athel replied. Taking advantage at a loss isn't something Argil would do back then. She was trying her best at maintaining her composure, after all, he was the one who killed her highschool friends in cold blood. Of course she wanted to send Argil a one-way ticket to hell, but the moment she acted rashly, she will be the one visiting her grandfather.

Akemi sent herself to flank the Lieutenant her brother is engaging, as the Lieutenant turned into green polygons from that engagement. As expected, that lieutenant wasn't well guarded, and the troops at this side wasn't that organized. Argil wasn't that easy to flank, for he was now the person with the direct command of that 40 man army. Now, they will have to reduce the numbers of the Laughing Coffin one by one, away from Argil, before thinking of attacking Argil. The sibling started on the meat grinder for the Hooded Men.
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