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22 Sep 2016 14:00
Finally, workloads all cleared, time to go back into RPing, ohh I got so rusty in this >.< ...
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Busy this month >_> ,


Just a hikikomori who stares at her Dragon Quest & League all day. >.<

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Here's a sloppy char >.< ~~

Will take longer on my post, no posts for me on Sundays, always busy on that day ^^" (Will be chillin on the back lines, so you can skip me if u want )~~
Took a day late for this post, and rushed it abit >.< ~~
What the team of clearers have made was a mere split second opportunity, but the Slow effect from Athel was enough for the Warchief to receive one clean hit from Varen. And just like before, the HP bar regenerated to full very quickly as he deflected the second oncoming attack with his sword. With his spear on the other hand, Ares threw his spear to Azumi before she could do anything, granting her with some damage and a Silence effect.

"Burn now? Quite a crafty plan to tackle my regen, but the one with poison is sealed, so your choice of stacking both poison & burn are all out, I'll see what you'll do now ~"

Ares taunted in amusement, with the slight grin towards the 'poison user', not even two debuffs would be able to take him down. To be honest, he was expecting something more from them, his throwing of the spear was done at the spur of the moment when he realized what was going on, but with the two people on the side-lines with their skills sealed away, one weapon was more than enough to hold his own, especially with his regen. But, <Burn> does not stack, so that spear guy in front of him is barely any threat. With that in mind, Ares charged towards Azumi, to make short work of her. My Battle Healing could handle this one guy, and I'm sure they would arrive by now...

Two out of four... Athel was relieved that the attack work. But, there is one more person to worry about, with her sealed state: Willow. And as expected, the red hooded girl was coming by the side, with her Dark Sight activated again. In response to this, Athel raised her axe, the tip pointing towards Willow's neck, her gaze focused to her opponent. It doesn't do anything, just to express her full intentions to kill her. Willow made sure that she was away from Varen's range, as she closed towards her side.

"I like that look of yours, funny to think that Ares made such a stupid conclusion... I know what you all are trying to pull off, but I'll keep that a secret between us. My fun is about to end, I'll have to swap with someone you're more familiar with ~~"

Strangely, Willow backed away from the scene without attacking. Behind Willow was a party of forty hooded players with Orange cursors above all of them, ready to reinforce their Warchief. The entire men under Ares' liege have gathered on the battlefield. Athel's Silence have wore off by the time the horde of Laughing Coffin members engaged on her side. Using the skill Apprehend, Athel pulled in some of the PKers who are trying to move in by the side, beheading them with one swing of her axe. Seeing a familiar glint, Athel hastily parried off the sword the axe handle. It was the lieutenant Argil, the one she had clashed swords with above the scattering corpses of her classmates.

"Using numbers on me again? Didn't you forget what I did to your troops the last time we met?"

Athel taunted, as she tried her best on holding off the forces in the meantime. The numbers are less concentrated on Isamu's side, most likely done so to suppress her <Apprehend> skill. For a moment, she was pondering on how a bunch of initiates is harder to deal with than those common hoods. That Duckk Lieutenant? No... if he's that capable of using them like that, he wouldn't have died so easily...
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