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9 Feb 2017 20:33
Current Attack of the zombies ahhhhh! check out "the fallen"
9 Feb 2017 20:33
Attack of the zombies ahhhhh! check out "the fallen"
6 Feb 2017 15:05
In school currently boring science crap i'd rather be casting spells.
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4 Feb 2017 3:30
Like 10:00 pm right now still doing RPs
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In The Battlefield 23 Feb 2017 11:25 Forum: Arena Roleplay
I really don't know how to show sarcasm online
Connor screams and runs towards the stairs and manages to sprint up them out of sight.
In The Battlefield 21 Feb 2017 18:27 Forum: Arena Roleplay
The girl sprung into action running towards the two/three people, she managed to bring a shield down in between the combatants using her magic, in an attempt to stop the fighting, just now realizing that the man was only in pain. She remembered her childhood and the frustration of not being able to talk, her cloak shimmered almost to a blinding amount this was expected though considering it reacted to emotions and those emotions were quite powerful
In The Battlefield 21 Feb 2017 18:19 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Wow awesome backstory
Suddenly Connor is up and he's holding a crowbar! He doesn't hesitate to slam it down on Harold's head. But Harold managed to stay conscious.
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