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Julien Touré

Julien's eyes gradually began to close as he struggled to stop from drifting off to sleep. At least when he was working minimum wage as a Pizza boy he got to ride about on a motorbike, this was damn near sleep deprivation torture at it's best. Regardless, he was about 70% this was just due to it being one of those introductory classes in which the lecturer spends the majority of the time talking about themselves rather than the topic at hand.

And yes, Julien had received many comments about his accent. About 12 so far if his count was correct.

Karlie's text may well have been a message from god for all he cared. It was an excuse to escape from college and at least do something entertaining. He bided his time, slithering out during the break and taking a short bus to the mall.

Taking a step in, he quickly moved towards a mini-supermarket and bought a packet of menthol cigarettes, stuffing them into his upper jacket pocket before spotting the group and moving over to join them.
"Bonjour, mes amis" He spoke, stuffing his hands into his pockets and taking a relaxed stance. "Wherever it is we go, we'll need to make sure we get back in time to be picked up. Wouldn't want the worlds second best detective getting suspicious of us." He scratched his nose, continuing. "I wouldn't mind hitting up a few music shops though, I'm cool with whatever you guys want to do thought."
I'm just waiting for the group to move to the mall now so Julien can meet them there tbh.
@Just The Wind Julien would also be up for skipping!
I don't want to cause an argument or be a bother or anything, but I sort of agree with Odin here, I don't really see how a hairstyle can make anyone less manly or anything...
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