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17 Jul 2016 6:37
The "Introduce Yourself" sub-board is heartwarming.
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15 Jul 2016 9:47
Upside, inside out, it's livin' la vida loca! That's what she's about, livin' la vida loca, livin' la vida locaaa! 🎡
4 Jul 2016 1:16
All these botties asking me to consider buying their forged diplomas and degrees ... //grumblegrumble.
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1 Jul 2016 23:30
I'd never leave RPGuild willingly, I realise. That said, does anyone know any other roleplay forums closest to Guild? (I searched high and low; Mahz god made sure this spot is unique, eh?)
29 Jun 2016 14:06
I've recuperated and returned to RPG. While I was gone, I tried to join a few roleplay-chatting apps. Results? Let me just say that holy shit do I miss Guild.


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In RPing help 12 Aug 2016 6:19 Forum: Roleplaying Discussion
I had high hopes for you until that retort happened.
In Pre-furnished. 12 Aug 2016 5:20 Forum: Test Forum
I think I stumbled upon RPGuild by typing "roleplay guild". I think without the word guild, it would be less likely they see our home link.

How'd ju find us? β™‘

Oh! And ...

Hi ... β™‘β™‘β™‘

Creepy-innocent enthusiasm aside, welcome to the Guild!
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