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2 Jan 2017 5:34
Current History won't remember the critic, but rather those whom inspired the criticism.
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Male. New Jersey. Alive. Healthy. Something Something I like roleplay.

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Damn. Well I'll write stuff anywayd
@Palamon Might be a bit of a wait, sorry. Still working on my sheet. But I'm almost done :)

Hey no worries. I'm still on vacation. Just give me a heads up whenever.
@Palamon I may have humans among my people, but the Republic does have a very large alien population if you're interested.

I'm down. I can get started working on a little intro post tonight if you like? Or you can if you want.
Anyone who is not human wanna have a first contact? Since my nation is extremely racist I think it would be interesting.

Apologies for the lack of a reply. Work's been busier than usual, so I've been putting in a few extra hours than I normally would and I've just been really tired at the end of the day. I'll try to get a reply to you by tomorrow.

No worries mate. Just wonderin`. Goin' on a cruise for a week with my SO, so I'll be not be likely to be writing so much in that time.
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