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@Shadow Daedalus That's fine. Just make sure you mention why in the backstory for each.
@zackattack279 They are pretty much the same. However, as to the 2nd part, the wings are not entirely Vestigal. They allow short bursts of flight (100 Yard) or Gliding.

Think of something like the incubi/succubi of Disgaea
@Shadow Daedalus Firstly, yes, I actually encourage people to play non-human.

2nd Draken may have residual scales, and sharp teeth.

3rd Yes, that is fine, as long as you give a good reason for it.
@zackattack279 character tab is fine and we will discuss it here.
Welcome to the Atyme Roleplay. Part 1. With this RP, I hope to open up possibilities of many RPs, as well as allow for even more roleplays to surface.

Recap for everyone else:

Once Upon Atyme…

Once upon a Time. A phrase that you may have heard throughout your life. The truth is, the phrase should be, Once Upon Atyme, for Atyme is the name of this world in which we shall set the stage.

Atyme is a world, divided into 4 continents. 3 on land, and 1 in the sky. In this magical place, many strange beings live together. However, many are also at war with one another currently, and many try to find a way to survive. Every being on this planet knows of, and cane use, a power known as magic, which is divided into many different categories.

Magic, is the use of one’s own Mana to create or manipulate other things. The Types of Known magic are Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Wood, Metal, Water, Electric, Shadow, and Light. Some have found ways to use the different categories in creative ways, such as re-equipping themselves with other armor or weapons in the middle of battle, or making shadows extend so the sun doesn’t harm them.

The stoy here which is to be told, is of Dorothy, a girl from our world with a gift that she has yet to realize. Her story begins in Kansas. Where will yours be, and what part will you play in it?

(Note: There will be 3 others and a final part. I may continue if this goes over well.)

The Continents of the planet are Ahz the floating continent, Unterland the reverse continent, Grimoire the dark continent, and nefarland the Warring continent.

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