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My name is Paradoxial. I mainly focus on creating original roleplays, though I do love participating in others!

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(Sorry this is late, I was expecting it in my notifications, but saw your message when I went back to the forum)

Name: Alan Warren (I came up with that on the spot... not too bad.)

Age: 19

Amazing Attribute: Alan has the amazing attribute of thinking things through! He is able to calmly think through a problem with amazing ease, nearly always finding a solution.

Fatal Flaw: His tendency to carefully think things through causes him to be a bit slow on the "impulse" side of things. For example, a tiger leaps at him, he won't be able to dodge in time since he automatically tries to think instead of move out of the way first. (basically, the guy is a bit slow to react to things.)

Appearance: Alan has black, neck length, hair. His eyes are blue, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses over them. His skin is pale due to his preference to stay inside reading than staying outside. He is average as far as being fat or skinny goes. For clothes he is wearing a white unbuttoned jacket over a plain, dark grey shirt. He is wearing a pair of black jeans and dress shoes.

Trinket: I am not sure what constitutes as overpowered, but I eventually decided that this would be good, but not too good. It is a laptop that is not capable of doing most things. For example, he could use it as a calculator, but anything else would have to be manually coded. The laptop is very limited, so I figure the most he can do with it is use it as a sort of "virtual journal." I am up for changing this if it is too much, but I thought it was pretty good.

Unspeakable act: Forgot to add this the first time. I imagine his unspeakable act will be something like "Place yourself in great danger, and place faith in a risky escape." I don't know about that one though... I imagine that this is the best one, since his "heartlessness" described in personality would cause him to not really be affected by a moral act, so an illogical act would have a greater impact.

Symbol: I was a bit unsure about this, but I guess I'll just have a try at it. The symbol is of an eye, with a spiral in the iris. at the center of the spiral, where the pupil should be, the letter X inside of a circle is there instead.

Also, you said I could choose the personality of it as well, so I guess I do that here as well. My "them" will be someone who does not bother with pleasantries or anything similar. Instead my "them" will be very straight to the point, and never saying anything that does not absolutely need to be said.

Personality: Alan is very calm, never raising his voice, and rarely talking. He prefers to think through something thoroughly before acting, and rarely tries to interact with anybody. His expression rarely changes from its default deadpan. Emotionally speaking, he tries to ignore them, causing him to appear quite heartless at times.

Looks good! Just a couple of reminders before you move it over though:

- your amazing attribute and fatal flaw don't need to be logical. This RP is based off of don't starve, so it's more about confusing magic and not really understanding things, not logic and problems that could really happen in the real world. Look at some of the Don't Starve characters as reference for how insane you can get with these! Sorry if I didn't explain that better originally.

- I like the Lab top idea! In the RP I'm imagining that it would start off with very few applications (like you said, a calculator and a journal) but could eventually code it into something that could help with research and a variety of other things!

- I apologize once again, because I forgot to add a backstory tab to the CS. This will be updated. Please make a backstory for your character!

- I like your character, but as I mentioned earlier logic and reality don't really have much to do with this RP. I think it would be better if your character were a little less restrained to the real world.

Thanks again!
Answering a couple of questions here:

-the roleplay is going to be on the casual side of things, I would prefer a post to be a paragraph or 2 each.

- yes we are still accepting! Please post your character sheets on the OOC tab in the They Chose YOU roleplay, located in the casual section. If accepted you can then move the CS into the character tab. I'm looking for at least 2-3 characters before we get started.

Looking forward to seeing your characters!
They chose YOU (survival RP based off of Don't Starve)

The water from the storm is what wakes you up. Gasping for air, you sit up and stare at the dark hooded figure before you. You vaguely sense that you are surrounded by foliage, but are largely focused on what the figure is pulling out of his cloak. A stone tablet is unceremoniously dropped in front of you, and the creature is suddenly enveloped in black smoke. It disappears, but in its place is a small object though it is not clear to you exactly what it is. Slowly you stand, and a single memory slowly finds a place inside of you. You remember their "delegate", though it's face is lost to you. A black mustache and a top hat were its defining features. " we know what you desire, and we have the means to attain it. All you must do is come to UNDERSTAND us, and what you truly want will be yours." The last you remember is a searing pain on your left hand, and a symbol appearing there. As you look around your surroundings, the storm worsens. You must survive to attain what you truly desire.


The idea for this roleplay is that you have been placed in a harsh world by a vague order, of which you only know as Them. They have promised you your truest desire, and in exchange you agreed to come here, wherever you are now. This will be mainly character driven, with each character having various different items and quirks. The main goal is to regain contact with Them, however an unspeakable act must be preformed before they will appear to you. After you succeed in the act, they will appear and You may ask one question before they depart. You can keep asking questions and doing acts until you escape the twisted world they put you in, or die (ex: how do I escape this world?).The questions may be anything you wish, and your unspeakable act is inscribed on the stone tablet you received in the beginning of the game. You may choose what your beginning act will be (ex: killing another player or preforming some sort of ritual). Also you receive a small trinket, which can be anything you like as long as it is not OP. the time you come from can be anywhere from late 1800s to early 1900s. Your character can have one great attribute that is extremely helpful, but also a large flaw that can actively hinder your survival efforts (ex: being super intelligent, but because your intelligence you are subject to deep depression and bouts of panic. ) Lastly, the symbol on hand is a mark of which of "them" has claimed you. This will be which one of them you will be interacting with the most, and who you will be asking your questions to. Each of the has a slightly different personality, and will react better or worse to specific questions. I'll be GM-ing as "them" but you can choose what symbol you have and what personality it has. You can choose to view "them" how you want, whether it be worship or hatred. Starvation and insanity are common deaths, but are preventable. Unspeakable acts will lower your sanity, and the lower it gets the less you can cohesively do things like talk or make complex objects. You can choose to team up with the other characters, or kill them and take their possessions, though their tablet and personal item are bound to them and will re spawn with them. If you die, you will respawn with a large sanity drop and your items back at the place where you died. If you want to get a basic view of a character structure or what the world looks like, refer to the game Don't Starve which this is heavily based off of.

CS sheet:



Amazing Attribute:

Fatal Flaw:



Unspeakable act:




PLEASE let me know if you're interested!!!
@Paradoxial honestly I think this would do best in casual because almost everyone knows the game yet not everyone could do advanced roleplay so to me I would just do casual ^u^

I would agree, due to the fact that I'm not an extremely experienced GM so I wouldn't be able to fullfill that quality. As I said before, I'm leaning towards casual so that it will be more open to the casual players of RP. If anyone else has ny opinions let me know! I look forward to seeing your characters!
@Paradoxial I'll try my best but fare warning I'm not excellent at casual.

I'm currently debating whether the general atmosphere would work better in casual or advanced. If you want to share your opinion on where you feel this RP would fit best, feel free to share!
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