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While you're talking about the possibility of striking it rich in the Middle East over oil, I would like to remind you that the butterfly effect is indeed a thing, and I would recommend you not attempt to tamper with the space-time continuum to that degree. Just saying.
@Kuroyomihime: Given the current situation, I say go with the former. The current scene should conclude soon, and then the RP will actually begin.
Tiral followed silently along as the rest of the Knights rode forward, remaining as such as the group scouted out the area... Save for Tyaethe, who seemed to be following some sort of routine. The mage didn't much mind it, though he didn't much care for it, either; religion had always been something respected but not followed for him, after all, and he had no reason to change any time soon.

The elf taking her leave from the group, though, was well appreciated by the knight, who still had the recent incidents of insubordination fresh in his mind. In a way, she snuck out of punishment, but if that sort of reaction actually meant anything, it was probably best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Not like it mattered all that much anyhow.

The Captain's prompt order to start searching for clues was, while a bit delayed, expected enough for him to already be slowly combing over the area for any evidence of anything notable. When she stopped and began to stutter, though, the mage quickly moved over to see what the reason for it all was.

His own reaction, of course, was a sigh as he massaged his forehead.

"...It's necromancy. Bones picked clean of flesh and blood like this are only seen in that line of magic. Another goddamn necromancer," he swore, encasing the bones in ice to make sure they wouldn't spontaneously reanimate. Never hurt to be safe, after all.

"...Well, this is some heresy if I've ever seen one. Raising the dead in a shrine to the goddesses. That's one way to piss off the clergy."
With a nod of his head, Ren handed off the talisman as the electric dashed into the shrine to ring the bell instead. Though he felt particularly bad about leaving this whole ordeal to a complete stranger, Ren himself had no confidence that he could do anything on his own at the moment. The sudden appearance of a girl with... Fox tails and ears... Was more trivial than anything, but--

Hold up, was the one with the brush being overrun?

A few drops of sweat formed on his forehead as he watched the scene, his hands clenched into tight fists before the sound of a bell resonated through the shrine grounds. Ren looked about in confusion as the sound of the bell slowly rang louder and louder with each swing after it was struck, and how what he had assumed to be the skeletons gaining the upper hand was nothing more than an illusion.

So that fox-tailed girl...
Probably a kitsune. God damn it all. Friendly? Didn't quite seem that way.

The sound of the bell seemed to be much larger than what anything of that size should reasonably have been able to create, though that may have been in part due to how much force it was stuck by. The young man instinctively covered his ears as the ringing resonated throughout the shrine, causing the giant skeleton to stop its advance and hold its head in pain.


Could that thing even feel pain?

"I think this is a good a time as any to try, then!" Ren shouted as the ringing of the bell began to die down. "G'luck!"

As that was going on and most of the group was focused on handling the gashadokuro, a magic circle behind the bell began to glow, and soon after a white portal seemed to open on the other side, where an older man was seated, his brow creased in concentration as the portal seemed to waver. A few moments later, though, the gateway seemed to stabilize, and the man let out a sigh of relief.

"To think that this seal would fracture now... In any case, you people over there! Please, hurry and seal that youkai away! As things are right now, it would cause untold amounts of destruction if it made it back to the city!"

Ren turned his head in surprise at the sudden appearance of a new person, but rather than make a beeline for freedom, instead turned around and gritted his teeth. If worst came to worst and everything fell out, then there was no way he would live with himself. He was the backup, and that was that. No more, and no less.
@Kuroyomihime: Accepted. \o/
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