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27 Mar 2017 1:57
Current I remember when I first saw that butt. It's too soon
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20 Mar 2017 8:53
Happy Birthday Bruce Willis! Yippie Ki-Ay Mutha fucka
20 Mar 2017 3:50
26 years years old and probably too sexy for you.
17 Mar 2017 8:15
You know I think you're the greatest <3
17 Mar 2017 8:12
Do not question TFF. She will spazz out, and the ensuing chaos of the spazz shall slay you and the tristate area!


POOHEAD189'S Intro

Hi, my name's Poohead, or Poo. Call me either. If they really make you uncomfortable, I'm Ben. I'm a 25 year old guy of mixed race, living in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks for visiting my page. A few things that you might want to know about me...let's see...
I'm an idealist and a nerd. I have a lot of interests and love all kinds of media. I'm a big fan of Fantasy, but I'm always up for some Sci Fi as well, as well as anything that isn't just slice of life like Hero RP's or horror or survival.
I try my absolute best to do the right thing whenever I can, and to be kind. So if you ever feel like I said something hurtful, it's almost an utter certainty that I was joking/messing with you because I can be a bit silly sometimes. Despite that, and my easy going nature, I take my life and what I do (and don't do) extremely seriously. Please let me know if I'm ever in the wrong at any point and I'll do my best to make amends and will certainly apologize.
I love reading, writing, so of course I'm always here to look for new RPs. I work at Fedex as a courier as of now, but in truth I think of my real career as a combination of being a writer and martial artist. If you ever feel curious on anything, don't hesitate to PM me. On the off chance that I can't help you or don't have time to RP, and the even smaller chance that I can't get my creative thoughts flowing, hey, at least I made a friend. Thank you so much for reading this! You honor me.

Why the Username?

When I was 5, I was playing Mario Kart on the super nintendo, and I needed a 3 letter word to save my game. I chose poo instead of Ben because it was funny and silly, and I'm often silly in a joking way. So...I never threw it away tbh. I could never find something else that spoke to me more. It went from poo to POOHEAD when I started making usernames on the computer when I was 12 (still use poo189 for console gaming), and I added the 189 because I was young enough not to know people used birthdays for their numbers, so I made up a random number and have been using that one for 13 years. To be honest, I have a lot of interests and I take who I am very seriously, like it says above. So why the poo? Because I could never really find something that I felt could describe me in a way that I would want. I mean I love a ton of stuff, and identify with some things more than others, but it'd be like choosing favorite kids. So I stuck with my username that I've been using for 20 years.


I am...too big of a nerd. I've dabbled and delved into a lot of unnecessary lore in a lot of series. Here's a list of a few (and also general things I am interested in)
  • LOTR
  • Dragon Age
  • Forgotten Realms
  • Star Wars
  • Mass Effect
  • Halo
  • Warhammer
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warcraft
  • Shannara series
  • Dragonball Z (hell yeah)
  • Various action Anime
  • Shit ton of movies. I love Historical, War, Comedy, Action, Drama, and Cultural Films.
  • So many games (love them all except sports/dating games. Big fan of strategy, RPG, Shooter, Action, etc.)
  • So many books (sooooooooo many books)
  • I love all kinds of music. I'm a big fan of Rock (Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge, Post-Grunge, Nu metal, Hard Rock especially. Favorite artist is Billy Joel though, for his variety, even if I'm into hard stuff like Disturbed and Seether and Foo Fighters and TDG and BB.)
  • This is here for all of the other stuff I didn't mention because it'd take way too long.

Also, if you want to see my face, click here

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Hmmm, if I have time I'll join!
If this is Lost themed. You at least have my interest.
In After the Asteroid 26 Mar 2017 8:07 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Sigurd@Tombprince I have to agree with Sigurd. I wish we could but...
Ok peeps, I am hoping we can start a full week from today. If you haven't started on your CS (tsk tsk) I suggest you do. Though, I will say that I will be treating this RP (in a way) like an RPG game, and by that I mean, not only will a lot of your choices matter, but there will be various 'checkpoints' for new characters to enter. So me beginning the RP doesn't mean you'll be left behind if you don't finish within a week. And I will provide full summary of what has occurred as well, if you need a retelling (though I predict this RP won't be fast paced, so don't worry). Thank you^^
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