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As the two chattwed the young padawan was talking with the holograms and smiled as she nodded as she came up with a peaceful way to do as she wished to do. She nodded as th simulation ended "finished" she beamed happily as she had done a third party as she had said that would be paid by those willing to aid the man as well as to make sure that the fence that was made would be strong enough to deal with unwanted attention. though yes the man would have to pay around 80 for the repairs and upgrades as well. She smiled looking at the two talking and wondering why they were talking to each other. So she took the time to spin around in the chair and close her eyes to relax. She didn't like hearing others talking all the time it could be boring to her to listen to. She looked at the others and streched out her back and looked at the two now as she waited to know what was going on.
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The young girl smiled looking at the two holograms and frowned hearing their claims. Okay so one had their fense and crops destroyed and the other offered to pay for some of the damange and rebuild the fense for a good amount of money in return. Something didn't seem right about that bargin,

"In this particular case I would say have a third party do it. The reason is if Henry was truly sorry about what had happened he would have first paid for all the damage and not some as well as rebuilt the fence with no additional factors. Now lets say that Henry can build a fence that would withstand the animals he had if they gotten loose again and was sincerely sorry about the mess then i would say Henry would be a fair choice in action. But since in this particular case we do have a factor that they are rivals and there is a bitterness between the two. I would say to keep both sides happy and no more fights to break out have a third party do it so both sides are happy and everyone can be peaceful once more" she said though she knew each side had different outcomes she thought it be best in the rivals case that a third party should do it so no fighting would break out between the two. She was smart when it came to trying to keep peace she knew not all factos resulted in peace but for right now a third party would indeed help both sides keep a nuetral peace with each other. Most padawns would have gone with henry because he was the most generous and while generousty is nice it can be used for selfish gain as well which is something she knew well.
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