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Enter where Yoda and the group is at the jedi temple
@Princess of God I posted for Kiana, I was wondering if you wanted to control Yoda for this bit.

I have posted back
Manu looked confused and covers her nose that hurt and winced slightly "ow" she mutters slightly a small drop of blood came from her hit njose which she sighed about. She looked confused at the older Jedi "whats a flashbang?" she asked as she was not versed in clone weapons so yeah she knew nothing abot weapons that well so she knew things limited. She saw Yoda and beamed happily eyes bright "master Yoda" she beamed as the older jedi hummed gently.

"Hello both of you, I see you are doing training Manu good but remeber not everyone needs the force tyo fight and will get close and personal" he said and smiled softly as she nodded slowly "yes master yoda" she said as the grand master nodded.

"I have a job for you to go onto Yavin 4 . There is a temple there that I would like you to go to and retrive in room 567BV" said smiling softly looking at the two to do a simple assignment that would uncover the vision to the young girl and her master as well to see what was to come and what was to come if she was ready or not.

I do agree with you, There are guards all over the temple and You most likely will not be leaving unless you are like a god and can never be stopped at all. I am pretty sure as well that guards are armed with staffs and lightsabers as well that can subdue trouble makers as well. I would say for this that your character has to fight EXTREMELY hard to escape alive because your ina temple where its JEDI everywhere. So yeah your very outnumbered there and I think being captured would be more realistic then you just taking a guard and using that as a sheild most likely the jedi will take out a guard to get to you regardless. Guards know their lives are not super important and know they will all die eventually so using one as a sheild isn't going to work favoratable
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