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16 Mar 2017 1:55
Current .gifs kill my bandwidth for some reason
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15 Mar 2017 12:06
Unfiltered cigarettes are in no way as good as filtered ones.
15 Mar 2017 9:23
Nothing says "I mean business" like a First Strike Deadly Recluse.
14 Mar 2017 16:26
Holy shit, I'm fucking drunk. Man, this site is fun.
14 Mar 2017 12:24
YOU GUYS HAVE GOT TO SEE THE MOVIE 'INK'! Absolutely phenomenal!


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Note for Magic RP: Play Pavara like a black widow, feeding men to her pets
@Vulkan Yes.
@Ryougu Hey, I'm sure he could benefit from a little investigation! Maybe come away with something cool.
@Ryougu See something suspiciious? It's just a goblin who scored, but obviously underperformed and now his date is heading back to market pretending she doesn't care

Come on, that's pretty normal, right? Maybe she has a fetish.

Wait a minute, the Rakdos musician wouldn't turn her in, would he?

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