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18 Apr 2017 22:30
Current Nothing is dumber than someone who can't speak. Badum tssss
13 Apr 2017 2:20
This kid I'm tutoring is seventeen years old, and still can't figure out the difference between "difference" and "different". How he's captain of the chess club I have no idea.
13 Apr 2017 1:45
Thank god I've been testing new vapes with machines instead of by hand. Just watched a Chillum Tantra Mod detonate a 3.7v battery like a hand grenade. I love plexiglass.
12 Apr 2017 13:55
Amazed that Donald Dump is still in office. Wait, did I say 'Dump'? Oh well. Too late to fix it now.
12 Apr 2017 9:44
So, I hear that party rock might be in the house tonight, and everyone will potentially have an okay time.


I write a little bit of everything. If you really want to know what sort of things my mind goes to, here's a link:Pens and Swords

In the end, I like to think I'm an easygoing, friendly, and personable fellow. And I would certainly consider myself skilled in the art of non-aggressive communicatio- WHATCHU SAY ABOUT MY MOM

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All memes are totally pleb. I've learned to find power. And I've learned to harness it!

On a separate note, life has slowed to a stop in this town. Until they get everything back up and running, I'm left in a hotel room in the next town. Wish me luck, folks. It's like the dark ages out here. I literally saw a barter stand on my way out.
Sorry guys, big power outage in my area. Right in time for 4/20, too.
Idea: A romance between two serial killers, who use the kills and the corpses to leave messages for one another through local news
@Eventua Welcome! And if you're looking for an RP or writing partner, let me know! I'm always looking for new literary partners, as it tends to be mutually beneficial in terms of skill.
@rivaan Give him time to get used to a LOKI hand, and you can arm wrestle Ellis too. Couldn't be too different, aside from the fingers.

Then again, he's making friends with the most dangerous people...

Maybe he should try hanging out with Rayes.
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