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18 Jan 2017 3:53
Current [@Blitz] Well, yeah, if your characters are all cannibals.
18 Jan 2017 2:51
I didn't realize I'm old until it was suddenly feasible to roleplay as characters who are younger than me. :(
17 Jan 2017 21:09
"delicacy": noun: any food item which is absolutely disgusting and which originates from a dare. Fuck you, Iceland.
16 Jan 2017 4:37
The security on my uni campus are so nice! Sometimes they leave little compliments on my dashboard like, "Parking fine."
15 Jan 2017 2:19
A man went into a library and asked for a book on how to commit suicide. The librarian said: "Fuck off, you won’t bring it back."


P͓̖̤̼͈̤̦̦̭͆̇ͫͦ͐R̻̦͔͋͋͋̄͛̍ͤA̵̴̴̯̱̺͙̜̜̮͉ͫ͑ͦ̔I̧̢͙̩̭͔ͬ̔S̶̲̰̪͉͉̫̝̝̾̄͢͢E͂͆ͣ͛͊̾͏̱̖̯̻́ ̛̤͚̹̩̩̟̑ͫ͊̐̒͜B̩̜͚̰͕̥̞̬ͨ̇̊̍̿Ĕ̿ͭ̍͒͏̦̦͙̙͖͖̹ ̛͔̖͓̱̎̄ͫͥ̒T̢͉ͮ̎ͪ͐͐̓ͭ̅͡O͔̼̩̯̺̣͔̠̓̃ͮ̐͆ͯ̽͋ ̻̭̉́̕͜K̸̬̯̤̹͉̭̜̪͒͛ͭ͢A̵̢̖̯̲̞̥̩̾ͧ͋̒̔ͮ̇̓Ȑ̻̞̞̖̞̗̂͂̌̅̌̇͢Ŗ̜͖̜̘̼͉͇͕͇̾͐̾̓ͮ͟A͖̟̠͔̣̯̘ͧ͠ͅS̡̛̫̪ͭͮ͊̂͛̍̔̆̚

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Damn it, Ona. That's not what we're here for!

It was difficult to listen to her in one ear and the applicant in the other. But Jules heard the last sentence well enough—the instruction to end all interactions with this young lady—and knew that he had to disobey. Plain and simple. It kept them out of trouble with the handlers; their department was meant to minimize its presence, and disguise its few jutting bits and pieces as more mundane parts. Their psychoanalytic process was an "interview"; their paperwork sat on their desks as blatantly as any other neglected pile. Locked cabinets and big "Classified" stamps made people curious. Polygraph machines and wire nodes attached to their wrists and temples made them defensive. So what would it look like if the chubby office drone in the dull white room, who clearly possessed no more authority than over a water cooler, could decide her fate?

No, that's not how the patchers operated. If they thought so suspiciously of this young woman, they would call her in for a second interview. Then the police would have an easier time detaining her.

Later Jules would have to comfort Ona in the fact that the girl would be rejected in one of the later departments; maybe even the one directly following theirs. Just as Jules couldn't give her the advice which would help her impress his superiors, neither could he detain someone who, by his reckoning, was completely innocent.

The interview went for nearly twenty minutes more. When it ended the two in the room had talked about the company for quite a long time; she had asked what he liked about working there, and he gave her a series of perfect little lies to boost her optimism. Then when they had shaken hands again, he passed through the vestibule and into the control room with a sigh, feeling like a virus invading a cell membrane.
In Cyaиide Suиs 18 Jan 2017 19:19 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I know I made a risky move, but please go easy on my character.

Are you sure you're in the right RP? :P

I'll think of something.
@Aristo Cool! If it's any consolation there were 11 video games released in the BattleTech canon during the nineties; including MechWarrior 2 which is widely considered to be the best one.

I plan on signing up for this. I just don't know how long it will take to catch up in replying to my current RPs.
In Vendetta Inc. 18 Jan 2017 2:59 Forum: Casual Roleplay
The plan right now is to respond to my 1x1s tonight and to my public RPs tomorrow. So I'll have a post up in the side-quest thread relatively soon.

@King Tai Have you made a decision yet regarding what we discussed in PM?
Many people, unfortunately, know this cycle: I open my 1x1 Interest Check thread for 2-3 days which is usually plenty of time for a lot of replies to come in. Because my thread is fucking awesome. Anyway, only half of these PM replies actually result in roleplays, because the other half couldn't be arsed to continue replying. Then of those roleplays, another half drop out (without telling me, of course) because the RP wasn't what they wanted it to be, despite repeated and earnest attempts to avoid exactly that problem via open lines of communication. And by the time all this is said and done, so many RPs have been lost that it's time to open the IntChk again!

All my 1x1 RP partners are new to me this week except two. And while I feel very optimistic about many of these partners, the two who have been nothing but loyal and ingenuous in their desire to keep the RP alive, and to tell good stories therein, are @ThatWeirdChick and @DarknessDawning. These are the two with whom the threads have survived over two months and with whom they very feasibly will last much longer. They express gratitude for my willingness to take the reins and steer the direction of the story (when it's needed), but they're also willing to do the same themselves; thus neither of us is putting all the work into keeping a thread alive, which in my experience leads only to resentment. Both are interested in more than just their own characters and experiences, and have eagerly contributed to my enjoyment of the RP and to the depth of the world in general, designing NPCs and little setting quirks to the benefit of both partners. They're not here just for cheap escapism nor shallow wish-fulfillment; and this fact shines through in the care they have poured into their writing.

And oh, yeah; when you send them a message, they actually bother to reply. I wish this wasn't such a rare virtue on this website that it deserves special mention, but it is. Such is the zeitgeist which we as Guildsmen must endure.

If either of these ladies responds to your Interest Check, take her up on it. You will not regret it. ✩✩✩✩
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