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27 Jan 2017 17:06
Current Bleh bleh bla bla bleh bla.
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12 Sep 2016 9:42
University starting very soon...
18 Mar 2016 3:55
I am now not useless to society anymore, yay~!
31 Aug 2015 21:36
I officially count as a NEET right now... :/ I plan to change that soon...
4 May 2015 18:20
Currently doing my A-Levels. If I'm gone for a bit, that's why. ^.^


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<Snipped quote by PyroDash888>

Which Youtuber?

Tabbes, an art/animation/storytime youtuber, female. A bit like "theodd1sout" and Jayden Animations
Sorry friends. I have been... very distracted. Especially now that I have become a mod of a discord channel for a youtuber with over 150k subs. It's busy there, man. But I am gonna get my shit together like tomorrow evening and write something!
You know what sucks? I realized, I thought I had a lot more time for a University Project than I actually had. Came back from a Uni-Excusion and saw... Oh... due date... 17.03.2017, 12:00... not 20.03.2017...
so uhm... I cannot finish my contest post tonight D:
I worked so hard on it *cries*
Yeah. I haven't had access to the pc either...
Almost done with my contest piece. Sorry, took a while. Lots of rescheduling of my sleep disrupted my writing schedule.
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