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27 Jan 2017 17:06
Current Bleh bleh bla bla bleh bla.
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12 Sep 2016 9:42
University starting very soon...
18 Mar 2016 3:55
I am now not useless to society anymore, yay~!
31 Aug 2015 21:36
I officially count as a NEET right now... :/ I plan to change that soon...
4 May 2015 18:20
Currently doing my A-Levels. If I'm gone for a bit, that's why. ^.^


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I sadly had a few.... personal issues lately including lack of sleep and sickness and so on. So... expect a delay for my posts.
<Snipped quote by PyroDash888>

It's remarkably simple. Just take what could be considered a disadvantage of lesbianism (say, doesn't produce babies), then give that opinion to someone zealous enough to follow it to the very end (homosexuals are essentially traitors to humanity in that they aren't producing babies that will keep our population alive against the endless Grimm menace, so we should kill them and get rid of a resource drain).

I think I have done exactly that.

@Lucius Cypher How about I PM you what I have when I am more or less done with that segment and you tell me what I can improve?
You know what is hard? Writing a character who is anti-gay... I can't find any reason to be against lesbianism... <.< >.>
especially with certain religious books missing from this world.
And especially when you are lesbian yourself... trying to channel all the hate you got for it so far... bleh...

Why is this relevant? Contest. Gonna write how Skyra got her scars. At least some of them, the most prominent ones.
@Crimmy Sure.
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