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12 Sep 2016 9:42
Current University starting very soon...
18 Mar 2016 3:55
I am now not useless to society anymore, yay~!
31 Aug 2015 21:36
I officially count as a NEET right now... :/ I plan to change that soon...
4 May 2015 18:20
Currently doing my A-Levels. If I'm gone for a bit, that's why. ^.^


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I can't say when the last time was that I was personally attacked on the internet...
Might be my girl-bonus talking here, though, especially since I am completely blind and deaf when it comes to people trying to flirt with me and stuff. I just don't notice... :P
I am done! I am finally done with my 10 pages about "Eolian Processes in Desert Environments"
I am so tired now. Not bodily but mentally xD
Wait, wait wait wait! @SevenStormStyle
Sepia's mother is 21? How is that possible? Sepia is 16, right? That would have made her mother 5 at her daughters birth... and probably 4 at her conception... that's... biologically not only improbable... it's impossible...

I'm totes confuzzled, if you'd clear that up, I'd be very happy. >.<
I am almost done with my term papers, then I can RP. :3
Why are we still awake...?

Oh wait, cuz I don't have work this weekend woop woooop

h Y p E

Lies. I am awake because it's bright as dicks.
No sun though, cause it's snowing.
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