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23 Feb 2017 16:34
Current My free time consists of playing video games and occasionally spinning my office chair around to refresh RPGuild.
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23 Feb 2017 6:14
[@Mae] We lost a lot after Guild went down; Sadly we never really recovered from it, either. I can only hope we eventually get back to that point, but it's looking kind of bleak.
23 Feb 2017 5:31
This place is a graveyard with a growing tombstone count by the day, so no, I don't. I just hate to see someone digging their own grave before starting a roleplay.
23 Feb 2017 3:00
Shit, you've been spying on me too, Buddha? Now you've turned this into a scandal.
23 Feb 2017 2:52
[@BrokenPromise] Honestly I don't either, but I'll happily whore the attention.


I'm a gal that specializes in honesty.

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@Dinh AaronMk

[ S E V E N - H U N D R E D - T H O U S A N D - B U N K E R S ]

STAND: [ S O V I E T R E Q U I E M ], with the ability to turn all substances into vodka.

fuck you i cant be bothered to do better, it's a start.


This is why he only follows people he wants to be friends with; he's embarrasses by his nervousness but it adds to his character nicely and is fun to write~ I'm glad you find it adorable!

He reminds me a lot of a character I occasionally use; His awkwardness is top notch, and I can't wait to see how Kupori has an effect on him further down the line. Sadly, for now, we must wait.

But after we get some more posts going around, Kupori will express her joy of him coming back into the realm of sanity.
Gale is a mess lamo

I feel bad for him, lol.

But my concern is washed over by how adorably nervous he acts.
Replied again; This is the last post I'll be making until Gisk posts again, probably.

Tough love has been applied, @AquaAzura
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