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13 Feb 2017 7:01
Current That feeling when you simply don't give a damn about Valentine's Day.
12 Feb 2017 4:32
I don't get the hype over Fire Emblem. It's literally Anime Stratego.
6 Feb 2017 17:42
Finally got a good start on making a new soundtrack, after shitting around for the last day and half trying to get inspiration, gods...
3 Feb 2017 5:24
Hey guys, sorry for not responding to posts. Low energy, and my brain is fried right now.
30 Jan 2017 6:08
Relax, bruh


The difference between your idea of common sense, and my idea of common sense, is that when your anti-gun laws pass, and someone breaks into my house again, I am going to die, because my right to defend my own home was effectively taken away [which is unconstitutional, btw] and criminals have no qualms killing anyone who gets in their way if they're already breaking the law by invading my home and threatening me and the people I love.

I am The Black Hand, Black Hand, Handie, Hand, Handy Spare, Handy Spare Hand, Squeejole, Squee, Nazgul, Morzan, Armageddon, Noble One, Noble Blackie, Blackie, Machine Gun, Joe, Joey, Bats, Batty, Blackjack, Jack, Jack of All Trades, The Only One With Brains, The Questionmark of Doom, Rascal, Lucien, Luc, Mr. Secretive, First Poster of the Century, Long John Silver, Plotting Machine, You Come In Handie, Fin, Fin the Impossible, Sharpie, Expressionmaster, The Grammar Nazi, Kee, Sharie, You Are Awesome, O Powerful Ominous One, Anvil, Redthorn, Thorne, Sexy Turtle, The Piano Minion, Eminence, Rilian, Kylo, Blackatron, Keeper of the Forest, KOF, Blackburn, The Powerful One, Bob, The Leader, The Mighty One, The English Nightmare, The Grammar Nightmare, That Weird 'Mortal' Guy, Mysterious Artist, Blackand, He Who Must Be Nicknamed, Phantom Hand, Master Handie, Master of the Guard, Sephy, Seph, The Grazi, Grazi, Gr'azi,and several more which don't come to mind at present. If you'd rather not add to my list of names, then call me Lucien.

Art Ordering:

Do you wanna contribute to making a game for the members of the Guild? Interested in script-writing, story-plotting, music, or voice acting?: Make a Game!

If you managed to get through that mess, congratulations. Aside from the obvious, my other hobbies include drawing, gaming, and reading. I typically like to design characters, so if you're in need of some character art for a roleplay or something, let me know, because I get bored when I have nothing to do. Typically takes me one whole day to produce a finished product as long as I stay focused and if I'm not busy with other things. If it takes me longer, I'll let you know. Styles include manga [although I'm a bit out of practice, so it may take me a little longer than usual], western cartoon, or semi-realism. Semi-realism are sketches only, not colored. Semi-realism is so named because I find it a bit more difficult, and so it is still stylized in my own manner, therefore not photoreal. That is beyond my skill. It's still more realistic than either forms of cartoon, though.

And if you don't care what style I use, then I will simply use whatever style I think fits best with the character. If you want me to draw any characters, I need a full description. Full-body portraits take much longer to complete than facial portraits, so keep that in mind.

I also draw compilation images with multiple characters in one image. That will take me probably two days if conditions are ideal. I still have a life, ya know XP

No payment or reparations needed. I just like drawing. If I can make someone else happy in the process, then great! If your interested, I'm more than happy to show you my work before you decide.

I will pretty much draw just about any kind of character. The more detail you put in the description, the better it will turn out. You can also have full say over the image, so if you want me to change it even after I finish, just tell me what you want. I'll even re-draw the whole thing for you if you want.

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In Exodus 13 Feb 2017 7:27 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Possibly." Sephiroth replied, "don't be shy, if I didn't want your opinion, I wouldn't have asked you to assist me in the first place."

And then the Relics were retrieved.
"Hopefully, there will be no reason to use them." He commented. He seemed to muse for a moment.
"Why don't you keep holding onto them for now? You seem to have done a fair job of it for this whole time. I see no reason why you can't be trusted to continue to do so. Perhaps we shall make 'Keeper of the Relics' an official title to add to your name." He looked amused.
I'd give it a shot.
In Exodus 31 Jan 2017 7:03 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Then let us be on our way." Sephiroth replied, his face set in resolution. "A country cannot survive without a leader to guide them."
T'vor looked up. The sky seemed foreboding. He suspected it would rain.
"Good thing we have tents." He muttered to himself. "What will you do about the princess?"
"A fair question, my friend. One I haven't resolved yet."
In Exodus 29 Jan 2017 11:07 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sephiroth drew a long breath with closed eyes. After a moment, he nodded, and sheathed his sword. "I will do what I must. And this..was necessary. Was it not?"

"It was." T'vor replied, straightening. "Fear not--we are with you."

"The dragons, too. Hopefully, this was not a mistake."
"Soon, we shall see." T'vor replied. "Mistake or not, however, it is done. You cannot turn back now."
"Very well. Then let us proceed, Azurael."
In Exodus 29 Jan 2017 10:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sephiroth seemed unsurprised. "You continue to make poor choices. I suspected as much." From his belt, he drew a long, glinting blade. It had tasted blood before.

T'vor was at his side, lance in hand.

"This does not need to end in violence, princess. I know you realize you are unfit to rule. You were almost begging me just last night to do this." He reminded her. "You asked me for my aid. That is precisely what I am giving you this moment. I ask you to see reason, princess. This is the only way. Even the dragons agree. Do not let it come to this."
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