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23 Mar 2017 3:59
Current @TheGreyDust excuse me--The MILKSHAKE drink YOU. Please forgive my sacrilege.
23 Mar 2017 3:56
That feeling when you're so stuffed from dinner, but you just HAVE TO BLOODY DRINK THAT MILKSHAKE. BECAUSE MILKSHAKE.
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20 Feb 2017 19:16
Remember back in the days when you didn't care if your rp posts were shit because you were just having fun? And no it's like NO EDIT THAT LOOK AT THESE TYPOS GODS IT'S SHORT WHAT IS THIS SHIT
13 Feb 2017 7:01
That feeling when you simply don't give a damn about Valentine's Day.
6 Feb 2017 17:42
Finally got a good start on making a new soundtrack, after shitting around for the last day and half trying to get inspiration, gods...


The difference between your idea of common sense, and my idea of common sense, is that when your anti-gun laws pass, and someone breaks into my house again, I am going to die, because my right to defend my own home was effectively taken away [which is unconstitutional, btw] and criminals have no qualms killing anyone who gets in their way if they're already breaking the law by invading my home and threatening me and the people I love.

I am The Black Hand, Black Hand, Handie, Hand, Handy Spare, Handy Spare Hand, Squeejole, Squee, Nazgul, Morzan, Armageddon, Noble One, Noble Blackie, Blackie, Machine Gun, Joe, Joey, Bats, Batty, Blackjack, Jack, Jack of All Trades, The Only One With Brains, The Questionmark of Doom, Rascal, Lucien, Luc, Mr. Secretive, First Poster of the Century, Long John Silver, Plotting Machine, You Come In Handie, Fin, Fin the Impossible, Sharpie, Expressionmaster, The Grammar Nazi, Kee, Sharie, You Are Awesome, O Powerful Ominous One, Anvil, Redthorn, Thorne, Sexy Turtle, The Piano Minion, Eminence, Rilian, Kylo, Blackatron, Keeper of the Forest, KOF, Blackburn, The Powerful One, Bob, The Leader, The Mighty One, The English Nightmare, The Grammar Nightmare, That Weird 'Mortal' Guy, Mysterious Artist, Blackand, He Who Must Be Nicknamed, Phantom Hand, Master Handie, Master of the Guard, Sephy, Seph, The Grazi, Grazi, Gr'azi,and several more which don't come to mind at present. If you'd rather not add to my list of names, then call me Lucien.

Art Ordering:

Do you wanna contribute to making a game for the members of the Guild? Interested in script-writing, story-plotting, music, or voice acting?: Make a Game!

If you managed to get through that mess, congratulations. Aside from the obvious, my other hobbies include drawing, gaming, and reading. I typically like to design characters, so if you're in need of some character art for a roleplay or something, let me know, because I get bored when I have nothing to do. Typically takes me one whole day to produce a finished product as long as I stay focused and if I'm not busy with other things. If it takes me longer, I'll let you know. Styles include manga [although I'm a bit out of practice, so it may take me a little longer than usual], western cartoon, or semi-realism. Semi-realism are sketches only, not colored. Semi-realism is so named because I find it a bit more difficult, and so it is still stylized in my own manner, therefore not photoreal. That is beyond my skill. It's still more realistic than either forms of cartoon, though.

And if you don't care what style I use, then I will simply use whatever style I think fits best with the character. If you want me to draw any characters, I need a full description. Full-body portraits take much longer to complete than facial portraits, so keep that in mind.

I also draw compilation images with multiple characters in one image. That will take me probably two days if conditions are ideal. I still have a life, ya know XP

No payment or reparations needed. I just like drawing. If I can make someone else happy in the process, then great! If your interested, I'm more than happy to show you my work before you decide.

I will pretty much draw just about any kind of character. The more detail you put in the description, the better it will turn out. You can also have full say over the image, so if you want me to change it even after I finish, just tell me what you want. I'll even re-draw the whole thing for you if you want.

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In Exodus 23 Mar 2017 5:09 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Eheehee, that tickled!" Grim sniggered, rubbing his gut where Azurael had stabbed him.
"Oh, leave the poor grouch alone, nothing you say or do will change his ways! Well, probably. Hehehehe!"

T'vor turned his attention to Azurael. "Had you expected otherwise, Stormy?" His tone was flat.

"Um, if it's all the same to you, miss Anuriel, I prefer to call you 'miss'! It sounds more official..." Chrissa laughed sheepishly.
"And um, thanks! I'll think about it, I promise!" She added quickly.

[I may edit this post later.]
In Exodus 21 Mar 2017 22:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Ehehe, me? Get hurt?" Grim giggled at the thought. "If that were possible by any normal means, I probably would be dead by now! Or you know, more dead. Heeheeheehee!"
"Oh, I wouldn't envy them if I were you--they tell me that death can be sooooooo boring. Frankly, I believe them! But I'm only half dead, so I couldn't say I know from experience! If I were you, I'd want to die married, because that way I'd always have someone else to be dead with for eternity! I bet it would be far less boring, then, if ya kno' what I mean, hehehehehehe..."

"You disgust me." T'vor hissed.

Grim frowned in mock disappointment.

Sephiroth followed behind the other three--it was an incredible sight, to be sure, but he hoped Grim wouldn't 'accidentally' forget to take all those souls back with him. He wasn't in the mood for the Angel's shenanigans today. When they got back, he would have to go seek out Damien to retrieve the young dragons.

Chrissa found much comfort in her work--it was simple work, and frankly wasn't very rewarding, but it was busy, and she enjoyed the monotonous routine. It didn't change, she knew what to do, and the familiarity made her relaxed. So when Anuriel returned, she was feeling much better.
"Hello, miss Anuriel!" She greeted when the Demon entered.
Sedriso almost laughed.
"Oh, I can keep you alive, no doubt about that. Sedriso Ulveri, the finest blade--or mage, if that suits you better--that money can hire, at your service. Also the most expensive, if I'm honest, but I can assure you, I am worth every last gold coin. Speaking of which--I charge a flat fee of five-hundred gold per job. No exceptions, no I-owe-yous, and no refunds. However...before we get into all that, let me lay out what I can offer you, yes?" Now, Sedriso was getting into his game, and he rubbed his hands together.

"Simply put, I offer a combination of skills, unlike many of those other mercenaries who only know how to bash skulls in after coming clean from the bandit life. I've been doing this much longer than any of them, as well. Nigh a hundred years now, I think. I dare you to find any human mercenaries that can boast my experience. Be it magic, blade, or stealth, I can fulfill any combat requirements you may ever have. Which means, simply put, keeping you alive is what I do best." He told her.
"So...If you're still interested, then we can get right down to business."
And...then the woman who'd stood between the guards and the cat started to approach Sedriso, with a look of such determination that he was considering, well...
Fleeing, would be an accurate term.
Instead, he folded his arms and stood ground. He wasn't going to let a woman scare him off. Besides, she may very well want something from him.
Which could mean more money.
...He was fine with that. Was money his god? Hardly. But it most certainly was his motivation. He liked to believe he had a good nose for wealth, and she reeked of the smell. Perhaps he should come out of his vacation earlier than he planned. The anticipation was absolutely killing him.
He tilted his head as the woman drew near.
"...I think it's safe to assume that you want to talk to me, since there's plenty of wide open space on either side of me for you to walk around if you didn't wish to speak to me. So...Is there something I can, say, help you with? Or are you just looking for revenge over a lost family member or loved one that you think I may have killed? Because quite frankly...both are possible. If anyone in your family is disreputable, that is." He said.
Sedriso's not-quite-relaxing was abruptly interrupted by screams coming from the town square, and purely out of habit, he quickly set his wine down, drew his sword, and rushed out of the inn to see what was happening.

He ran to the square, where the screams had originated from, and saw several people crowded around what appeared to be a...massive cat? With horns.

Looked like something out of his nightmares, to him. And yet the animal seemed peculiarly still, and there was a woman casually standing between it and several guards. And that's when he saw it.
The elf.
Sedriso felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck, and he almost spat on the ground.
Damn elves.
But he returned his attention to the scene before him, and he realized why the cat looked so strange.
It really was frozen in place. His first inclination was that the elf did it, considering elves were the most apt at such benign magic, but he had his doubts. Now, there was only one other person around that didn't seem to be running and screaming in terror, and that was a woman. She certainly looked very human, But she seemed...different. She had more elvish features, and she was tall, for a female human.
...A half-breed, perhaps?
Regardless, it didn't look like the foul beast was going to move anytime soon, so he re-sheathed his sword with a low growl. This wasn't what he'd come here for.

He approached the guards that were still stupidly standing around.
"Look, the thing is immobile. Do us all a favor and stop waving those swords about? You might chop off someone's head, acting like that..." He called to them.
"And learn how to hold that weapon properly while you're at it..." He muttered under his breath.
Despicable. And they call themselves soldiers.

He called out once more.
"Is anyone present the owner of this...large feline creature? If so, would you mind putting a leash on it? These people really can't afford to spare it several dozen chickens for a snack."
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