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20 Jan 2017 2:56
Current Do me and all authors out there a favor, and read the friggin book before you watch the movie, for two reasons. One, THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER. Two, THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER.
19 Jan 2017 8:39
Creating combustible lemons to burn your house down with after life gives me lemons in order to be able to do that. For science.
16 Jan 2017 1:51
"Don't lecture me Maraad!"
16 Jan 2017 1:39
r8 b8 m8. I r8 8.
14 Jan 2017 6:45
Hey guys--I've had a lot of people ask me for commissions about three weeks ago. If you're one of those people and I haven't done yours yet, I may have forgotten, so please let me know!
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The difference between your idea of common sense, and my idea of common sense, is that when your anti-gun laws pass, and someone breaks into my house again, I am going to die, because my right to defend my own home was effectively taken away [which is unconstitutional, btw] and criminals have no qualms killing anyone who gets in their way if they're already breaking the law by invading my home and threatening me and the people I love.

I am The Black Hand, Black Hand, Handie, Hand, Handy Spare, Handy Spare Hand, Squeejole, Squee, Nazgul, Morzan, Armageddon, Noble One, Noble Blackie, Blackie, Machine Gun, Joe, Joey, Bats, Batty, Blackjack, Jack, Jack of All Trades, The Only One With Brains, The Questionmark of Doom, Rascal, Lucien, Luc, Mr. Secretive, First Poster of the Century, Long John Silver, Plotting Machine, You Come In Handie, Fin, Fin the Impossible, Sharpie, Expressionmaster, The Grammar Nazi, Kee, Sharie, You Are Awesome, O Powerful Ominous One, Anvil, Redthorn, Thorne, Sexy Turtle, The Piano Minion, Eminence, Rilian, Kylo, Blackatron, Keeper of the Forest, KOF, Blackburn, The Powerful One, Bob, The Leader, The Mighty One, The English Nightmare, The Grammar Nightmare, That Weird 'Mortal' Guy, Mysterious Artist, Blackand, He Who Must Be Nicknamed, Phantom Hand, Master Handie, Master of the Guard, Sephy, Seph, The Grazi, Grazi, Gr'azi,and several more which don't come to mind at present. If you'd rather not add to my list of names, then call me Lucien.

Art Ordering:

Do you wanna contribute to making a game for the members of the Guild? Interested in script-writing, story-plotting, music, or voice acting?: Make a Game!

If you managed to get through that mess, congratulations. Aside from the obvious, my other hobbies include drawing, gaming, and reading. I typically like to design characters, so if you're in need of some character art for a roleplay or something, let me know, because I get bored when I have nothing to do. Typically takes me one whole day to produce a finished product as long as I stay focused and if I'm not busy with other things. If it takes me longer, I'll let you know. Styles include manga [although I'm a bit out of practice, so it may take me a little longer than usual], western cartoon, or semi-realism. Semi-realism are sketches only, not colored. Semi-realism is so named because I find it a bit more difficult, and so it is still stylized in my own manner, therefore not photoreal. That is beyond my skill. It's still more realistic than either forms of cartoon, though.

And if you don't care what style I use, then I will simply use whatever style I think fits best with the character. If you want me to draw any characters, I need a full description. Full-body portraits take much longer to complete than facial portraits, so keep that in mind.

I also draw compilation images with multiple characters in one image. That will take me probably two days if conditions are ideal. I still have a life, ya know XP

No payment or reparations needed. I just like drawing. If I can make someone else happy in the process, then great! If your interested, I'm more than happy to show you my work before you decide.

I will pretty much draw just about any kind of character. The more detail you put in the description, the better it will turn out. You can also have full say over the image, so if you want me to change it even after I finish, just tell me what you want. I'll even re-draw the whole thing for you if you want.

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In Redthorn's Art Forge 20 Jan 2017 7:32 Forum: The Gallery
#12 Bust w/ 'cartoony paint' is what I'm calling this style for now
This was a request from a good friend of mine. [To everyone else waiting on me, I know, I know, I'm sorry.]
Also, this thing is bloody massive. Original size is 4000x3000 [rounded generously. Whatever the size a sheet of legal paper is in pixels. I recommend opening the drawing in a new tab to see the full size.]
As you might be able to tell, I have this thing for super thick lines.
In Exodus 17 Jan 2017 4:23 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"I have someone in mind, but it yet remains to be seen whether she is willing to assist. But I agree. Discussion can wait until morning." Sephiroth agreed, and with that, fell into a restless sleep on his bed.
In Exodus 16 Jan 2017 22:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"So then what, should I then offer to take over her role as ruler of the Angels until she is ready? Would her people even agree to that?" Sephiroth asked. And even if he should, it would be a heavy load for him. Can a man rule two kingdoms?
He knew T'vor would tell him that he could do it, if anyone. He knew he probably could, but it would surely be difficult, especially if paired with trying to teach the princess how to rule. He would likely need help. Perhaps Azurael would be able to assist him. She was an Angel herself, after all, was she not? She would know her people better than anyone. And he knew T'vor would always stand by him.

It was possible. But he wanted Vulan's opinion. Besides, he wouldn't be able to do anything at all if the princess did not give him the authority to do so. And even if she did, there was no way to know what the Angels would think of it. He pinched the bridge of his nose with an exhausted sigh. So much stress over simple politics. It was aggravating. What should he do?
In Redthorn's Art Forge 16 Jan 2017 8:28 Forum: The Gallery

Finally got around to drawing a digital version of Laudrel.

In Exodus 16 Jan 2017 6:00 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Of course she's dangerous. What can be done, though? In all truth, she is my nemesis, Vulan. I cannot tell her how to be a High Angel. I cannot tell her how to be the very thing that I am not. I'm growing increasingly more and more concerned, but what can I do?" Sephiroth was at a loss, and frankly, he felt a little silly asking an infant dragon for advice, but at this point, he'd try just about anything. Vulan was right, she was clueless and could easily misuse her power because of it.
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