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Drake let out a frustrated sigh. This would be so much easier if I had my Shadow Nexus Drake thought before he shook the thought from his mind. Being freed from the Shadow Nexus was something he wished for, but once it was gone. It seemed that he relayed on it more often than his actual abilities. Now that it was gone he felt, broken. Like there was something missing. However, he also felt more relaxed that it won’t take control and attack everything around him. It was conflicting to say the least. On one hand he missed the Shadow Nexus, but on the other Hand he felt safer without it. Can’t think about that now. Have to focus. This thing is massive and its power is just the same. Wait!

“That’s it!” Drake yelled before he lifted his arm with his watch and the hologram menu appeared. He pressed a few buttons and a cranberry red cylinder appeared in his hand. The same one he gave to Mai before the battle. Drake turned to Mai and explained, “Mai, watch and learn cause you’ll need this against Alice when the time comes.” Drake turned back to Walpurgisnacht and a smile formed on his face.

“Hey Bitch! Why don’t you fight someone your own size!” Drake yelled before he twisted the top half of the cylinder clockwise and the bottom half counter clockwise. A small box appeared at the top of the cylinder and Drake placed his thumb on the box. It scanned his thumb before the cylinder began to beeps. He then ran towards Walpurgisnacht before he slid to a stop and chucked the cylinder. It twirled in the air as the beeping intensified before it suddenly stopped and hung in the air.

A dark blue portal appeared above it and sucked the cylinder inside before it disappeared. For a long second it seemed nothing was going to happen. Then a much bigger blue portal appeared and from it a blur shot out and slammed into the ground between the group and Walpurgisnacht. From the dust cloud a small orb flew out and began scanning everyone. It stopped at Drake and scanned before a bell ding appeared from the orb.

“Thank you for using Atlas Protection Unit Alpha 9-ADV3. Atlas Unit will operate as a minimum of 25 Minutes,” a voice said from the orb before flying back into the dust cloud. Glove materialized onto Drakes hands as a visor materialized over his eyes. From the dust cloud came a glowing red light as a 15 foot tall mech started to rise from it. Drake took a battle stance to which the mech mimicked.

“Time to get to work,” Drake said with a smile.
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“Can we skip the introductions till later,” Drake yelled as the new girl seemed to appear from thin air. He emptied his clip of rocket bullets into the massive creature, but they did nothing but aggravate it. He ejected the clip as a second appeared above his watch. He took it and jammed it into his sniper rifle and yelled, “Anyone what to let me in on how to take this fucking thing down?!” Drake aimed and fired more of his rocket bullets into Walpurgisnacht. He hoped enough of the bullets would weaken it, but it seemed none of his bullets seemed to even affect it. Damn it, if my bullets won’t work. Then let’s try something else Drake thought.

Drake placed his sniper back on his back and lifted his open palm towards Walpurgisnacht. Lightning began to swirl around him as it began to crackle and small sparks scattered around him. He winced and used his free hand to grab his arm to keep it steady as more and more lighting began to swirl around his body. The lightning began to gather in front of his open palm as it crackled and burnt the air around it. a smile formed on his face as he screamed, “ Eat this: Railgun Storm!” a massive lightning bolt shot from his hand and soared towards Walpurgisnacht. The massive crackle of thunder that followed shattered the buildings windows. The lightning bolt then shattered into millions of smaller lightning bolts that continued their path towards Walpurgisnacht. Drakes arm fell to his side limp as small sparks of lightning swirled around it.

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Everyone who was in the meeting seemed to go for the first plan Drake came up with. He might have not shown it, but he was relieved in their decision. The Shadow Nexus Primal was something he didn’t want inside his body. He’s seen the recording of what happens when a subject was injected with the Shadow Nexus Primal and it was a fate worse than death to him.

“Since you’re going with the first plan, then you should also know that the Surge Guardians will use Fracture Orbs in their fight. These orbs are basically pocket dimensions they use to fight in when they want no witnesses and easy clean up. Each orb is unique and isn’t connected to one another. The only way to escape the Fracture Orbs is to kill the Surge guardian or the Surge Guardian allows you to leave,” Drake explained.

Drake figured there might be some issues with how he paired them with the Surge Guardians; but Mai surprised him when she wanted to be paired with Alice. He looked directly at her and said, “Are you honestly prepared to have a child’s blood on your hands for the rest of your life?” Drake then narrowed his eyes as he continued, “you do know what you’re about to head into right? Alice is a ruthless killer and her monsters won’t go easy on you. So are you sure you can kill her?” Drake pushed several images on his watches hologram before two cylinders appeared in his hands. One was a lime green cylinder and the other was a cranberry red cylinder. He placed them on the table and pushed then towards Mai.

“If you’re truly want to fight Alice then take these, but only take these if you’re truly ready to kill her,” Drake said.

Time skip

Drake looked up at the massive witch and whistled as he joked, “Damn that’s a big lady. Someone should have stopped after the twelfth hundred doughnut.” Drake listened to Tocsax plan just before the attack commenced. He witch was durable and Drake had to give it credit for taking the attack. He took a long and deep breath.

“Alright, let’s see how much lead this bitch can take,” Drake said before he removed his two revolvers from their holders. Lightning began to swirl around his body. A smile formed on his face before he disappeared. A crackle of thunder boomed and Drake appeared in the sky in front of Walpurgisnacht and began unloading his to revolvers. He fired all twelve shot, but the bullets didn’t seem to affect Walpurgisnacht. He quickly disappeared as one of Walpurgisnacht’s arms swung at him.

He reappeared next to the group as another crackle of thunder boomed. He placed his revolvers back in their holders before he took his sniper rifle from his pack and looked through the scope. He aimed carefully at Walpurgisnacht head before he said, “Alright you damn witch. Eat this” he pulled the trigger and the bullet exploded from the barrel of the gun like a rock. There was an explosion as the bullet his Walpurgisnacht. However, that too didn’t affect it.

“The fuck is this thing made of? It took a bomb bullet like it was nothing. Those bullets are designed to punch a hole through Scorpion bee hide,” Drake said in shock.
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