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20 Feb 2017 14:41
Current Still think Deathstroke looks WAY better without the silly mask than with it. Dude should just be rocking the whole "Big Boss before Big Boss was a thing" look all the time, really.
20 Feb 2017 9:57
I think your cousin would notice pretty quickly if you tried to replace their dead kid, yeah.
16 Feb 2017 20:54
But "motherfstarcker" is only one word.
14 Feb 2017 5:45
Shush, armchair critical analysis is fun. It means I can pretend to be smart.
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14 Feb 2017 5:22
Also there's a reason I call Kirito "The Bland Swordsman" and it's not just to differentiate him from Guts, the TRUE Black Swordsman.


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@Demon ShinobiEh, it's okay. These things happen. Hopefully things go better next time, I guess.
Well if I can get something figured out (I thought this might be dead so I started to focus on other things ^^;), I too would be a bit opposed to cutting back on the giant robots. That's a big part of the whole draw of both Power Rangers and (post-Battle Fever J) Super Sentai, after all, so it just wouldn't feel right.
In Arc Academy 20 Feb 2017 16:49 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh right, I'm pretty much fine with however you want to do powers, really. ^^;

Just taking a bit to get this character written up despite the fact that I already have a whole bunch of random notes for her. Compiling and fleshing out is hard sometimes. D:
The second idea sounds pretty cool, really.
In Arc Academy 16 Feb 2017 8:11 Forum: Casual Roleplay
What's the age range we're aiming for? Because I'm worried my character idea might be a little young since they're only 13. ^^;
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