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23 Apr 2017 21:39
Current Dude named his ultimate attack after himself and I can respect that level of chutzpah.
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21 Apr 2017 4:05
It doesn't really help that Dave is unfortunately kind of a twat, really. Man, he used to be cool too...
20 Apr 2017 13:25
Oh hey, it's the day where stoners go on about how stoned they're going to get despite that not being any different from any other day for them. Whee~
20 Apr 2017 0:06
Man, that moment when you start furiously typing out a character concept you're really into... But then halfway through you realize that it's actually kind of too ridiculous and stupid even for you.
18 Apr 2017 15:34
No such thing as too much Jojo.


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The Fashion Club have their own theme tune! But most of them are kind of dumb, which explains the lyrics really.

Also yeah, Suzie is basically a boss character, as discussed with Vita, thus mooks. Whee~
Fashion Club President Suzie, Shiroyama High Cafeteria

"Well, babble about Beelzebub..." One of the Fashion Club bimbos blurted out as Chinatsu entered the cafeteria, causing all eyes to turn to her.

"...That's, like, "speak of the devil", Lulu." The president corrected her even as she rose from her seat, leaving two rice pandas behind as she began strutting towards the transfer student, like the alpha of a pack trying to assert its dominance on a new arrival.

"I... I totally knew that!" lied Lulu, who hurriedly went back to checking her phone to hide her embarrassment as the other bimbos laughed at her.

For a moment, Suzie simply walked around Chinatsu, eyeing her up from every angle... And eventually she came to a stop right in front of the transfer student, her chest bouncing right in front of her eyes. It was a little crass, really, but sometimes it helped intimidated smaller opponents. Finally, she came to her conclusion, her glossy lips opening to speak...

"...Like, twintails? Seriously?" With a derisive laugh, the fashion club president flicked Chinatsu's hair. "Those are, like, totally last season, girlfriend! Like, what kind of fashion disaster even are you?"

Ignoring the transfer student's scowl, Suzie raised her hand and clicked two perfectly manicured fingers.

"Oh, Lulu dear~" she called, causing the bimbo to almost drop her phone as she suddenly jump to attention. "Like, I don't think this... I don't even know whatever is worth my time... But, like, don't you need to totally gain some battle points? I mean, that last fight... That was a total disaster, girlfriend!"

"Um... Well, I... I guess so um..." The short-haired girl hobbled over towards Suzie and Chinatsu, clutching her phone tightly. "S-so, um, right! Let's tremor, new girl!" Clicking a button on the side of her phone, a shaft of light emitted from the top, making it look like a short sword of energy.

Lulu's gear was simple enough, really. Little more than a beam of hard light, more of a baton than a sword to be honest. The way she idly swung it made it clear she wasn't too experienced with either type of weapon, too.

"Rumble, Lulu dear, rumble. Not tremor." Suzie pinched the bridge of her nose as she backed off. "Just for that, if you lose I'm totally transferring you to, like, a nerd club. The Computer Club, even!"

"... ... ...Eh!?"
Bah, I'm bad at writing up powers, so... Yeah. ^^; Hopefully she's okay though.

Meanwhile, I'm a huge dork and just drew mine up myself. :D
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