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13 Jan 2017 23:38
Current Every vampire cries themselves to sleep knowing they will never be as fabulous as Kars.
12 Jan 2017 22:18
Morrocan food is wonderful, really. Tagine always goes down pretty well. Oh, and South Africa has bunny chow which is a thing of beauty! And, uh... Look I like all kinds of cuisines okay?
12 Jan 2017 16:26
I eat burgers with a knife and fork, but then that's because they're always those fuckhuge ones that you can't fit in your mouth unless you dislocate your jaw or something.
4 Jan 2017 22:41
Aw man, stop, you're making me blush~
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1 Jan 2017 6:02
And started off the New Year by getting my SECOND Overwatch PotG, this time as Tracer! So I feel like less of a scrub now. ^_^


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I need to make a Mei post, but I've also been wondering where the GM went. ^^;
So... Basically Super Sentai? XD
@MasterkeunI am agreeing with comments regarding how you need to change your attitude. The reason why people are losing patience with you is because you are, quite frankly, rather rude and end up directing your comments towards other people rather than any events in the RP itself. Whilst I'll admit some of the discussion has gotten a little heated at times, it's generally remained polite and refrained from personal attacks, unlike your pointed posts aimed at specific people.

Quite frankly, it's sapping a lot of people's enthusiasm in the RP (and before you say anything, I've asked around), and you really need to knock it off already.
@MasterkeunStop that. :\ It just makes you look childish.
...Going to be honest, stuff like that is why I always tended to avoid the EU. It just makes so much stuff in the main canon make no sense whatsoever. ^^;
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