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20 Mar 2017 23:30
...If it's "somewhere in the middle", shouldn't it be more of a 5 or 6 then?
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19 Mar 2017 3:38
I guess Cinderella WOULD have been a bit more interesting if they went with the lesbian harem ending...
15 Mar 2017 19:26
@Jace: Man, you just have the worst luck don't you? XD
2 Mar 2017 23:38
Moroccan and South African food are both amazing, especially tagine and bunny chow respectively.
2 Mar 2017 16:29
I dunno, alien cstarck would at the very least be an interesting present.
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@IndraEh, I'm not too concerned about spoilers if that means anything. Going to try and watch more of the anime later though so I have a better grasp of mechanics at least, but yeah. XD
Seeing how I've only watched five episodes of Fairy Tail, I'm probably going to do someone who's either new to magic, initially inept at magic, or (as reluctant as I am to play the amnesia card) who has forgotten most of their magic and memories and thus comes off like one of the first two anyways.

...Or I'll just reuse the character I tried to use last time I joined a Fairy Tail RP and hope I don't choke this time. ^^; We'll see how things turn out.

Why me? D:

I mean I guess I could try and not screw up in something for once but we'll see how things go I guess. ^^;
@PaulHaynekI think so, yeah.
Tangentially related to trains (since engineering and all), I am considering maybe rolling artificer but we'll see how that turns out. I have warlock as a fallback if that doesn't work out, but I really like the look of the artificer but again, we'll see. XD
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