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The Rise of Soldier.
"Another Requiem; a beginning for the damned Soldiers of Viera, warped, twisted, and much, much darker. Discover the beginning of an irredeemable fate with deeper secrets and tormented origins."

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Well, I made one. There you go. I'll post this to the opening post too.
Eh, are Discord chat things worth it? For typical banter and the like.
@Hellis - I'll be honest, I was hoping for a new concept from you, but I can't deny that you've adapted Kain to the current time line and we see a place for him through this plot structure. I love, the most, that he's now a Berserker type rather than a Sentinel compared to his former origin. Just adjust your Trivia section to follow the format of your sheet and post him up.

edit. It was brought to my attention that Inner Flame might become too over powered. There needs to be an implied cap to how much damage he can take and deliver with this particular ability.

@Noxious - As always, your characters are a delight. You've adapted well the lore provided, especially with Regents, and I love the idea of the dependencies you've provided for the character. Great colour scheme and choice of aesthetic, her entire concept is well thought out and consistent, and I love seeing that. Post her up when you're able.

@Wade Wilson - Maybe. I've thought about a Discord chat. But, I don't want the ooc to be abandoned nor neglected.

@The Survivor - Splendid! I'm really looking forward to your character. You just submitted him, allow us to read and discuss. Thanks!

@Hexaflexagon - I drooled a little. I really love this character, and I'm impressed by how well you've constructed a true guardian type character. You took very well to the lore of The Fayth. I was a little worried none would, but you proved well. The entire character is a treat, and I look forward to his development and interactions with some characters. Especially with how the cast is rounding out. Post him up whenever.

All right, I've stepped away from work to address this issue, because I'm getting a little peeved - which is a given. This system was planned months in advance, practiced and worked out to ensure the set up would be functional.

The Battle System, mind you, is for us to configure. In reality, the core value sets are just that, for us to configure battle damage and outputs in regard to enemies. Because, frankly, I like giving the opportunity for players to write without worrying about such things, as I can work about it, with the reconstructed system I've planned. When you think about it, the Core values shouldn't make or break the character, it's just a little fun thing to add on to round out the SOLDIER and to give a bit of an edge to a role play. In the end, a lot of it is being over processed.

So, allow me to nip this in the bud. The Archer Core Value, being labeled under chance, is a simple use of wording. The set chance values for SOLDIERS are rolled between a set increment, where as an Archer Value is rolled between 100-300. The resulting number, say 250, is then multiplied to the final damage output - after all values are considered and applied - why? Because, in my silly little head, I view "Archers" as being able to see critical points and exploit them to translate to damage. Thus, the wording, thus, the situation at hand.

Caster and Saboteurs relate to damage which is a set value of 200 that is multiplied to a critical roll. And example of this could be 200 literally multipled to 1 or 2, depending on the roll. All SOLDIERS originally have a 50% critical chance. Where as Archers can have 300. [I've explained why above.] 100 is already a given, so even if the roll falls low, they still critically damage an opponent based on the value given to the action.

Unless the entire battle system and configuration has to be lain out, then this should suffice.

I probably sound hostile, which is not the tone conveyed here, just to clarify. If there is any further issues or concerns, feel free to private message me.
@yoshua171 - //cracks fingers.

Here we go.

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