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The Rise of Soldier.
"Another Requiem; a beginning for the damned Soldiers of Viera, warped, twisted, and much, much darker. Discover the beginning of an irredeemable fate with deeper secrets and tormented origins."

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No worries, Icky is doing the plot post this week, I didn't have the day off to do so and I work tomorrow as well. Will be off Tuesday, though, that'll be nice.
@BCTheEntity - Purple, huh. Haven't heard that in a long while. In my personal perspective this is moderately tame to what I'm familiar with in concerns to "purple prose." But hey, it's all fine in the end, just tell me where it's confusing and I'll happily substitute and apply a simple and more straight forward approach. I didn't have time to proof read this morning, as by the time I was finished with usual errands, I had to leave for work.

Anyways, I'm conducting such now and will make the proper changes in where needed and due.

Yes, they were born Shadowhunters, hence the mention of the particular Sigil [partially inspired by book sources, you know, bloodlines and all that] and the means of legacy and rumour that is slowly waning and falling due to their small numbers. They're not a large family, thus that mention of rarity - being twins - and how their parents devoted attention to one and not the other. I did mention their induction into being Shadowhunters, I know, but I will expand and flesh out the mention of family and such to magnify this and to clarify.

You know, just now I've noted that particular thing about the surnames, it really didn't register through the books [ but again I haven't read them in so long since the sixth one of the Mortal Instrument series ], and I don't watch the television show because - shudder. I'll come up with something more befitting in regards to that particular point. Though, looking through the link you've provided, it only seems a majority of them are that way. But for the sake of keeping peace, I'll stick to tradition.

Thanks for the feedback. ♥

Made changes; took away words, shortened a few things, changed the Bukater name to Lunadale [ Luna for the aspect of the moon present within their family, the name Nyx is derived from Greek Mythology, if you're curious and Nox is my male version of such a name and Dale means for a valley, a broad one like a ravine or gully to stand for the means of descent ] and mentioned within their Biographies that their family is one of Shadowhunters and thus they were born such.

And there they are! Sorry it took so long, I'm still not happy with the coding result, but, I'll tweak and play with it later.
Enjoy. ♥

My proof reading skills are shit when I become lost in code tweaking. I'll amend a few details in the morning.
Characters are done, just have to make everything pretty and code it up, hah.
Looking forward to seeing the others.
No worries. So a year will have passed since the last play. I envision it has been sort of a lax year, yet strenuous with the adjust of the bridge having collapsed. And we're currently going through a situation of should it be rebuilt or simply left alone, it all depends on who's elected to have that decision lain unto them.

Oh, you think so? Danny is that perfect antagonist, the one that has nothing and thus nothing to lose, is always involved and always bound, and always there. It's such a perfect ending though, being left hopeless and stranded. hah!

Now on the relationship of Gabby and Evan, are we wanting to kind of wing that development. I know that he's meant to be the protector and a long time friend. I haven't included it within my sheet yet, but Gabby currently lives with Alexia in the Badlands - the latter has assumed a new flat and everything, Danny now lives in her old one - and has been for about a couple months after running away from home. Alexia has always opted to live on her own, because there's a strain with her relationship with Cadian - it's hard to accept that sort of emotion when you've been abused for so long, and she's unsure of how to love him - and Danny who is always there, trying to bring her back into his life, and has started working various odd jobs. She's sort of clean, but Gabby views her as a maternal sort of figure, she's always been that way ever since Gabby first ran away to the Badlands and literally ran into her.

Danny, living in Alexia's old place, is still one of the princes of the Badlands, but has been drifting into the background as of late, he isn't as active, other people have attempted to steal his crown and somehow he always manages to be there, still holding reign. He's a bit damaged with Alex no longer constantly there now and has turned sort of manic in his desperation. He utterly despises and envies Cadian and all of Wither and has even attempted to threaten the rest of the band members to try and get Alexia back within his life.

Baby Jinx knows Gabby through Alex, the two being closer in age, Jinx has always been envious of Gabby and her life, translating into a verbal lashing every time they encounter one another. Jinx, knowing how close Gabby is with Evan and some of Wither, openly attempts to attract Evan away from her, in the demented conclusion that she wants everything that she has. She's struggling with her increasing age, as her former patrons have taken notice and don't call on her as much as they used to.

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